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I am 32 years old, 125 pounds (was 165 last year)...

I am 32 years old, 125 pounds (was 165 last year) and a mother of three kids. Ages 12, 11 and 2. All via c-sections too! So.....yes I do have A LOT of hanging skin around my stomach. My belly button has been destroyed! My stomach looks like a deflated balloon ....with stretch marks!! It's FUGLY! I have been wanting a tummy tucks for years but was too scared to even go in for a consultation. I am still very scared but I am too young to have this stomach forever. I don't want to have this extra skin anymore =( I workout at the gym very about 5 times a week. However, my stomach will not go away =( I don't feel pretty or sexy anymore and I want to feel sexy again just like I did before I had kids. I have very small boobs. I am a 36 B. I never in my life imagined that small boobs could ever sag....and BOY WAS I WRONG! Yup, little tiny boobs can sag!! (AFter nursing 3 kids) At least mine do lol. So, I am also getting my boobies done! I want porn star boobs!!...No, I am just kidding. I just want nice firm boobs. Same size...not one bigger than the other lol. I want a full C or small D. I have my first consultation appointment May 16, 2012. I booked the appointment 1 1/2 months ago!! This doctor is that good that he is really busy.....I hope =) I don't know what he will say or what I will end up doing but one thing is for sure...I am getting my mommy makeover. I need it! For me, for me and my husband as well. I want him to be a happy camper too =) I am scared like everyone else, especially since it will be my first surgery ever that I will be completely knocked out! yikes! but I have to trust God and know that I will be happy after all this is done =) I will keep adding info as I move forward.....I love this site =)

Okay, so I have checked out 3 different doctors. I...

Okay, so I have checked out 3 different doctors. I still haven't found the one. The first surgeon I was in love with but he charged me 19,500!!! That was way too much for me! Second and third charged me 15,500. That was not too bad but wow I never thought it would cost me that much. I think I need to start saving a lot more to pay for all this! I still want my surgery by the end of the year so I am hoping I can at least get my tummy tuck. I have no problem waiting a year or so to then going again and getting my boobies. For now, I will keep searching till I find the perfect surgeon for me =)
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