35 Years Old Petite Frame 2 Kids 325cc Silicone Natrelle - Campbell, CA

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I wished to get a tummy tuck or breast...

I wished to get a tummy tuck or breast augmentation so long already. My oldest is 13 my youngest is 7. I didn't think I could take much time off work to do the tummy tuck because I'm very active at my job, so I chose BA first. Yesterday morning was my operation, and I have been in a lot of pain.
It feels as if the center of my chest sternum area is being pulled in opposite directions. I was a 32 C and received 325cc silicone gel. I'm not sure what the results will be. So far I have numbness on the nipples and under the breasts. I'm only 5'1 and 98 lbs so I couldn't go much bigger than this, especially because I wanted something natural looking. It looks great for now, but still way too early to tell.

still very sore, day 3

I'm in this phase where I don't see anything special, and the pain is hardly tolerable. I did not take pain meds the second day, because I mostly just slept. The 3rd day, I needed them badly. The percicet pills don't seem to alleviate the pain, but they do put me to sleep. Sleeping is awful, I can't get comfy. I'm up in a sitting position still. I cannot stand to wear the sports bra either. I was able to get up and go out to the mall with my family, but every bump on the drive was very painful. I also have a lot of numbness in both breasts. I hope everything resolves ok, and soon. I have my first follow up on Monday, 2 more days.

day 4 feels a little better

So I've been having 2 things bother me that I'm bringing up at my post op. The first thing is a muscle spasm. It is a strong jolting that is more annoying than painful in my mid back. I've iced it and that seems to help. The second thing is my stomach feels very sore and bloated. I don't know if it's because of the pain pills, percocet, or if it's because I had to get off my birth control pills to get this done and I'm going to have a period. I just know that my stomach looks and feels bloated, and feels like I've done crunches. The soreness in my breasts has went down more, and I can change my own shirt slowly now. They still feel pretty solid, and numbness is still present. I haven't taken percocet in 14 hours and I'm ok. I was able to take a walk around the neighborhood today no problem. I go back to work in 3 days and I think I'll be ok then.

First Post Op

So it has been a full 4 days, and my post op was today. My surgery was Thursday morning at 8 am and today is Monday. I'm feeling much better, with less pain. It's only sore when I've been laying down too long and need to get up.
My Dr. Told me everything looks good, but he is concerned about the numbness. He did recommend the 290cc for me, but said the highest I can go was 325cc. So being excited and not wanting to wish I went bigger, I chose the 325cc. Now my nerves are stretched and I lost feeling and I'm not sure when it will come back. :-(
Of I pinch hard enough, I can feel the nipple area, but anything else is very numb and tingly except the top part of my breasts. These implants don't require massages so I'm happy about that, and I was told to continue to wear the sports bra and underwire is ok. No more pain meds, and sleep is still uncomfortable.

1 full week, back at work.

I didn't want to go back so soon, but financially I had to. I am a bartender and lift bottles, other items under 10 lbs. I do this all day. I tried to take it very slow and asked for help a lot. I made it through, but I did get sore after. I'm not anxious about this. I did this for me, not for show and tell. I can wait for them to settle I just had to work. I'm taking it easy and hoping I'm not over doing it. There is no more pain, but they're very hard and high. Just like the previous pic. I'll update when I can show y'all a change :-)

post op No.2

Doc says everything looks good. Feeling is coming back gradually on my right side, a little slower on the left. The left breast had a fold height change as well, and was slightly larger. It's still numb around the bottom and sides. It's been 12 days, and I am happy with them this far. I know I have a while to go before I see full results, but I see the shape they are taking and I like it. They are the perfect size for me. I've worked a few shifts at work and I'm ok. I do feel the implants being pushed by my muscle when I lift something or push something, so I take it easy as much as I can.
I know I really wanted a full tummy tuck to get the stretch marks off and wear a bikini next summer, but this I feel was a way better choice. The downtime was not as bad, and I just love them.

about 2 weeks post op pics!

Tenderness for sure, but nothing too bad. I just wanted to share the healing progress. I don't feel they've dropped yet, or maybe only slightly, but I love them. I have not dressed them up yet or anything because I was told to wear the sports bra a little longer due to the left scar placement. They are still very stiff, and haven't softened, but like I said it's only been 2 weeks.

3 weeks post op. no changes

Well I'm 3 weeks in now, and nothing else has changed. I still have numbness on the outer part of the breasts and the nipples are very tender and sore.
They still appear high, and I can feel them moving around when I do certain things or lay a certain way.
The scars look the same, and I have alternated between a sports bra and regular bra. I have not been properly sized yet. I wore am 34 D and it seems ok with the band not being as snug as a 32.
I was a 32 b/c before.
I hope the tenderness goes away soon, and that they soften up more. They definitely don't feel like my own yet.

3 and a half weeks post op!

So I went to my 3 weeks appointment today, when I am actually a little over, and things went well. I was given the clear tape to minimize scarring, and told that maderma is not very efficient at reducing scars. I was concerned that the shape of my left breast is different from the right, but it's still very early and the final results aren't there yet. I don't feel the need to raise that concern yet. They look normal in a bra. I am also able to wear a regular bra now. The tenderness is pretty much gone except on the nipple area where it's a little sore still, and the numbness is gradually subsiding. I can feel more of the breast now. The scars seem to be fading fast, and I don't think they'll be visible at all in another 2-3 weeks and I'm a slow healer. Like I said, I don't like the shape of my left side, but I think that I'm the only one noticing it. I don't see it in pictures, only when I look in the mirror.
I went to victorias secret today to get a new bra, but their sizing is s little bigger than other stores. They put me in a 32DD but I'm guessing I'm a full D anywhere else.
My original size was 32 C and like I mentioned before I am petite, 5'1 around 100lbs.

1 whole month post

There is still numbness in my breasts but not in the nipple area, mostly under and on sides. But sure on bra size still, this in the pic is a 32 dd from VS. I'm still using scar tape. No issues or pain, but I feel weird how they look without a bra :-/ still settling in though

before pics

Just for comparison I've added my before pics. I was a 32 b/c. My smaller frame is probably why my chest hurt so bad after. The stretching on the sternum was so painful.

6 weeks through BA :-)

I went to my follow up yesterday and we took pictures. I feel like even though the Dr did some adjustments to my left fold that they are still uneven. He said that it would have been much more higher if he'd left it alone but it was impossible to tell just how much the implant would change the breasts. Maybe only my eyes see it more because it's my body. Either way I'm happy because they look much more natural and are softening well. I'm so glad I don't have an artificial look which was my biggest concern. I wanted these to droop with my natural shape. He says that in another month they should be close to final results and won't change much unless I gain or lose weight.
In the pic I am squeezing them a little to show just how soft and squishy they've gotten compared to the solid way they looked and felt in the beginning. I do have the gel natrelle 410 style in 325 cc and as I've mentioned before I'm have a small frame and was previously a 32 C or D in some bras. At Victoria Secret I'm a 32 dd which is annoying because they don't have many items in that size and the 34 d is a little loose.

forgot a pic

2 months after pics

I do like them a lot, but lately I've been annoyed with it. I feel like they haven't dropped much since the first month wrapped up. To me they seem really high. Nonetheless I do enjoy them. I have nearly full feeling back, and the scars are practically gone.

scar update by request

So the scars are light, but the darker one is from a fold correction on the left side. I'm using silicone tape and vitamin e oil.

I don't really like my implants

It's been 3.5 months now and I just don't like how they feel or look. My dr had to readjust the fold on one side during the surgery, and I feel like he should have left it alone. That one side he claimed was too big, is now a huge bulge. My left breast looks very large to me. I don't like the shape either. I think I should have went smaller. I have 325cc and I think 290cc would have been okay. I also have very little feeling in my nipples and under the breast area. I put an ice cube around them to see where the feeling cuts off, and it's right underneath my nipples and on them, although they do feel tender and sore. There's just no sensitivity right now. I'm stuck with them I guess.

4 months update 325 cc

Well I'm not very happy how they look without a bra. They're uneven and I don't like it at all. The bra in the pic is a 32 D by Victoria Secret, slightly padded. Obviously it's still too small. I was measured as a 32d at a different store and a 32 dd at V S. The scars are being treated with vitamin e and maderma. I'm just approaching 4 months post op. I love how they look in a bra, and in shirts, but not nude. The scars are hidden now, but healing slow.

No bra

2 whole years later!

Do it has been 2 years now since the initial surgery and I would just like to tell everyone that I'm happy with it. Some of the ideas I've had in this time were that I became single recently, and men I have gone out with made comments that seemed to be negative towards women with implants. My answer is always the same, I did not do this for any attention from the opposite sex. This was entirely for me myself and I. Just add I'm not judging men on their sizes, I don't expect that in return. I know if I'm wearing certain clothing that my breasts will be more noticeable, and I'm not very showy about it. But when someone asks I simply tell them yes, I had a little help. And I no longer feel self conscious about them asking. My girlfriends are all supportive as well and I'm dating a great guy now who had never asked about them and adores my body ????
With that said, there are no more changes that I can see. There is still numbness more do in my left breast, and the nipple area has not gone back to its original sensitivity sadly. I can feel them when touched firmly, but the bottom half of my breasts still have blank feeling areas. I'm not sure if this is permanent. I hate this part, but oh well. I do get cramp pain every now and then in my left breast but I think it's because of side sleeping and sometimes tummy sleeping. Well ill leave y'all with 1 more pic and I hope everyone is happy with their decisions and love your body!
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

Entire staff was very kind, comforting, honest, and patient. They cared for me with exceptional hospitality. Dr. Berkowitz was very honest and enlightening about the entire process. The official results aren't ready, but I'm very happy with the treatment I received.

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