Getting Ready Fot my Tt (Sle)

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I'm having surgery for a tt in a few weeks,...

I'm having surgery for a tt in a few weeks, I'm very scared bc I have Lupus. I've been reading all the comments of some of the docs on here..some do not sound very optimistic. I do trust my doctor a 100%..I made sure all my docs were aware of it, the all gave me their ok. I have been in remission for almost 2yrs now.

Posted some pics yesterday but I don't c...

posted some pics yesterday but I don't c them?? is another one : ) Btw, I'm 39yrs mother of one, had an emergency c-section 8yrs ago my doctor did a good job w/it, I'm hoping my PS can use the same scar for my TT, i like where he made the incision. I'm hoping I can wear this bikini after my TT : )

A couple more pics, can't wait to post the...

a couple more pics, can't wait to post the after pics!!! is THE DAY!!! Wish me luck, please keep... is THE DAY!!! Wish me luck, please keep me in your prayers. Will post updates as soon as I'm uable to ; )

Day #3 Doing well don't have any major pain,...

day #3 Doing well don't have any major pain, i'm draining a lot less than the 1st couple of days, i think i'm going to call my PS to c if he needs to take the drains out. Let me just say, I'm so happy and thank God everything has gone well for me. I'm hoping my recovery continues to go as smooth as my surgery. I had a great team of doctors and nuses during my procedure. I'll post pics as soon as i get my drains out, so you can see my super flat tummy. thing that did go wrong was a got sick yesterday, but that was my fault for not eating before I took my meds, I was not fun at all it hurt really...really..really BAD..sooo don't make the same mistake make you EAT BEfore u take your meds especially vicodin. Ok that's all for now, if you ladies have any ?'s please le me know..nd..if for some reason some of this does not make sense..sorry it's the vicodin taking for

Hello everyone, today is day #5 post-op. Well.....

Hello everyone, today is day #5 post-op. Well...I'm happy to repost that i got my drains out yesterday, when they wer taken them out it felt like a little pinch on each side. The nurse put neosporin on each side and put some pads over them, I did leak a little but not much after they were taken out. Today I was also able to take my 1sr felt soooo good : ) I feel much better now, the only thing that's kind of annoying is the makes me itch. I'm also able to stand up all the way, it does hurt when I do it...but I'm happy that I'm able to do it. Just FYI, I'm sooo happy everything is goig well with my recovery, God is definitely looking out for me, I'm also glad I split the procedures, I'm waiting to get better to get my ba... In my opinion, your mentality also has alot to do on how fast ur going to bounce from this procedure, so always think possitive thoughts...good luck to those who are thinking of doing a tt : )

After pics

after pics

7days post op

7days post op

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will let you know after surgery

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