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I am not going to post pictures because I didn't...

I am not going to post pictures because I didn't take before and after. Just want to give my two cents for ladies here cause I got a lot help from this website. I studied this procedure very careless unlike I did for others, I jumped into this because everyone talked about it and knew it, all the clinics I know have this for years, so I thought well, if it's still there then nothing should go wrong, right? so I went to do the procedure with several friends. Well, I didn't read this board reviews until every thing was done. The procedure was rather very uncomfortable than painful. Why I said that because I have very high pain tolerance. When it did the deepest layer shots, I felt horribly uncomfortable. Other layers I don't felt much. I had numb cream on. After procedure it was little swollen like every one, little redness make you look prettier, temporarily. And that sting feeling, stayed one month long. I had about 900-1000 shots and I was silly enough tried to get more. It's good the nurse didn't give more cause it's expensive.

It was after the procedure I read the reviews here and thought oh no! I am doomed. I won't do it if I read before, I was never a lab rat :)). I was so scared and waited for my face changing for - worse, meanwhile search all the research regarding this procedure and fat growing. Conclusion: mixed. So no use. Then I tried to eat more to gain fat back before it melts. Anyway, after first stressed one month, thank to God?nothing happened. At three months, people say I am as pretty as a 30s, oh, I am 50 BTW and I was always look younger than my age, but this time I looked stunning good. Now it's 5 months. I felt great, can't say if it's the procedure or not because nothing dramatic. Some people say wait until 1 year mark. But, at my age, people should know every year things will getting worse and worse dramatically like riding down hills since 45 if you do or not do anything. It's the natural cause, nothing wrong with it. But any procedure should be taking with cautious. I feel for those unlucky girls, I hope there's solution for them, and hope scientist really study this procedure carefully. I have a little chupy face(I am not fat, slender side). Maybe that made some difference.

So far I like what I see in the mirror. But will I do it again in a year or two? Probably not, can't stand the uncomfortable( rather to be painful than this feeling). And the hurt make me feel it might really damage tissue. I can't take any risk to my body especially my face. I decide to do more exercise., eat heathy, occasional shots would be the maximum, and some shallow layer low temp laser maybe considered, until this face lift tech mature enough. Hope this help.
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