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Hi, ive been debating breast enlargement on and...

Hi, ive been debating breast enlargement on and off for the past few years but am yet to make a final decision. Im 5ft 4, and about 109lb.

I had a child a year and a half ago and, as you can see, pregnancy and breast feeding have taken their toll on my body. Looking in the mirror at anything below my neck is a rarity for me nowadays. My breasts have always been very small, but after a year of breastfeeding theyre worse than theyve ever been.

Anyways, Im not going to bore you all with more self pity, so ill just get to the point, why ive signed up.

Im just after some ideas from those of you on here who have gone through with the procedure, about what sort of size you think I should go for, whether you recommend ultra high profile, etc, and anatomical or round implants.
I would ideally like to be a d cup, anyone know how many cc's that is?
I have a consultation scheduled for next week but id just be grateful to anyone for your opinions.
Thanks in advance guys :)

Ok so I went for my consultation today. I filled...

Ok so I went for my consultation today. I filled in a medical questionnaire and was greeted by one of the nurses. She led me to one of the rooms and after asking me why I want implants, she examined me. She told me im a perfect candidate due to my skin elasticity. She went through the costs with me and showed me a silicone implant. It was less 'solid' than I expected. Anyways turns out she couldnt recommend sizes or anything for me and to talk about that I have to book a consultation with a surgeon which costs £100, then another £400 to secure a surgery date. After that I have to pay the full £4500 within a month. Plus this company only use silicone - not too much of an issue because thats what I was leaning towards anyway. She told me theres nothing I cant do when I have implants and I can probably go up a couple of cup sizes :) Really want them now. Just need a financing plan, was kinda hoping I could pay in installments, but oh well. Guess it gives me longer to check out other peoples stories/ experiences on here :)

Ive contacted another company now, just waiting...

Ive contacted another company now, just waiting for a call back to book a consultation with them. The reviews about them arent the best but its all in regards to their aftercare, which, providing the implants dont rupture, I hopefully wont need. They have a 10 year guarantee on their implants and they actually use the same brand as the other company, allergan implants. The vharge for breast enlargement starts at 3, 650. Definately sounds promising. Plus they have a financing plan where you pay £88 a month for 5 years with a £250 deposit :) The price is right but I just want to make sure that the staff seem professional and whatnot so i can be sure that im in safe hands.

I only enquired about the surgery last night and...

I only enquired about the surgery last night and they phoned me this morning! The lady sounded very friendly and told me that this company have their own hospitals and 40 surgeons working around the country. I get to meet with a nurse who will show me implants, discuss sizes with me and let me see before and after photos of different surgeons work, which is more than the first company. Then I can pick a surgeon and have a free consultation with them :)

All booked in!!

So I took several months off obsessing about boobs and carried on with life with the attitude of "I can get by with having small boobs". But after a while, looking in the mirror daily, getting a new boyfriend and becoming more self conscious, I decided, I'm going for another consultation and this time I'm going ahead with the boob job.
I booked in with Transform and had a meeting with the patient care coordinator who then set me up with an appointment to see a surgeon. The surgeon seemed experienced, he took plenty of measurements and had a long chat with me about my expectations. Personally, I really wanted to end up as a dd. The surgeon, however, didnt think that my body would accept that kind of size. He told me he thinks the biggest I can go is 340g (not sure how that works out in cc's). He told me thats pushing my body to its limit in his opinion. Anyway, I was disappointed but pretty much had to accept it. He told me to buy a c/d cup bra for after the op. My patient care coordinator spoke to me afterwards and told me theyll end up bigger than I think as its different once theyre under your skin rather than just on top of it under a very unflattering sports bra. Just wondering if any of you guys have experienced this, I.e. ending up bigger than you expected.
I also wanted to ask any surgeons on here if you think that is a large size based on my "tiny frame". And if I were to convince my surgeon to go any bigger would a bigger size increase the chances of having complications, like capsular contracture or rippling? I have seen other girls of about my size and weight with breasts about the same size as mine who have gone a lot bigger than 340g. Just wondering how they manage that if im unable to.
I really dont want to end up with that stuck on the front look either, is that more likely with bigger implants or will having under the muscle decrease the chance of ending up with that look?
Ive actually got my surgery booked for august 27th so any responses in the next few days will be very helpful and greatly appreciated :)

Forgot to add/ask

Also, forgot to say, will 340g roughly get me to a d cup?

Has anyone heard of my surgeon?

My surgeon has recently joined the company thats providing my ba and I dont know a huge amount about him. He told me he's done 200+ breast augmentations but I cant find anything about him on their website. I phoned them up and they told me their website will be updated to include him as he's new to their company, and their other surgeons seem to all be registered with cosmetic surgery boards and he certainly did seem to know what he was doing. I know he used to live and work in greece. I was very confident about going with this surgeon when id been for my consultation but as I get closer to the surgery date im getting more nervous.

2 more sleeps!!

My surgery is 2 days away and I can't wait. I've got my bag packed to take to the hospital with me and I'm all prepared with questions to ask my surgeon before he perform the op. I'm super excited and getting a little nervous now. I've got that niggling thing in the back of my mind saying don't bother having it done, think of the risks. But I try to put that out of my mind, I suppose most people get apprehensive as the surgery date approaches. I just want to get it over with now so I can start healing and eventually be able to wear nice pretty bigger bras :) I may even have a bra burning ceremony to celebrate haha! Anyways I'll update again soon :)

boobs :)

After a couple hours of waiting, panicking myself silly and feeling sick with hunger, I have had my op. Ill be honest I almost didnt go through with it. Listening to the nurses and anaesthetist go through the consent form made it a lot more real. Anyway I went to theatre and waa asleep within seconds of having the anaesthetic. It took me a while to come round afterwards but when I eventually did I had a little peek at my breasts. I cant see them properly because of my bandages but from what I can seei like nipples aee numb at the moment but theres no pain (knock on wood) only discomfort. The nurses are lovely and keep checking on me seeing how I am. Mr Tsekouras has been to see me before he went home and told me he will be back to see me in the morning. It's been an experience.

Day 2

I've been seen by the nurses and given some medication to take home with me. Dr Tsekouras has been to see me again and says he's very happy with the result. I keep looking in the mirror. I've still got the bandages on and will have until I see the clinic nurse in about a weeks time but cant help keep looking :) Really enjoyed my stay here, everyones been so friend and I've been treated really well.


Started to feel bloated around lunchtime today, been getting more and more bloated as the day goes on. Feel really full and disgusting. Also, im a bit confused. My surgeon put drains in my breasts after the op which I had taken out this morning and when he came round to see me earlier I asked him if the swelling will go down or if my breasts will stay around this size now. He said there shouldnt be much swelling because I had the drains in and this should be about the size they stay. Ive read online though that they are always swollen to start with and reduce in size in the follwing weeks, so which is right?

Some pictures

Thought I'd update with some post op pictures :)

11 days post op

Little over 3 weeks post op

Ok so the bloating has gone now but my abs are no longer visible :( so I'm itching to get back to exercising daily. Would you guys say that 50 to 100 sit ups a night is "strenuous exercise"? Cause the nurse said I can't do any strenuous exercise until I reach the 6 week mark. Could I get away with doing sit ups or should I stick to just walking as my exercise for the next 3 weeks? Also uploading another picture to show body proportions.

post op

I had my post op appointment with my surgeon yesterday. He said everything's looking good, he's pleased with the result. He removed the steristrips and told me to massage scars. He contradicted what the nurse told me though as he told me to keep wearing a sports bra in the daytime as well as night for 6 months. The nurse said 6 weeks. He said I can wear a push up bra for special occasions like a night out from 6 weeks though. Anyone else have this advice or have you all worn regular bras early on?
Mr Tsekouras

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