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I am 5'8" and about 150 lbs, I don't weight myself...

I am 5'8" and about 150 lbs, I don't weight myself much. I am 36 years old. I am a fitness instructor and I can NOT get rid of my tummy! I work out in all different ways and nothing takes down my tummy. I am a mom of two boys, youngest being 7 and a step mom to two boys, 4 boys all together. I eat very healthy and have a glass of wine maybe 5 - 6 times a month. My mom works out with me most of the time and she too has a tummy, just a little larger. Hereditary!

I am nervous because I know my tummy isn't that bad but it is something that makes me self conscious. I wonder if I should just knock it off and love me just the way God made me, but then God made surgeons talented enough to get this kind of stuff done and it bugs me bad and I'm done whining about it...... soooo here we go with a little sculpting!

Getting nervous. I naturally hold my stomach in...

Getting nervous. I naturally hold my stomach in all the time and then I think if I really need to have this done. Then I get naked in front of the mirror and start laughing.... DUH! Do it! So I just moved my appt. up to December 13th because I don't want to be down for Christmas at all! I am buying my boys motorcycles for Christmas and I know they are going to want to ride them and I want to be somewhat healed to help them so I am going in a week earlier! I can't wait! My results may not be dramatic because I don't have alot to take away but I hope to just take that "pudge" out of my front! Whoop whoop!

I am sooooooo nervous! I don't want to mess up my...

I am sooooooo nervous! I don't want to mess up my belly! I have seen some botched up jobs and begin to worry! I know my doctor is good but everyone's body is different. I want next Thursday to just get here so I can get it over with. I also want to be up and running quick! I don't sit well! I want to not have to take down time. I am having my fitness classes covered for 3 weeks during the holidays and I will miss it! Lets get this over with!

Soooooo bummed!!!!! The day before my procedure...

Soooooo bummed!!!!! The day before my procedure the my Dr.'s office called and had to cancel my appt. and can't see me until January 21st. REALLY??? I had to arrange to have all my fitness classes covered for 3 weeks, this is a big bummer!!!!! I'm going to see if they can get me in sooner. Wish me luck!

Okay well my appt was cancelled due to someone...

Okay well my appt was cancelled due to someone needing Melanoma removed so that make me feel better! We are rescheduled for December 31st! My hubby and I will be ringing in the New Year with movies on the couch! My boys will be with their dad that whole week so that will be a good time to recover without having to oh and ah in front of them! I am super nervous about the scars because I have olive skin and scar really easy! Hopefully they are small and not very noticeable. We will see! So nervous, can't stay off here and look at results! Hoping I'm not ruining my body! We decided to do tummy and flanks. Wish me luck!

Well my procedure went really well! The numbing...

Well my procedure went really well! The numbing part is the WORST! I have a high tolerance for pain and this made me crige ... You feel the tube/needle thing pushing through your guts (fat) and it HURTS! The numbing is the worst! My doctor was supper nice and gentle and kept apologizing that it hurt.... LOL.... That was my back because we decided to do flanks. So flip and flop time for tummy..... Ram jam sleepy juice for my tummy! That hurt but not as bad! Then wait to be numb..... Flip me back to my tummy to start on flanks .... Weird sensation that you know this rod is stabbing through your body and you can feel the pressure but it is just awkward, I turned on my iPod to take my mind if the actual procedure and it worked great! Two hours and boom we r done! If I had any painful parts my doctor stopped immediately and locally numbed those areas! Back to work! My doctor is so fun and kind and we had a blast talking and taking care of business! I then went to Costco to get a pain med prescription and also shopped, a little slow because of the Meds, but no pain. I am back home sitting and going to a friends house to sit in our pjs and watch movies for the new year!

Day 1 It has been 30 hours later and I haven't...

Day 1
It has been 30 hours later and I haven't taken meds for about 16 hours. The meds my doctor gave me make me very itchy so I decided if I am too painful I will have some Ibprofen! So far I have been good. Low key day and I am for sure sore but feel fantastic for what my body just went through. I am more tender to the touch than anything and once I get comfortable I don't want to move because moving is what is more uncomfortable. But that is the extent of my feeling is uncomfortable. I went ahead and put on my spanx under my garment because my garment seems to be looser than I would think it should be. I didn't have any draining but swelling has gone down.

I am off to work tomorrow. My desk job, should be okay, we will see!
Nite Nite

Day 3 Okay so today is day 3 and I am pleasantly...

Day 3
Okay so today is day 3 and I am pleasantly surprised with my outcome thus far. I don't have too much swelling but I have been very faithful to my compression garment and wearing spanx with it. I am not nearly as sore today as I was yesterday. I ended up with a HUGE migraine last night and as of 2:45pm it seems to have left me finally. I took one of my pain meds to take out my headache, those pain meds are crazy strong, I was a bit of a airhead for my first 4 hours of work and had to go to my car and take a 10 minute power nap. LOL!

I went on a one mile walk yesterday and that took the color out of my face but came back quickly. Today I am going to go on a two mile walk with my mom and get my endurance up because I really need to be ready to teach fitness classes next week.

Thus far my experience has been amazing! Little pain, lots of gain, little swelling to what I was expecting. I truly believe my doctor's amazingness has alot to do with how well I am healing.

One thing I love about my doctor is his consideration for insertion of the instrument, he put only two holes on my front and made them low by my bikini line and then one on my back side for flanks in an old scar. I have seen people with numerous holes in front and back and my doctor was very considerate to this not being the case for me! HE ROCKS!

Day 12 I feel amazing! I have been teaching my...

Day 12
I feel amazing! I have been teaching my fitness classes this week with no pain and little to no swelling! If I am swollen then I can't imagine how awesome unswelling would be! My entry marks are healing up quite nicely and I don't have lumps or bruising anymore! I am amazed at how well and how quick my healing process has been! I said that to my husband last night and he said, "you said that the last surgery you had with him, he's an amazing surgeon!" I agree! Having a surgeon is key! I am still wearing my compression garment, well trading between the garment he gave me and spanx. He says I have to wear it for another week or two. I will pick two weeks! I will post pictures soon! My follow up appointment is March 4th!

Oh one more thing..... itchy!!!!!!!! That is a...

Oh one more thing..... itchy!!!!!!!! That is a sign of great healing but geez'o peez'o my back is the worst for itchiness! I feel like rubbing up against a tree all day! LOL! Still a little numbness, waiting for nerves to all reconnect again fully. Itching and numbness is a weird thing!

Day 18 .... Hands down best money spent! I love my...

Day 18 .... Hands down best money spent! I love my tummy in my workout clothes!

I am completely back to all my fitness regimens! Still wearing my garment of spanx altering with the garment my doctor sent me home with.

I feel great! Still tiny bits of numbness sometimes when I have an itch but for the most part I just can't wait to be done with the garment and just getting dressed!

Updating pix today.

6 weeks out..... So I absolutely love that I did...

6 weeks out..... So I absolutely love that I did this! Huge difference in so many ways! Really thankful I did my flanks as well!

I taught my fitness class without my compression for the first time a few days ago, hoping not to be too swollen or sore. I got light headed at one point but could have been how hard I was working. I didn't get more swollen and I am not sore (lipo sore). Yah! I'm tired of the compression and my doctor said after 3 weeks I can go without as long as I am feeling okay physically!

Love my results! I have a follow up on March 4th... Can't wait to compare before and after from Dr!

6 months and TOTALLY HAPPY

I absolutely love my results! Now I have to say, I went wheat free as of March 1st for fun and have decided to stick with it! It has made a huge difference in my energy levels and being BLOATED! My tummy and flank area are amazing! I do work out 5 days a week, ie a gym class, not crazy workouts but I do make sure I work out 5 days a week. I would do this again in a heartbeat! That was my only trouble zone and its GONE!!!! Whoooohoooo! Hope everyone is well and I welcome questions!
Redding Plastic Surgeon

He was my doctor previously and he AMAZING!!!!! He comes very highly recommended by me and so many others in our community!

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