30 Year Old , tiny upper lip - Camberwell, AU

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I've only hated two things about my face - my nose...

I've only hated two things about my face - my nose tip (too bulbous) and thin upper lip. I had Aquamid and it did nothing plus one side has too much in it. I got a lip lift yesterday. It was almost painless but the anaesthetic bloody hurt when injected!! Its been less than 24 hours so I'll update as I heal!

Second night. 33 hours post op.

Time for bed, second night everything feels fine slight numbness directly under the nose near the stitches (still). I got home lunch time today (stayed in Melbourne day of procedure) so I've just left it alone and haven't bothered cleaning up the occasional drops of blood now that I'm out of the view of public.

I didn't mention but I did have muscle removed. I've been told to always get skin only and when I questioned him he told me that anything over 20mm he touches the muscle, anything under 20mm (philtrum length) it's skin only.

I'll do a photo in the morning before I shower then do another one once its cleaned up. Night!!

42 hours after.

Photo of first thing in the morning and after I cleaned it the best I could.

Error can't upload new photos?

Been trying to update (photos) but keeps saying error? Any help ?

3rd morning

Third morning is healing well,can't feel any pain it's not crusting anymore and I don't even have to clean it today !!!

Comparison photo... and wtf are people talking about!!

I have been following another review and the doctor that performed it was the one I was going to go to at the start. Everyone keeps saying "oh don't worry it will relax/drop over time" How bloody much should/does a lip lift drop???? I think if too much skin gets taken off I can't see it "dropping" 3-4 mm (to make it look normal) in a couple of months ?? Come on !!! If that's the case instead of getting 5 mm off I should have got 10 mm to account for this miraculous dropping/relaxing, I better book in now for a touch up for another 5 mm to be taken off right now!!!

4 days today, not happy......

Photos aren't great but you can barely see anything under the nose now, I think the scar will be very minimal, I don't have any discharge, blood ,scabbing etc and haven't had to clean it the past two days or put anything on it, I just wash my face as usual.

The swelling is mostly gone, I can't really put a figure on it but its barely noticeable.

****One thing I'm concerned about it the philtrum length. After the procedure was done I was shown the excised skin and it didn't look like 5 mm at all.

If I measure the philtrum from suture line to top of the cupids bow I'm getting around 19-20 mm??

Before the procedure I was measuring almost daily and consistently got 21-22 mm, but I understand my measurements may be 1-2 mm off . I was hoping for and *asked* for around a 15mm philtrum length (and said nothing bigger, and even asked a few times for 13-14mm ) after the procedure. My main issue was vertical vermillion height and I wanted that increased as much in height as "naturally" possible.

Now my lip looks nothing like the photos I put up on the day or the day after. Its gone back to looking thin and flat. I don't care about volume really just height. Sigh.................

looks like a 5% improvement.....

All the height was just swelling, it all went down by Saturday such a waste of $2,000. I had a few other consults earlier on and they asked me to lift my lip to the position I wanted using my fingers and most marked where the cupids bow would be lifted to. I didn't get any of these options, I feel totally ripped off and don't have the money to get it done again....

Revision in 8 days time. *happy face*

I received an email back apologising for the lack of results and was told that he would do a revision on the 25th which is fine as I was going in for a review anyway.

I'm really happy now that this is going to happen and my faith and confidence has been restored! I WILL HAVE A TOP LIP SOON!!!

Stitches out, healing well!

I took my stitches out on Tuesday which was one week after the procedure. They were starting to burrow under the skin and the skin was looking bunched up in certain areas. Today I shaved underneath the nose to make room for the new incision site.

Philtrum is measuring 19-20 mm so it's certain not enough skin was removed first time around.

Only 48 hours until my revision so hopefully it all goes the same as first time around just with more skin removed.

Full face from Friday night!

Forgot to put some full face photos up! This was Friday night 3 days after I took the sutures out and shaved my hair off!

Revision done today.

So it's been re-done again today, it hurts alot more this time! Instead of two stitches to hem the muscle like last time he used six this time around.

I can tell by comparing the two surgeries that this time it has been done better.

I wasn't charged anything which I was hoping for anyway.

Let's see how it goes this time. Two surgeries in 2 weeks!

Side by side

This is a side by side photo of the first lip lift vs the second. Obvious swelling in both as is to be expected but the philtrum length is clearly much shorter this time.

Healing well!

Philtrum is still measuring 15mm which is what I was after first time. Everything is how it should be, here is a before and after how it looks today.

More photos

Thought I'd put a before anything photo, after first lip lift and after second lip lift for a three way comparison and some more full face before photos, which I'd previously only had one or two of.

Quick bath selfie! Night 5 after revision

Everything is still going well, nothing to report! Lip is still high enough and seems to be staying where it should!! I took a quick photo while soaking in the tub tonight haha!!

First photo with a proper smile!

So for the first time ever when I smile you can see my teeth and a hint of gum, which before did not happen.Before I was getting only around 1/3 tooth show the rest was hidden by my lip. It measures spot on 15mm and I'm quite happy with the result after seeing some bad lip lifts on here where the person shows more gum than teeth and their mouth looks like a blow up doll from an adult shop (always open position ) Once my nose is done and my hair grows back I'll be very happy!
Dr Faizal Anwar

The girls at reception were lovely, and Dr Anwar was great. I was nervous after seeing mixed reviews but with anything it's hard to know if they expected too much or weren't that great to start with idk! I was given Panadeine Forte, Antibiotics and cream to take home on the day. Had a review the next day (today) one in 10 days and then in 30. I'm not sure if I pay for the last two I assume it's all inclusive. I maybe would of liked more skin off but its too early to tell 19 hours after the procedure. I would have liked to see the markings beforehand and maybe shown him where i wanted my lip to be but I got caught up in the moment and didnt ask. At the moment its just where i want it but if it drops as it heals (dont know if it does/will) it may be just under what i wanted.

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