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29 year old mother of a two and six year old. I'm...

29 year old mother of a two and six year old. I'm 5'4" and weigh approx. 145lbs. I have wanted this surgery for quite some time now and recently (6 weeks ago) decided to schedule it. I am an avid runner and I found that the more I ran and the more weight I lost, the worst the loose skin was around my belly and my boobs looked like deflated balloons!

Pain does pick up after day 2

First day and half of 2nd day pain was tolerable, I am now three days post and the pain is worse than day one! Will post more pics soon!

Morning Boob is Killer!

I had to lay in bed still until the pain of morning boob subsided and nearly peed my pants! Lasted about an hour and a half! Any tips or suggestions on dealing with this?!

Swell HELL! Over this recovery, asking why I did this!! :-/

Despite the title, I am actually feeling really good; meaning I am able to do light house work, take my kids to school etc. I am just so over this swelling! I have YET to enjoy my tummy tuck, I've only seen it swollen! :-( I drink plenty of water and limit my sodium intake. I look in the mirror and ask myself why did I do this!! Ok, phew had to vent, now let me back up a few days.

Saw my ps on po day 9 and he took off all bandages and was really thrilled with my scars and how they are moving along. My bb is still a work in progress because he used a different technique, it looks like an open wound but he says it looks really good. My incision is pretty low, my swimsuit covers it :-) just really wish this swelling would go AWAY! I am standing about 90% upright now and back pain is gone.

Now on to the boobs...I am really pleased with them and they have dropped a lot and are taking form more and more everyday. They are a bit tender. I tried on my 36D(UK) swimsuit top and was busting out of it! Yah!!

Posting some pics, happy healing and best of luck to those with upcoming surgeries!

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