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I am 28 years old 4'11 and weigh an average of 102...

I am 28 years old 4'11 and weigh an average of 102. I am petite but have never been happy with my arms as they have never matched the rest of my body! I always felt like they were bulky and made me look buff! ( a look I do not want )

I decided to go through with the smartlipo. The procedure for me was extremely uncomfortable. My feet were tense the entire time and had lots of anxiety. I must admit broke into tears more then once because of how uncomfortable it all felt and just all in all being scared. The doctor was wonderful and so were my nurses that actually held my hand while I squeezed the entire time :(

They did remove almost 800cc from my arms so that's a good amount for my size! I am really excited for them to be healed!

Once it was finally over my meds were in full force and my boyfriend took care of me from there. I had some drainage that night while changing my dressings but not to much as I drained allot at the doctors office before leaving! By morning my incisions were already closed. Sore..... yes. In pain...yes. My garment they gave me was far to big so I purchased a running shirt so it would be more fitted. I cut the neck out to a more flattering scoop rather then the ski looking mock neck so I didn't feel so stupid in public! When I went in for my post op check up they told me the running shirt alone still was not tight enough. Because of my size I had a hard time finding something mall enough so I ended up sewing the arms smaller so it would fit tighter and now wear ace bandages around my arms then the running shirt works perfect and best of all it is not so uncomfortable!

The first two days I was very tired and just laid around my house. Third day post op till now which is day 8 I am more active but still not 100% I hate changing because every time clothing runs over my arms it hurts. I am having a hard time sleeping because no matter what position i'm in pressure is on my arms which is uncomfortable. I feel as if I baby them and want to keep them close. I still have a hard time reaching all the way up so doing my hair is a choir and applying deodorant hurts. I have not taken any meds other then a few over the counter, but I have had to take a sleeping pill at night as this is when i'm most uncomfortable.

I am still swollen and feel random stings throughout my arms and elbows. I know in time this will go away but for right now I just want the soreness to go away! I am thankful I have not really bruised. I had one small bruise on my elbow and a hint of yellowing but that's it! I have been religiously taking ARNICA to help with swelling and bruising...I believe it has helped me.

I will update on day 10....hopefully I will have some better progress.

I will also update with a photo

It is now 12 days post smartlipo. My pain has...

It is now 12 days post smartlipo. My pain has remained pretty much the same
:( I actually finally broke down and had the office call in pain meds to help me. It has been really hurting me to stretch my arms out and they feel so tight. I also am now noticing knots under my skin. It is so painful to rub them but I am trying to to help with the bumps. I have been so very uncomfortable.
I find myself whimpering most of the day, and god forbid they get touched! I am surprised I am still feeling like this ( I was hoping it would be better 12 days out )

I am not in the mood to take any update photos right now as that will require me to remove my shirt which is just to painful right now.
Looking forward to a better tomorrow.

I am now 14 days post op. My arms are still in...

I am now 14 days post op. My arms are still in pain and im a bit depressed now as I went shopping with my daughter and for the first time saw my arms from the back in the mirror! It looks like my arms have cellulite :( They dont feel any better and they look worse then anyother day. bummed

Lumpy and bumpy and not so happy. I know I keep...

lumpy and bumpy and not so happy. I know I keep complaining so sorry in advance but I really want to heal.

I have decided after hours and hours of on-line reading I am going to try my best to speed up this process!
Starting tomorrow I will be juicing, I am hoping this will help my body with all the nutrients, and clean out my system.
I will also be massaging as much as possible to relieve the bumps. I was swimming three days a week before the smartlipo, and now that I am more then two weeks post op I can start back again. Maybe the circulation will be helpful also! We will see

I am now almost 3 weeks post smartlipo. I have...

I am now almost 3 weeks post smartlipo. I have felt better this week. I no longer need sleeping meds and go pretty much most the day with minimal discomfort. It still hurts to reach high and it still is very sensitive to touch but it does not hurt unless im doing these things.

I measured my arms just now and have lost an inch so far so good. I can tell I am still swollen so im confident this will get a bit better. My fiance told me today he can really tell, so that made me happy.

I dont really feel any bumps anymore but my arms have an over all harder there tense.

I will post update photos at 4 weeks!
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