Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair - Campbell, CA

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I had my consultation for my tummy tuck! I am very...

I had my consultation for my tummy tuck! I am very excited, but i forgot to ask for before & after pictures. It looks like i have 4cm of muscle separation and the doctor said she would fix that for me and also bring in my other muscles to enhance my waistline as well. She doesnt accept any financing companies which really is a bummer but she is working with me for payments. I would like to definatley see some of her before and after pictures before i pay at my pre-op appointment. I will let you know how it goes from there!

So my mom is going to put the entire bill on her...

So my mom is going to put the entire bill on her 0% interest credit card and I make monthly payments to her. Gotta love my mom. She knows how badly I want (NEED!) this done.

A little about myself..I'm two months shy of being 25, a mother of 1 very sweet and silly 2 1/2 year old boy, and a loving wife. I'm 163 pounds and 5'6, which is the same weight as i was when i met my husband 5 years ago, (funny because nothing looks like it did back then!!!). I'm only about 10 pounds overweight. Thanks to my tummy. BOO!!! I was so big when i was pregnant that people would ask if i were having TRIPLETS. not twins. they jumped right to asking about triplets. Thanks. Anyways I would do it all over again for my baby boy. My stomach got soo big and soo stretched out that i looked like a New York City road & subway map. I had stretch marks all over the back of my legs, my butt, my hips, and my tummy. Thankfully the legs and butt and his faded away nicely except for my wrinkled up bull dog belly. It's so depressing. Last night my husband and I watched an tummy tuck on youtube. AHH bad idea for me. But it was informative at least. I couldnt sleep last night. I tossed. I turned. I couldnt stop thinking and i NEVER have trouble falling and staying asleep these days. Anxiety has set in. I'm still waiting to hear back from the doctor about her before and after pictures and about setting up my appointment date. It looks like my preop appointment is 1 week before the surgery and that's when her fee is due. The fee for the hospital and anethegiologist is due the day of surgery. Here's it broken down:

Hosptial and Anetheigiologist = $2390
Surgeon Fee: $4200

Pretty good price for the bay area. I'm less nervous because she's worked on my moms revised tummy tuck and did smart lipo on her also. Her fee includes lipo and she will laser the scar once I'm healed. Awesome!

Will update later when i have more information to share.

EEEEEEEKKKKK!! wow im going to end up writing a...

EEEEEEEKKKKK!! wow im going to end up writing a book instead of a review. I'm so excited and nervous; i want to puke!


Appt to view and discuss Patient Before & Afters March 5th.

Pre-Op Appt March 8th. Have to hand over $4000.00
(I believe my price is so low because my mom suggested i go to her since she is a patient of hers)

The Big Day: March 21st...6:30 AM, surgery starts at 7:30AM...thank goodness it's early in the AM. I get such bad anxiety about everything.

I wrote down a million questions already to ask the doctor. OOOOH!!! AAANNND I'm SDI Eligible for the weeks i recover away from work! How awesome is that! California I love you..

Slimfast+veggies+fruits+Exercise all last week...

Slimfast+veggies+fruits+Exercise all last week equals down to 159!!! yay!!

Going back tomorrow to go over the before &...

Going back tomorrow to go over the before & after pictures with the doctor and my husband. I'm tempted to print out some pictures from the before and afters on the website to show her what i like and what i DONT like. Like the creepy belly buttons that look like a giant donut, to the belly buttons that look like a coin slot, to the belly buttons that i think look like (oval and slightly hooded at the top)and 19 more days. Tick Tock Tick Tock..

Went to visit the doc last night to look over the...

Went to visit the doc last night to look over the photos. I love her, she's so personable and so funny! She stayed afterhours to meet us. She showed us a few before and after photos, and they looked great. She also talked more about her stitching technique. I'm more excited than ever now.

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