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I got the tattoo on my last birthday as a gift to...

I got the tattoo on my last birthday as a gift to myself (total backfire). I loved it for about a week.. I'm very finicky, which held me back for years from getting one in the first place. The tattoo is actually well-executed, it's a moderate size thin black-outlined red rose with dark green leaves and 2 vines- and is located on my left ribcage.

I've gone to 2 different doctors for consultations. The first one was a bust (anyone who tells you don't worry about it and they can make it disappear.. is lying).. he test-spotted a small single leaf in my tattoo using an Er:Yag first and Ruby secondly, in the end scarred the small site. The second doctor is actually extremely reputable, being one of the top dermatologists in the US.. he used the Revlite and AlexTrivantage and test-spotted a full red petal in my tattoo and 2 small leaves using the appropriate lasers. The green test spot has faded mildly, and the red petal has faded moderately.

I recently (yesterday) went to a state-of-the-art research facility at a highly recognized dermatologist's office for my third consultation and personal entry into their upcoming clinical trial. The condition that I be accepted was that the tattoo be symmetrical (yay). They will be treating the entire tattoo four times (R20 Method), however they will be applying a new ointment to one side of the tattoo inbetween passes that is supposed to decrease the amount of time needed to wait between passes. In the end, I will have four treatments at once.. and, as a gift from the facility, I will be given 2 free treatments after 2 follow-ups spaced one month and two months. The EXCITING thing is.. they will be treating me with the NEW Picosure laser (picosecond 755 alexandrite laser), which has been shown to clear green/blue ink close to 100% in one session! (And not to be released until early 2013). The trial starts in the next 2 weeks, where they will take pictures and follow my progress. Another great thing is, the medical director will ALSO treat the site with a laser for any leftover scarring, pigmentary/textural changes after my removal is complete.. which I'm told and hoping that it will only take a short couple visits, lessening the likelihood of scarring.

I will be sure to post pics before, after, and during the following weeks! :)

I have to apologize, I haven't updated my...

I have to apologize, I haven't updated my progress! I had my first treatment on 01/18, when they divided my tattoo into 2 equal halves. On one side, conventional treatment using the Picosure (used on green and black) and 532nm (used on red) and the other R20 Method with same protocol. The fading of the green ink was immediate and substantial, >75% clearance! The red has shown significant fading, lots of skin showing! (It's weird, because the side that was treated conventionally has shown the most fading). I have since gone for my 2nd treatment yesterday 02/27 (at 5 1/2wks), where they followed the same protocols. It felt twice as painful the immediate 1-2 hours following, compared to my first visit. The pain subsided at that time, and has since become very red and mildly tender.. I have a rather high threshold for pain, so I can't really notice any pain unless I rest my arm down or touch the site. When I was speaking with my doctor yesterday during my visit, he said that I'm kind of going against the golden rule 'the older the tattoo, the easier the removal' (it's only 1 1/2yrs old) and he's really astounded by my progress after only one visit. So that makes me really happy! Changed the bandage this morning, gently cleansing it with foaming soap and water. After patting it and letting it air-dry completely, I generously applied Aquaphor and re-bandaged with non-stick gauze pads and paper tape (more gentle on skin). I do this twice, daily. Keep the area as moist as possible, is the best advice I can give.. and when it begins to peel, DO NOT pick it unless you want scarring. This trial includes 9 free treatments.. 2 treatments down, 7 (or maybe less) to go! :)

Had my 3rd Tx today! Seeing the Post/Pre Tx...

Had my 3rd Tx today! Seeing the Post/Pre Tx Pictures that they take before I go in was really wonderful! My Dr is amazed each time I come in, which is really great to hear! Same routine as the last 2 Tx's. Had an awful ride home afterwards, so glad I had my boyfriend drive me! I am VERY tender presently, took my Tylenol and have a nice cold pack on! To update with the fading, there is a ton of normal skin showing between the red ink, black outline is fading nicely, and about 1/2 the green (accounting for both sides) is completely gone :)

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