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After divorce and then starting a new career path...

After divorce and then starting a new career path I have lost weight. Although I workout daily and eat healthy I knew I was at point where workouts were no longer going to help me achieve my goals. As many here are likely familiar with, being large during pregnancy has permanence on the ol abs and tummy.
It took about a year and a half but I finally made my decision in April and had my surgery on June 19th. Yes it was a big decision and there is a lot of research to be done, however I believe not only was it worthwhile but also a choice I should not (nor should any other woman) have to explain constantly or feel guilty or selfish about.
My procedure was full tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks.
I had quite a painful first three days post Op, (complexion went greenish )but once the pain was under control my recovery has been speedy and now 8 days post Op I no longer need pain meds.
I would like to thank all the ladies on this site for documenting their stories, as well as the many videos on YouTube. I am so fortunate there is a wealth of information out there.
I will post pictures thus far and update later. I know the recovery is hard and things swell but I try to think of all my progress since day one post op.


Canada Day- 12 Days post op

I have been busy with my son on my own for the past few days, as my mom had to return home, but she was great help.
I can drive, baked some muffins,took my son to the water park, did laundry, so today was a rest day. I opted out of Canada Day celebrations and my son's father took him for me.
I can sleep on my side now, though I still have my drains in and those I hope to get them out by Wednesday.
So recovery is speedy...I still do not do much lifting and will probably not be back to the gym until the end of the summer.

Some stats

I forgot to add that I am 5'8" and approx 160 lbs. I have not weighed myself post op yet. I think I will wait for the swelling to go down :)


Tonight I experienced some swelling that was a little excessive to the norm. Drinking water and got my binder on. I am sure it willbe fine by morning.

Drains came out today.

I was relieved to have my drains taken out today at 2 weeks post op. It made me feel normal again. Having the tubes in was so uncomfortable!
I am healing quite well and hardly any bruising ftom the liposuction. Still a lot of swelling....especially after they took the tubes out.

Measurements today/ Review on Surgeon Error.

So I went into my gym today just to chat with the people, certainly not to work out, and they suggested I take some measurements and weigh in to see what was what.
As suspected my belly is swollen but my weight is 6 pounds down. That was good to see. My measurements for the rest of me are down quite a bit... just the belly.
I have to add that I just realized the review of my plastic surgeon, Robin Evans is not proper. RealSelf automatically added my surgeon as a Robin Evans from the USA that is not a PS. My surgeon is from Canada. So it isn't a valid link to a proper plastic surgeon. I can't really edit it out. I may have to do another review....

Just Over 3 Weeks

Well I have been experiencing the swell hell so many speak of. I got invited to a winery tour the other night and by the end of it I was in agony. I only had few sip samples so there wasn't really any drinking. ..it was the sitting. At this stage long periods of sitting is the kiss of death in terms of swelling. I get a little down because of course the area above and below the incision is swollen and hard. This is apparently the fat cells swollen up and it will resolve over time with healing. Also numbness is rather uncomfortable and hip are sore from lipo. I was lucky to have very llittle bruising. Everything is healing wonderfully...it's just this swelling and deep internal healing.
Take care ladies

Better Day

I have been using the infra red sauna at my gym in lui of working out ( I am not doing any exercise). My wounds are all healed close and no infection...so I would check with your PS before doing a sauna. I am told there are healing benefits so they allowed me to use it instead of putting my membership on hold. Today I am noticing my upper abdomen is becoming much more defined and a little less swelling. Let's hope this decrease in swell continues..... During the day I am just wearing a girdle type garment for light support!

Abs looking more defined

Just a quick update showing swelling decrease and more definition in my abs.
I have been walking around home without the binder and even slept with my tummy bare last night.


I showed a friend who is a photographer a pic of my tummy with swelling. He sent me back a photoshopped version where he removed some shadow removed the scar and made swelling reduced in hips....check it out....If I look like this in a few months I will be estatic lol

4 weeks po

I don't see my ps until monday....but still swelling. I tried silicone strips but I find them annoying. My ps says it's really a myth that they reduce scarring so it's up to u if you want to spend your money. The tape they come with hurts the skin when u remove...it is too sticky.
I will post more on monday. I think I will stick to circular massage of the incision like my ps recommended.


Sometimes I get down about swelling...about not working out....about being tired more often. So I put this pic on my phone wallpaper to remind me that I am not thinkinf straighr when I get gloomy and everything is just fine!

Post appointment

So I do have some fluid build up but not enough to aspirate out, it will be re absorbed by the body. A little swelling but he thinks that it will onlt go down a little more. I say it has quite a bit more... So the rest is left for the gym.
I have to say that there isn't much emphasis put on post op care or follow up visits. I have had two snd that's it. Most of my info has come ftom this site. I don't think he sees post op of much importance in terms of final results. Too bad...oh well thank goodness for RealSelf and the surgeons info on here.
I started back light at the gym today and yeah....I will post a pic of that....and if any changes occur I will post that too...otherwise smooth sailing. ...

5 weeks Post Op Today.

So it is getting better...smaller in the morning and swollen at night.
Along the incision it is hard and raised but that softening and flattening is just a waiting game now.
Numbess has improved but still sensitive...workouts are light, about a third of my full capacity.
I love being able to have my nightly bath now!!!

Swell by mid afternoon

If I don't wear compression and sit for hours doing design...swelling is like these pics...

6 weeks (well in a day)

At this point there is not a lot of change...
I don't wear the binder during the day, but I do wear underwear that compress if I am going to the gym. I definitely wrap myself up tight in the binder to sleep...since that area by the incision line swells tremendously. Yesterday I had to wash my car and that was quite the workout... I have really come to appreciate how much my abs really do, even pre op when they were so damaged.
So I will attach a couple of pics. Take care lovely ladies out there!

Focus Helps

The one thing that came out of recovery for me was I had to realize the choices I make and the results they have. That includes choices on what story I play about myself in my mind. Do I choose to pick on my body or see the good changes....do I choose to worry or tell a successful story about who I am. It also made me make choices about food more consciously because I couldn't workout. So now that I had a month to focus on healthy foods I love to eat and I am back at the gym with slow workouts....I decided to step on the scale and I was down another 4 pounds and lots of swelling
has gone. Of course as long as your incision is red there is still swelling...just remember that ladies!!!! And remember you get to tell the story of who you are... focus on what yoy want not what yoy don't and when it stops feeling good find some other thing that gives you joy!!

Doing Well

Well not much change...I think this is generally what it is going to look like with a slight swelling reduction over the next few months...the rest (back and butt) are up to me, diet and exercise. Now that my waist is a lot smaller I have more prominent hips...sort of this curvy hour glass figure I am not use to. My goal in the next few months is to lose 13 pounds, which will put me near to 140. I think with my height and build that should be perfect! The abs are very sensitive still....honestly it will be awhile before I can work them. I hope by fall I can return to latin dance full force!!
I went out and had a pedi and mani done today for my step sisters wedding...pics next week.


Yesterday my loving and adoring 7 yr old came to the gym with me. I was doing workout in a circuit and he kept kicking one of those exercise balls at me so he could get some attention. I pushef it back at him...he already knows why he isn't suppose to be doing that from previous warnings.... Well I was in between statoons and lifting my leg to stretch and BAM the exercise ball comes out of nowhere as I stepped back onto it and somehow I went flying onto my ass twisting my ankle and my wrist while landing. It practically flipped my lehs from underneath me. I didn't even havr to send my son into a time out.... he put himself in a corner crying as soon ad he saw me teary eyed grabbing my ankle.
I was sooo mad...thank god my tummy is okay, but now I have to go to a wedding with a sore ankle....darn it. I told him he couldn't come the gym anymore do he is mad because he liked to excercise. Ohhh children.... Post pics later.

Wedding Outfit

Here I am 7 weeks post op getting ready for my step sisters wedding. It was a great night...but all the sitting and long driving has me incredibly swollen today.... pic here.

8 weeks posy op

So I took my pics first thing this morning and I can see the slow benefits of being able to workout again.
My arms are getting more toned again...my legs too...but hell check out my abs...I can definitely see more definition!


Two updates in one day...but I just wanted to talk about things that trigger swell hell.
I think I have said it before, but sitting is a HUGE factor for swelling. This morning I had a flat tummy,( pictures above,) and after an hour an half commute and sitting collaborating with a client for four hours I have extreme swelling...to the point that it hurt to workout. Needless to say, I cut my workout short and I will finish it tomorrow.
Bath and binding tonight.
Do hats off to the ladies who have to resume desk jobs. Of all the situations that prompt swelling,in my experience, prolonged sitting has the worst effects.

Last trip for summer.

I am in Vancouver with my son for a last mini trip before school goes back into session. So far it's been the same with swelling at end of day.
My incision has some sore areas and my belly button is the most numb. I massage along the incision in circular motions with my finger tips (using bio oil). I also massage the belly button area...it's is the most numb and needs that masssge.
This has helped keep the scarring flat and soften any hard or lumpy areas that form post op.

More pucd 9 weeks post op

more pics...I accidentally hit save to soon on last update.

What is it 10 weeks PO now?

Well what can I say, I started off after surgery in a lot of shock and pain. I remember the first three days thinking wtf did I do.
But in hind sight I healed super fast my scar line is thin and looks wonderful. I still have some stretch marks, but that is common for any scarring above the bb.
So 10 weeks and I am no longer wearing the binder at night. There is minor swelling throughout the day.
I am able to now do light ab workout in my exercise routine.
I am on an eating plan at my gym to help me stay focused, so I will let you know how that goes.
Thank you all for reading and thank you for sharing your own experiences.


Started back at school and...

sitting in class all day has caused severe swell hell. Holy Shiat!

Ugh this is going to suck!
11 weeks is worse than 3 weeks.


12 weeks. ..there is swelling due to sitting snd being on the go. I bind it up at night and that helps. The stomach is very hard and swells easily. The scars color has intensified in the redness and I have been getting itchy. I think this is quite normal near the 3 month mark.... There is still so much healing occuring. I will post a few shots, including one of the scar close up. It looks darker in pictures due to the shadow cast on it from swelling.

5 months Post Op.

It has been awhile since I have updated....I don't get a lot of traffic on here but I thought I would update anyways. I have been super bust. fulll time graphic design student, single mom, working, working out routine oh and somewhere in there lies a social life haha!!!
I still have some swelling at end of day but minor and I just bind it while I sleep if it is irritable.
My scar does get itchy here and there, but overall it looks great.
Diet does matter and so when I don't eat clean I notice it right away with weight on my back, butt and inner legs.
Exercise is helping me sculpt further!
So here are some pics!!!
British Columbia Plastic Surgeon

The doctor that RealSelf listed here automatically is a different doctor than I had. I had Plastic Surgeon Robin Evans in Campbell River BC, Canada. I haven't been able to edit this part, but they are listing a female doctor from the USA who is not a plastic surgeon. So this review isn't proper. Though my PS from Canada was great.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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