Getting Rid of my Little Secret - California - Feeling great...just waiting for my scar to fade

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I'm a 5'5" 110 lb mother of two teens...

I'm a 5'5" 110 lb mother of two teens. I have always been slim and my weight hasn't changed much since I was in high school, except for when I was pregnant. I got huge!! I gained 50 lbs with each pregnancy and both babies were over 9 lbs. Guess my skin wasn't so stretchy.

My belly looks yucky. See for yourself. Eww, right? I'm having this surgery for ME. Sure, I may look fine with clothes on, I just tuck my loose skin in my jeans, wear a long shirt, and nobody knows, but I do.. I'm tired of feeling embarrassed in a two piece swimsuit and I want something back that I haven't seen in almost 20 years - my belly button.

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm not feeling so scared right now. I hope all goes well :)

I made it!!! I'm finally feeling good enough to...

I made it!!! I'm finally feeling good enough to use my computer and write an update. The surgery went fine. I didn't need a vertical incision. My skin had to stretch a long way so I won't be standing up straight anytime soon. It was a very long day and the evening seemed to go on forever. I was SOOO thirsty and hungry when I got home. Luckily I didn't feel nauseated so I really downed a lot of liquids and ate anything my husband brought me. The bad thing is I had to pee like every hour and I was completely uncomfortable trying to sleep sitting up. I only got about three hours of sleep the first night. The next day I got up and walked through the house. Wow, was that a challenge! I was extremely hunched over and hanging on to my husband with every slow step. I spend most of the day on pain pills, watching tv, and resting. I got a good nights sleep and today I feel much better. The only pain I feel is in my back. All that hunching over is killing me. I am able to walk about the house unassisted today. My stomach has been gurgling and gassy. Don't know why. Oh, my big accomplishment for today was getting my hair washed :) It so needed it!!

One month post op today. I feel great and I'm so...

One month post op today. I feel great and I'm so happy I had it done!! I've been using a spanx type garment instead of my binder for about a week now. I love it!! Maybe it's just a coincidence, but a majority of my swelling went away once I switched. I also like that I can get into my jeans again. Ahhh the feeling of wearing normal non-stretch's wonderful! The binder was too bulky to fit inside my jeans. I only wear the spanx during the day. It feels nice to have a little support. At night I feel comfortable sleeping without anything.

I'm standing up straighter now, but I still have a ways to go. I can't arch my back so my butt is flat and I my upper body is still leaning forward. I can see that I'm progressing so I'm not too worried about it, but I must admit it's my biggest complaint. I was very flexible and active before my TT. I miss it. I could do cartwheels before and I plan on doing them again...hopefully by the summer...and while wearing a bikini, of course :D
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