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Hi all I just rescheduled my TT & liposuction with...

Hi all I just rescheduled my TT & liposuction with dr. Kolder in Camarillo ca from July 6 to June 8. I just couldn't wait any longer & found a gap in my work schedule for a month earlier :). I was beyond ecstatic!!!!

I have 4 adult children & my pregnancies weren't bad since I never gained much weight. But 2 C sections, a hysterectomy & hypothyroidism all contributed to my post children weight gain and lovely hanging "apron" tummy as I've learned it's called. I've never ever had a flat tummy & my daughter has the flattest tummy ever - must have inherited it from her father blah! So now that I'm 50 & kids are adults, I'm able to do all I want and it's me time so here I am finally....You all can relate!

I'll be posting before Pictures soon & especially when I get brave enough to post before pics!! Knowing it's going away soon & seeing everyone's before/after a pics and stories give me (and others) so much encouragement to face the image I just don't like. I feel excited and scared esp at the recovery part but I read on & find strength :)

No I'm not pregnant!!!!

Before my surgery I want to lose minimum of 10 pounds. The surgeon says I don't really need to but I want to be as close to my goal weight as possible. here are some before pics as I am..I'm 5'0 and ugh I can't say my weight right now. I have such a hard time with the number that only my dr and I know :(

16 days!!!! Flat side on 6-8-16 :D

I'm so excited and nervous that I have 16 more days until my surgery! I planned my surgery for June a few months ago thinking I'd lose
20 pounds. I've lost no weight! My PS Dr. Kolder advised that my current weight is ok to have the surgery. Also since my weight was stable that was ok too. I just wanted to have the best result possible. I have seen some great results with others on the site with the same weight and body type as mine so hopefully I'll be okay.

So now I'm nesting...trying to get my house in order and gathering up some supplies. I'm going to wait till my pre-op appointment on THursday before I make anymore purchases...for now it's just the basics plus what my mother had left over.
Shower chair
Blood pressure, pulse oxymeter, thermometer
Milk of magnesia
Sensitive skin paper tape, gauze
Antibacterial things
Glad stick on (to shower)
Etc etc

Things are really coming up quickly & I'm excited & scared and having anxiety all at the same time.

I'll post some "bare" before pictures very soon!

2 more weeks...a few more pics

???? Waiting for medical clearance.....

5 days before surgery & haven't been cleared yet!!! I'm getting so frustrated! What turned out to be routine is now getting to be a whole lot of appts & tests. I saw my primary for what ended up being bronchitis who then referred me to a cardiologist even tho my bronchitis is clearing up & ekg looks good...just to be safe.

Well so today I went to the cardiologist & he ordered a stress test to be safe & because I'm having elective surgery. This is all wonderful and I'm so glad everyone is on board to keep me safe. The cardiologist even thought I would be fine & all these tests were "overkill" for the sake of my health but again... Just to be safe. Wellllllllll........Clearance needed to be done by Monday & they could only squeeze me in for test on Tuesday.

So I don't know if I have to reschedule. My ps assistant will be calling me tomorrow to discuss so we'll see what happens!!!! Uuuuuuughhhhh!!!!

What to do???

Well still no release until my stress test on Tuesday but PS requires a medical release by Monday.

My dilemma:
1) do stress test Tuesday and post pone tummy tuck till August the only available time at work. Test would be covered by insurance.
Pros: gives me time to lose weight
Cons: it's AUGUST :(

2) do stress test Monday
Pros: can continue with TT Wednesday if I'm cleared
Cons: not covered by insurance - cost is $550

3) ask for medical release without stress test (which I have asked for but haven't heard back from dr)

My primary & cardiologist said I'm fine with the ekg results but so far neither will release me without stress test! WTH it's just bronchitis you say!!!! I don't have diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol ... I just have a BELLY!!!

I believe every thing happens for a reason so maybe I should except this and reschedule......BUT!!!!I was already mentally prepared & prepared in all schedules and necessities. Am I being selfish and impulsive and unrealistic? I'm so disappointed & yet I want to be realistic and safe of course.....uggggghhhhhhhh :/


Did the stress test today & passed with flying colors!!!! Woot woot I'm doing the cabbage patch & the running man I'm so excited! Pinch me pinch me!!!!
I was having so much anxiety last night that I couldn't sleep, now the stress test has cleared up my worries. Buh-bye muffin top!!! Lol ok I need a nap..I'm hysterically happy & relieved...

Happy tummy tuck eve!!!!

To everyone having TT or other surgery tomorrow, good luck and happy healing. :) Cheers ~ To the flat side!!!!!!!

On the flat side!!!

Home since 3:00 and feeling good :) meds are good!.The pain is prob about 3...and even less when I sit up hunched over.

So got there at 6am, surgery prob started around 7am & I woke up in recovery about 11-1130.

Oh yes! I'm happy!!!

So far so good. I was afraid to look at my stitches but my daughter said it looked amazing. Best part is my wrap is a size SMALL!

My 1st real look

Went to see ps today & got my first really good view :) I'm so very happy I did this even with all the pain & fear of the unknown!
I'm in disbelief that the belly is gone & I can actually see straight down without having to push the belly aside. I'm still freaked out at how tight my stomach is though & I hope this is normal? I also feel like I'm gonna wake up and the apron will be right where it was a few days ago!

So drains are still in for a bit until I am down to under 30 per drain (currently 95). But it is def clearing up & less bloody. My incision is looking good so far too! Absolutely no regrets at all :)

Repost pics

Better everyday!

Loving my results more each & every day! Dr kolder is so great - he made My incisions low and clean.

From size 12/14 to size 8

I was trying clothes from my closet that have been hanging for years and was actually soooo happy with the way I looked and that there was no having to suck in my tummy!! Many items still had tags on them & I probably bought for motivation but motivation went far out the window as my tummy grew and took me farther from size 8 and pushing towards size 14!

I'm 5 weeks post op and my jeans are pretty loose in the stomach. There are still outfits that are tight because of other areas of my body. I still have a goal to lose 10-15 pounds and am more motivated as I look at my flat flat flat tummy. Without my spare tire I am more proportioned and as with additional loss only emphasizes the change in my body which I'm ooooh soooooo happy about!

6 weeks post today

6 weeks has literally flown by! Other than a cold, I feel great. Thank god I didn't have this cold weeks ago or I would have lost my mind! So now I can start going to the gym & no longer have to wear a binder. Swelling has definitely gone down and numbness is 2/3 gone except for the center of my tummy and by incision line. My healing has been very smooth except for one spot at the end that opened up last week. It's taking a bit to heal but I'm watching it like a hawk & hope it's gone by my appt next week.

So happy with my results ~ 3.5 months post tummy tuck

I'm almost 4 months post tummy tuck and can't believe how time has flown. I'm soooo very happy with my results and only regret that I didn't or couldn't do this sooner.

My tummy is flat flat and I'm just oh so happy that it's flat flat hahaha! although I still haven't lost any weight other than what was carved and sucked out of me and just started working out 3 weeks ago, I'm starting to see more definition in my curves and of course feeling better. I have hypothyroidism and honestly a terrible sweet tooth and mainly haven't changed my eating habits much soooo yeah something to work on. No sense in going thru this pain and expense to ruin it with my eating habits. We'll see if it's entirely my thyroid that's causing me not to shed the weight.

Went swimming and I wore a 2 piece in public in front of people even, for the first time since I was 15 yrs old! Yeah I was happy that I got looks, no sneers like "oh look at her gut why is she wearing a 2 piece" kinda look.

I look back at early posts and amaze at how all my pre surgery anxiety and fear are light years away. Anyone thinking of having a tt or on their way soon..... have no fear!!! Honest you'll be so happy ... the pain and the fear are just a blip in the whole process.
Camarillo Plastic Surgeon

I am so glad I chose Dr Kolder to do my tummy tuck! He's an amazing surgeon and so far I am loving my results. The incision is low with clean lines and my tummy looks better and flatter each day. His staff is super friendly and personable and everyone in the office is genuinely nice. All of my questions and concerns were always taken seriously and addressed in a timely manner. Dr Kolder was easily accessible for questions even after hours. I called him on Father's Day for an urgent issue I thought and he was just so nice about it. I can't say enough how happy I am with dr kolder, the ladies in his office, and surgery center staff - they're awesome :)

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