Juvederm Volbella for Tear Trough

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On Jan 25 2016, I went to a very reputable Clinic...

On Jan 25 2016, I went to a very reputable Clinic to get my Tear Troughs filled. She used Juvederm Volbella using Micro Cannula. She proceeded with my right eye and IMMEDIATELY my eye started to swell! She took a step back and said she has never Sen anything like this happen. It just swelled up, no bruising or discoloration or anything. She then finished filling but said it was difficult with the swelling there already. I'm not sure how much she put in. Anyways, I didn't let her do the other eye as I said I would prefer to see what happens with this one. On Wed Jan 28th I sent her some pictures of my eye which was now 10 times worse and I looked like I had a black eye and a pocket of fluid down my cheek. She told me to come in the get it dissolved. I went in that day and she injected the Hyaluronidase. I did see it go down a little tiny bit right away but not that much. She said within 24 hours I should be good. It is now Sat Jan 30 and I still have this huge puffy blister like look under my eye. When I look down my vision is even obstructed. This is very very upsetting. I sent her picture yesterday as it still looked like a black eye and she said to wait it out during the weekend and if not better to come back on Monday. I am just very concerned if she wants to put more Hyaluronidase in there. Should I get more injected? Am I just having a reaction to the Hyaluronidase? She is wondering if maybe I was allergic to the Lidocane but I have had filler in my cheeks using Voluma and had zero issues. Any help or advise would be appreciated. I am attaching photos in order from Day 1 of getting the filler to today which is 6 days later. I guess my concern is..... how long does this Hyaluronidase take to fully work an dissolve this stuff. Thanks in advance for your time

one month post awful experience

So after 3 Hyaluronidase my under eye is pretty much back to normal. I do however still have a dark bluish black ring going from the inner corner to almost the other corner of my eye. The Hyaluronidase seemed to really dehydrate my skin there so covering up the black ring will just not work cause it ends up looking awful. The lady I went to feels awful and has done all of this at no cost to me, not even the filler or anything. She is bringing in a lady that is coming here from Paris to promote Boltero to take a look at me to see what's going on. She thinks it has a lot to do with the water binding that the juvederm does. Apparently the Boltero doesn't have a water binding affect. I will not inject anything under my eyes again but I am very curious to see what she has to say. Also getting my botox treatment for free then as well just because of everything I have gone through this past month. Cheers
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