8 months post op. Didn't think I would still be insecure about my nose.

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Hey everyone I just wanted to thank all of you who...

Hey everyone I just wanted to thank all of you who have shared your stories. They have all helped me with this decision of getting my nose fixed!
I'm 20 years old and I've been wanting a nose job since I was 14. I actually have a really sad journal entry dated 11/18/08 where I write about how much I hate my nose:(
This will be my first surgery and I'm already getting really nervous for it. It's crazy to think that this year 2014 will be the last time my nose looks like this. My face will change forever!

My goal is to have a nose straight profile and for the bridge of my nose to be uniform in width. I feel like my nose is so bony and the skin is so thin on it that you can see every lump and bony edge the tip is so big and round I hate it!!!!!! I am confident that Dr Berkowitz will shape my nose the way it will best fit my face.

Three weeks left!!

Today I went to take pictures of my nose with a medical photographer. Dr Berkowitz will sketch out a possible outcome on the pictures (from my understanding).

I'm getting pretty nervous. I'm the bigest pessimist and I always think of the worst case senario. I have my pre-op appointment next Monday 12/15. Hopefully seeing what my nose could look like will calm my nerves. I'm hoping in the end this will all be worth it and Ill have the perfect nose for my face next year.

Starting to get very nervous...

I'm starting to think that my upper lip will look really long?!:(
I'm getting my tip lifted since it droops when I smile so now I'm thinking I will have a lot of space between the base of my nose and my top lip and I'm getting really freaked out. I don't wanna have a piggy looking nose.
I have my pre op appointment on Monday. I'll have to bring this up to my surgeon and just hope it doesn't turn out that way:(

Feeling confident after pre op appointment

Today I had my pre op appointment and i saw a quick sketch of a possible outcome and I love it! The profile on the sketch is so nice and it's the nose of my dreams! The tip of my nose isn't gonna stick out as far the bridge is straighter and the tip will be lifted and it just looks so feminine! I have always dreamed of a more feminine nose and I know that Dr. Berkowitz will be able to do that. All the nerves I had before and doubt have completely gone away. I couldn't imagine going through another surgeon.
Two weeks to go!!

Tomorrow is the day!

I'm thinking positive thoughts and crossing my fingers that this will he the one and only time I have rhinoplasty. I'm not nervous at all for my rhinoplasty tomorrow. I think it's because I've been wanting this for so long and I've always known that one day id do this. And I trust Dr. Berkowitz. I know I'm in good hands.

Feeling great after surgery!!

My surgery was at 1 it was supposed to be 3.5 hours but I'm not sure exactly how long it took. Surgery was literally in the blink of an eye (so weird!!) I'm pretty site I'm about 7-8 hours post op right now.
I just woke up from continuous naps and even missed a call from Dr. B!!:( I'm sleeping well but everytime I wake up I feel like I'm waking up from the anesthesia.
I feel as great as I can for after surgery. The silicone tubes in my nose aren't bothering me at all the cast isn't bothering. I've only had to change the gauze under my nose twice!! There is little (and I mean VERY little) blood dripping. I have no black eyes, no bruising, hardly any facial swelling. I remember when I first met Dr. B he said that his patients bruised very little to nothing. He was right!!
Is it weird that I'm liking how my nose looks already??? The tip looks kind of upturned but then again he did lift my droopy tip and I've read that some of you experienced this but it was cause of swelling. :)

Two days after surgery.

Today I woke up with swollen cheeks and pretty much my whole face is swollen I don't feel any pain I have very little bruising under my eyes.
I don't remember if I mentioned that I was having an open rhinoplasty. I had my my tip lifted since it was a bit droopy when I smiled and the hump was taken down. I also had a cartilage graft above where the hump was because the bone there was very low and there was pretty much no bridge that's why the hump looked so big.
I'm so anxious for this swelling to go down and a bit scared cause my surgeon said my cast night fall off before my next appointment with him:( or the tubes in my nose might fall out.

Recovery is much harder than I thought.

As I'm recovering from surgery I have a lot of time to think and mope around. I'm starting to get a little upset, I wish I didn't have to come to this. I wish I could have just developed a nose that wasn't deformed. Looking at my face swell up and hurt is making me feel bad for myself:( I'm hoping in the end this will all be worth it and I still look like myself.

Waiting for swelling to go down.

I'm feeling a little better mentally and emotionally after a reading the nice comments some of you left me. Thanks:)
I finally had a bowel movement today! I hadn't been able to and I think that was adding to my discomfort. My face is really swollen from the bottom half. My cheeks have been really achy and heavy. The little bruising I had is gone. I haven't been taking any pain meds since last night.
I have been sleeping well but my dry mouth was been waking me up!
Any tips for swelling??? Pineapple hasn't been working for me:/

Cast off!

I went in to the office for a cast removal this morning!! I cried when I saw my nose I love it. It's so swollen but it's so much better than what I had before. The tip is still pretty big and I can't wait to see what it looks like defined! The bridge is so straight and my profile is so much better. The thing I was most concerned about was the front view of my nose. It had like an hourglass shape and it's gone now.
It's a huge change in the most subtle way if that makes sense? I still look like myself and I couldn't be happier.

Front view

Annoyed with swelling!! Two days after cast removal.

I have tape on for a week straight. I'll get it removed on moday and start taping nights only. I have a lot of scabs on the inside of my nostrils near the columella incision. I'm hoping it will fall off before I start school on Monday!
For those of you that are post op... Did you notice less projection of the tip after swelling went down?
The tip of my nose is pretty swelled up and round but I wonder if swelling is making it project more? Please let me know in a message or comment!:) so far I'm loving my new nose!! I can't wait for it to narrow from the front and to see definition of the tip:)

Small bump on bridge

I'm three weeks post op and a lot of swelling has gone down and a small bump is visible now. It's really small and I know I have to be patient. I'm hoping it's just swelling because I went into this thinking that a revision was not an option. One, because I can't afford it being a student and two because I only want to have one rhinoplasty ever.
I still love the results and everything but that bump is pretty frustrating. My nose now is a huge improvement from the shape I had before. I'm still hoping for that bump free, smooth bridge like I had with my tape on.
No pictures for now until a bit more swelling resolves.

Selfies aren't so bad anymore!

Even thought I wrote about the bump yesterday I still really LOVE my results. It took like about a week to get used to the change and for the first time in my life I actually think I look pretty.
The bump is really really small I'm feeling confident about it being swelling but we'll just have to wait and see. My nose looks so small in pictures it's perfect!!! I've had pretty dry skin on and around my nose which makes putting makeup on a pain in the arse.
I want to use my clarisonic on my nose so bad but I won't. I probably won't even use it even after Dr. Berkowitz says it's okay to because I'm so paranoid about messing up my results!
It's going to be a long next few months waiting for more swelling to go down!
Side note: Before surgery I used to watch videos about open rhinoplasties ALL THE TIME and now that I had one done I can't watch them at all!!
Before I couldn't even notice the little birthmark on my nose because it was right on the hump and it was hard to see for some reason. I love it, it looks so cute on my nose!
Also, sorry for blocking my eyes out and smile. I'm a bit paranoid about putting myself completely out there on the internet.

Bump on nose fluctuates in size

Still hopeful that the bump will go away. Keeping my fingers crossed. Love how straight it looked with the tape on! My next appointment is at 6 weeks p. o.

Picture comparison. Love the results.

I still can't believe what Dr. Berkowitz was able to do with my nose!!! He is so talented and he litteraly gave me the most flattering nose I could ever want. The comparison is so weird to me. I can't believe that's what my nose looked like.
I have never felt so confident in my life. For the first time in my life I can actually believe my boyfriend when he says in beautiful. I can look in the mirror and think to myself that I'm pretty! I'm so happy. I can't thank Dr. Berkowitz enough for this new nose of mine.

Almost 5 months post op.

It's been a while since I posted.

I'm to the point where I hardly think about my nose. I really only think of it when I'm taking pictures. Some days I love the new shape of my nose and some days I pick at the "flaws" I see on it.
Regardless of any "flaws" I still think it's much better than the way my nose used to look.

At times in some pictures my nose looks crooked, sometimes the tip of my nose looks too projected, sometimes the bump on my nose comes back and sometimes it's just the way I want it.
Before my rhinoplasty I had more of an issue with the way my nose looked from the front and from an angle not so much the side. Now, I I'm still not completely satisfied with the way it looks from the front or at an angle but I don't have an issue with the side anymore.

I came into this hoping this would be the one and only time I got surgery on my nose. I've come to terms with myself and realized perfect is impossible. There will always be some asymmetry but I think I will end up getting a revision just to fix the couple little things I want different and further improve my nose. Next time I see Dr Berkowitz we will talk about the revision! Until then I will stay patient and wait for more of the swelling to go down.
Please let me know if you've had a similar experience or any thoughts or questions you have :)

Happy healing!

My "new" nose isn't what I had hoped for.

It's been a long time since I last posted. I was satisfied with my nose immediately after surgey but after a few months of healing I'm not sure I made the right choice with who did my surgery. My nose is still VERY assymetrical from my left profile. The tip is still bulbous and has cartilage poking out on the left side of the tip. Very assymetrical from the front and just over all not what I had expected.
I'm disappointed, Before surgery I thought that this far along post op I would be so happy and my nose would be the last thing id be worrying about. I'm still in the same place I was before I even booked the surgery.
Why could I just be born with a normal nose haha
I'll admit it's probably 30% better than what it used to be but the result should have been great not what it is now.

On the hunt for some one to give me the nose I should have had post op. Time to shell out more $$$$$$$$$!

Dr. Berkowitz is an amazing surgeon. He is so knowledgeable and answered all my questions from the initial consultation. He is part of the Rhinoplasty Society and he uses advanced tools and techniques that make recovery so much easier. When I first met him he told me his patients experienced "very little to no bruising". He was 100% right. He uses your own rich blood to spray back into the nose that makes healing a breeze. His staff and nurses couldn't be any nicer. They made my whole experience better pre and post op. I can't imagine anyone else doing my rhinoplasty or having a different outcome. I recommend Dr. Berkowitz to anyone thinking about rhinoplasty.

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