Been 1 Year Since my LASIK Procedure - California, CA

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Since it's actually been around one year since I...

Since it's actually been around one year since I went through LASIK eye surgery, I thought about sharing my overall experience. I got prescription glasses for myopia when I was in 7th grade and always was not happy about it. I consulted my ophthalmologist many times in order to find any possible way to get rid of the geeky spectacles and she suggested that I'd go for either contacts or permanent lens. FYI contacts aren't really my thing.

A few years later I've come across the Laser eye surgery which was a new procedure but then there weren't many good reviews about it back then. When I contacted my doc, she asked me to wait until I turn at least 18 and my eye sight remains constant for a few months.

Anyway I finally got it done the moment I turned 18 even though my parents weren't fully supportive about it and neither my grandparents.

Firstly, I went through a couple of pre-op tests to make sure if it's suitable for my eyes like checking the thickness of cornea and all. The doc prescribed Moxicip to dilate the eye the day before the procedure.

And oh I opted for Blade free Zyoptix LASIK which tracks the eyeball moments, less prone to post surgery infection and is far more precise than those with blade. Though it costs like 5 times more, you don't take chances with your vision. So that's what I thought.

On the day of surgery

Well i was quite nervous and thought that I might pass out. The nurse called in my name and once i entered the LASIK theater, she gave me some anesthesia drops and called me in. Then there was the Intralase equipment for blade free procedure and a heart rate monitor. The equipment was similar to a huge blow dry thingy at hair salons but the only thing is that you are not supposed to move. The surgeon placed a clip kinda thing to avoid eye blinking and then the Intralase equipment comes closer and closer to the eye and you could feel its pressure on the eyeball. Well its quite hard to stay still so i started counting from 50 in the reverse order.

After that, I was asked to go to the operation theater. I dont know if its because of the nerves or cool temperature but I was literally shivering. Then there was the Zyoptix equipment and the surgeon said to focus on a particular red tiny spot light while he started the machine. I could smell the burning tissue but tried to not freak out. Then he cleaned the eye with swabs and repeated the same for the other eye. And that's it. It was over within like five minutes.

After coming out of the LASIK theater, the doctor suggested to close my eyes throughout the day and put on drops every hour.

After nearly 1 year

Well it's been nearly 1 year since I got it done and my vision is a perfect 20/20 in both eyes. Since I work in front of a computer every time, I experience dry eyes more frequently. My doctor has suggested me to use Optive eye drops very frequently for avoiding dry eyes. And although LASIK procedure might've affected my night vision, it is not severe and can be managed. The only negative side effect is that too much brightness tends to cause some discomfort but apart from that, I'm really enjoying my spectacle free life.
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