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My Dentures jst Fall right out of my mouth because...

My Dentures jst Fall right out of my mouth because I do not have a prominent lower gum ridge for the lower plate to successfully stay in place.Causes Much pain, an't eat. Awfully clicking and whistling noises. One dentist told me he could put FOUR implants in the bottom jaw to hold the plate in plac and I would be able to take a real bite out of a burger or sandwich, etc etc. Well, it costs sooo much, that RIGHT before he did the procedure, I checked on another dentist thru the Local Union Hall that would do them for half the price. HE sent me for a BONE DENSITY SCAN. The results showed there were only two "iffy" spots in the bone of my lower jaw that "might" hold them. he went ahead and did it, THEN tells me, "No. No, you won't be able to take a bite out of a sandwich or chew steak or hard stuff, BUT your lower plate WILL stay in your mouth and not fall out." BOY! That is a LOT of $$ for nothing, really. AND guess what? They NEVER told me that using ANY PRODUCT CONTAINING NICOTENE< ANY PRODUCT CONTAINING NICOTINE> and the post come right up out of the bone, push thru the skin and come right out of your mouth! $4K,$2K, was out of my own pocket. FOR NOTHING. NOW I have two holes in my lower jaw, AND a whole Lot of SURPRISINGLY PAINFUL NERVE SHOCKS, in my lower jaw down my neck and up into my Tempo mandibular area, my nose and ear and MY lips go numb for a period of time depending on how severe the stab/jab/shock was I got while chewing...Bananas, Oatmeal, Soft Fruit, Cheese....seeeeee? Please be AWARE of all these things before you put yourself, AND your pocket book, through this ordeal. Some people have no problems. I was not one of those.
So, when I heard the infomercial on the TV, I realized they were OMITTING some PRETTY IMPORTANT ISSUES.



I just got back from a new dentist today. I went to get a new set of dentures as it has been 8 years since I first got my dentures. The ridge at the bottom is soooo not there at all anymore. NOTHING can hold in my dentures but denture adhesive. That sucks.
I now have NO bone density at all to stick ANYMORE implants in. Life can really be unfair, can't it?
I woke up this morning, with no bottom denture in my mouth???? Looked all around the bed. Can't find it anywhere. I notice some dirt on the floor by a potted palm of mine, and I looked in there, and it looked like something had been digging in it. I look through it carefully, and THERE WERE MY DENTURES!!!! My Chihuahua BURIED them in there!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!! I think I did both!
Shingle Springs Dentist

I already did. He was a super nice Dentist, they all were, the two regular ones and the surgeon I saw originally.

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