Smart Lipo Progress Report - Valencia, CA

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I am trying to be completely honest in my postings...

I am trying to be completely honest in my postings and am not going to gloss over any of my recovery.

I am now in my fourth week post procedure. I am a 49-year old woman. I had my abs, flanks and bra strap area done on May 3, 2011.

Still no 'real' weight loss to report. I've dropped 2-3 lbs. so far. I have noticed that my waist, abs and hip measurements have reduced slightly - no more than an inch.

My ab area is still tender, mostly around my navel. Last weekend I thought I would go out of my mind because my lower ab area itched so badly! I applied lotion and some cortisone cream. I also applied ice just in the hopes that it would numb the area. That seemed to help and the itching has subsided.

The edema (lumpiness) on my abs is contracting somewhat. The area is roughly 6-8 inches in diameter vs. 8-10 inches which it was a week or so ago. It still bothers me that it's there at all though. I feel as though I look 4-5 months pregnant. I truly expected faster results. I regret that I didn't check out blog sites prior to my surgery so I would have a more realistic view of how post surgery progress would go.

My hip area on both sides is still fairly numb and feels just plain 'creepy'. Whenever I try to scratch an itch or even just rub the area to put on lotion, the sensation is most unpleasant. I am hoping too that any nerve damage was temporary and I will return to normal soon.

My bra strap area seems completely unchanged -and for the extra $2,000 for that area, I can't say at the moment that I got my money's worth.

Jeans still do not fit well yet, and frankly, my panties want to roll down because of the edema - so that's a pain. Thank goodness leggings are in right now, or I'd be out of luck.

I intended to get back to the gym this week, but I got sick, so next week I will do it and I'm really looking forward to that. I've read that some people were back to the gym the next day or a few days later. There is NO WAY I could have done that.

At this point - 4 weeks in - I would say that I have seen very little change, I am in chronic discomfort and I'm frustrated. But I do know that I will see some changes in the next couple of weeks - I just need to hang in there. So as I continue to post, I imagine that my reviews and grades will improve.

I hope this helps someone. I'll post again next week.

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My doctor was very professional and attempted to explain all the steps to me. The procedure was done right in his office which was very convenient. His assistant was especially great and explained even a bit better from her own perspective because she had her flanks done by the doctor.

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