Week 3 - Cambridge, UK

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Heading into week 4 I'm feeling great going for...

heading into week 4 I'm feeling great going for long walks and doing more jobs round the home hopefully driving next week I can honestly say was the best choice i've made feel so much lighter looking forward to sleeping on my side and back to normal fully.
this forum has really helped as at times I felt alone and nervous but you can read and realise so many going through the same things and that your not alone.
only advice I would give to anyone about to under go surgery is get a wedge pillow such a great support in bed with your own pillows and a v pillow easy to get out of bed and no sliding down in bed.
lots of flannels for washing and a good friend or family support around you .
anyone about to go in rest and listen to your own body and think how amazing we will all feel next summer on the beach xx

6 weeks

Today was my 6 week check after been really lucky apart from my right side been slower to heal and my t junction opening a tiny bit and where I had a few big scabs drop off with tiny holes behind.
I had the blues about 5 days ago really bad and didn't feel myself I can say today I feel more positive more myself
My ps was very happy with me it's healing just as expected and not to worry about any small openings
He's dressed them for me to change every other day then see my nurse in two weeks and him in 4.
I can wear a comfy bra in bed now but two more weeks my support bra.
I am now sleeping nearly flat on my back and side so getting a full nights sleep. I still have to wait another two weeks to hoover but I can live with that lol
Am back at the gym Monday only leg work though and still to take some things easy
Still look in the mirror and can't believe it's me or sit in the car and have Space between me and the steering wheel
Hope all you lovely ladies have a lovely weekend and I'll update after my nurse visit in two weeks ;)

Pre op and 6 week post op

Best descion I ever made scar down middle was an old op the ps tided up
For me

Week 9 post op

Finally starting to feel more like me still a bit stiff under my left arm can raise my right straight up but only half my left and still getting a slight pulling not sure why but see my ps for my final check up and sign off next week
Apart from that I'm now back at the gym going to start running Sunday then week 12 Back to Abbs and Weights
Today's my birthday and honestly looking in the mirror and buying some new tops today it's the best present I've ever had or could only dream off last year at this time ;)
Just the softening of the breast a bit more and the pulling I honesty feel amazing ;)

Week 10 ps signed off all finished ;)

Yesterday was my final ps visit all signed off and at the end of my journey would like to thank this page and all the lovely ladies on here that I've met or have helped me with their reviews
This was a very worrying journey but one that has been one of the best I've had
I am now living life to the full confidence is coming back and I feel amazing
Health and fitness wise
I am now back at the gym fully wearing sexy bras
I can do things I couldn't before
Forgot what neck ache or daily headaches feel like
It's something I would 100% recommend you to do x
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