!410 Sientra Mod Plus 5th generation, Crease Incision with Dr. Ken Sumida - California

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Well Hello there World! I have been STALKING this...

Well Hello there World!
I have been STALKING this site over the past year, but i actually found this site a few years ago when i began my BA research.

Full Natural Looking Breast, Natural Slope, Tear Drop Shape, Natural Sag & Cleavage
Not too Big, Im shooting for a Full C cup. I just want breast that will fit my body, im NOT shooting for EXTREMES lol. & I do realize that the surgeon will have a limited canvas to convey his art, since im sooo tiny, soo I also want to do what i can to avoid any complications due to me putting more stress on my body, than necessary!

Soooo Heres my Info:
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 105-110lbs
Bra Size: 32B
- 32 Chest
- 24/25" Waist
- 33 Hips

I am VERY petite and tiny, kinda like the size of the typical 6th grader (idk whats typical any more because elementary school children seem to be bigger than they were when i was that age!) lol, BUT i AM the SAME size that i was in 6/7th grade only difference is that in 7th grade i weighed 113! When i was like 15, the Doctor told me i had Flat-Lined ________________ So now, I still have the Same body that i did when i was 12! How horrible? Dont get me wrong, I have a very nice Gymnast type physique but very small breast, I feel like my Back is Extremely wide (Anyone else understand this feeling?) All throughout High School Getting Ready for Homecoming & Proms was the worst!! thats when i experienced the most insecurities. Filling Out (well IN) those strapless dresses was a difficult task. I bought silicone bra inserts, & extra padded bras just to make the dresses fit properly in the breast area.

I just want to feel more womanly, & fit clothes better!

Last year (December 2012) I had a BA Consultation with Dr. Scott Green (Veryyyyyyy nice man) after i had fell inlove with his BA results (Most I saw on his site, i did find a few on here as well) but what really solidified my decision were my aunts Results after her BA back in Feb 2012 (10months prior to my consultation) though I was ALREADY interested in Dr. Green BEFORE she told anyone that she was having a BA.
So at my consultation I discussed my wants, needs & desires & we discussed what would be best for me. Dr. Green reccommended that i do not go above 250cc-350cc (350 is on the upper level of the scale) because my breast are very high on my chest & i wanted to avoid that Bubble at the top of the Breast slope, soo If i went any bigger chances are that i would have that bubble & i DID NOT want that! Once we began discussing Silicone or Saline thats when the problems arose. I am only a candidtate for Saline (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) soooo after that consultation I decided that i should wait.

Fast Forward to April 2013, My older cousin knew a woman who was headed to the Dominican Republic for a BBL unfortunately I do not have any updates on that so Im not sure if she ever got the surgery or how her experience went... But i will ask around to get a first hand account. But that info made me start back up on my STALKpage (Not Rampage) lmao! Soooo since april i have spent quite a bit of time on Here!

NOW, I have decided that i want my Silicone implants. Since its fairly unlikely that i will be able to get them here, Im looking at alternate options such as the DR or MAYBE Mexico?? If anyone has experience with Cosmetic Surgery in either place pleeeeeeeease help!

ALSO, if you have a similar body build pleasseeeeeeeeeee let me know how everything has been for you!

Okay soooo Im going to stop rambling for now! & wait until i get a few responses.

TATAs for now. (Get it?) Lol

News to Lighten the Mood...?

Sooo Im currently Facetiming my Friend Genesis (We met on the internet when I was 12, she was 13 & we were inloveee with this group called B5) Lol. I know it wasnt too safe to meet someone, but whatever we've been friends for years & i even met her last year for her 21st Bday, sooooo its all good! But i digress. Lol So shes also apart of the itty bitty titty committee, and shes sooo encouraging! I love her! She's Venezuelan & Colombian (originally born in venezuela) and she is telling me how Plastic surgery is VERY common in the spanish speaking countries. (That information instantly makes me feel a little more comfortable)
Now Here i am back on this website, looking up great doctors in the DR.
Oh yeaah, earlier today i was looking up the sizes doctors recommend for small frames (didnt find much) they all say that it just depends on your measurements... Which makes sense to me. Lol
Well Im gonna go look up some BA reviews & probably post some pics.

Okay! So here are the Befores.

Dra. Fatima Almonte in the DR

Okay so the day i started this review, I emailed Dra. Almonte in the DR. I came across her thru this site, and compared to the others from the DR her BA Results were my fave. So far she has promptly responsed to my emails, & Given me a quote.
She reccommended 325-375cc to obtain approx. a FULL C cup, she also told me to i should look into LIPOSCULPTURE. I personally didnt think i had enough fat so that kind of shocked me.
But anyways, Has anyone had surgery with DR. ALMONTE? How was your experience?
Oh yeah, I think ill post a few wish Pics.
p.s HOW DO I GET MORE VIEWS on here?

Wish pics.

Okay soo here are some wish pics.

Research Research & More Reserach

So after quite a bit of research Im feeling much more comfortable with the idea of traveling abroad for surgery!! Dr. ALmonte & her assistant Leslie & their quick response have also put me at ease.
I think the final thing that made me say, Okay! I should go ahead & get it would be my new RS Friend Im_So_ill , she too has gone to the DR & had surgery with Dr. Almonte. She got the BBL about a week ago, so her experience is very current.

Well now, All that left to do Is pick a date & secure a deposit. I want to go before the year is up, But i think i should wait until I complete my 6month probation at work. I think that will be over around Feb or March 2014. I wanted the BA before my bday (June 22) but i wanted them at least be 3months old, by then.

Ahhhh, what to do? what to do?

Itty Bitty!

Here are some currents from today. My boobs are small & cute, but they do not fill out anything properly. I haaaaate it! I need boobs!!

The others didn't post!

Long time no post!

Okay sooo since my last post I've bought a Car, & got my own apartment. Sooooo now that kind of offset my plans. None the less, I still am determined to get my BA.
All the while I've Been in Contact with Dra. Almonte and Lesley. They are very prompt with responses and are more than happy to ease my nerves.
Ohh yeah, I think I may have experienced a slight grow spurt over the last few weeks, I also went to VS to spoil my little boobies lol. I'll post a few pics, just to help you see my before body

Hello Ladies, Well Heres An UPDATE

Its been a few months since Ive been in contact with Dra. Almonte, which is fine. She was helpful, But after telling more family & friends about ideas, they all kind of conviced me to stick to a certified surgeon in the states. Their input did play a role in my deciosion, but not so much. Sooo I still want my BA, But Now Im looking for surgeons in California.
Ladies, Pleaaaaase help! If you reccommend any Great CALIFORNIA Plastic surgeons that you or a loved one has personal experience with, pleaseeee let me know!!
Oh yeahh, I will keep you guys updated. I plan on scheduling a few consults over the next few months.

2 Consultations Coming in APRIL !

Hello Ladies! I know i've been MIA, but I have some very exciting news!!
So I have 2 Consultations within the next week, the first Friday April 4, with Dr. Kenneth Sumida in Folsom. He was reccommended by a Friend of the family, and her friends. The consultation is free :) tho I've never spoke with him, I look forward to meeting him and finding out what he suggests!
Wednesday April 9, I have a consultation with Dr. Christa Clark in Folsom as well, Ive been interested in her for years, & I was given her email from (Sunrise8826 ) ... Whose results look AMAZING thanks to Dr. Clark. I began my virtual consultation via email, & I was so happy with the outcome. Myself & the doctor hit it of instantly (via email) she suggested the things I already figured wkould be my options. She says no more than 350cc, she prefers Silicon ( I do as well!!!) and she suggests a More Tapered Implant. Im assuming thats like the "Gummy Bears" ?? But yes!! I cannot wait to speak with these Skilled Surgeons. I have wish pics & surgery goals, but do you ladies have specific suggestions about my upcoming consultS?? Anyspecific clothing suggested ?? Im sooo excited. I cannot say that enough. I know that both surgeons tend to schedule surgery 2-3wks after Consult , once deposit is made, So Im hoping for a Late April, or First week of MAY SX.
I may not have mentioned, But my birthday is June 22 so I would Love to be at Least 7-8wks Post op around then... & To celebrate, I will actually be spending June 26-30 in Los Angeles, attending the BET AWARDS & Bet Experience!!! I have sooo many things to look forward to! I will have more of an update after or closer to my consults!

Perfect Consultation!

Soooo today I met with Dr. Kenneth Sumida & He was amazing!!!! The vibe I got from the staff and the doctor was the greatest. I felt so comfortable & welcomed! The doctor had the greatest personality, So welcoming & warm. I tried on Sizers and played around with the boobs. We talked about the good & the bad. I think Im inlove with 380cc's ! Thats bigger than I imagined, buuuut I fell inlove with those. The Gummy Bears by Sientra feel soo Amazing. At the appointment, I compared Implant feel, to my moms natural breast. The implants of course are slightly firmer, but they are still really squishy! Soooo Im scheduling Surgery for Saturday April 26, 2014!! OMG!! This cant be real??
I was supposed to meet with doctor Christa Clark Wednesday April 9, but I Honestly feel that Ive found my Surgeon. Idk how to explain the feeling, But I just feel like he's destined to do my surgeon!
So I felt the 300cc's were wayyy too tiny! the 350's were okay, but i didnt feel they were big enough. Once he showed me the 380's I felt they were perfect. he said considering I wasnt scared of them, Eventually I would probably want to go Bigger, but I felt the 450's were waaaaay too much. Dr. Sumida said the goal was for me to be afraid of the implant lol! Well I love them!! I plan on making my deposit Monday April 6-7th, My Pre-op should Be Next Wednesday April 9th! Im sooo excited!!

Heres some Pics from today!

More pics from my consult with Dr. Kenneth Sumida in Folsom, Ca

These pictures make me sooo excited I'm sooo looking forward to this !

I just love these 380cc Mod Profiles !!

Here's some additional info

I forgot to mention, my incision placement will Be in the breast crease. Doctor says you won't be able to see the scaring & that they should heal beautifully. Moderate profile 380cc , below muscle placement. During my consult, doctor pointed out that my belly button was off center (I've always wondered about that) he says it's because I have mild scoliosis and my right side is bigger, my right leg is longer. He will be lowering the Breast fold because of this, to even out my breast. Luckily he says my nipples are still fairly even! Which is a good thing!
He says my incisions will be no more than 4cm. He says I have very beautiful boobs now so my results will be amazing! I'm so excited!!
After surgery I'll be staying with my mom for a week or 2, so I gotta make sure my apartment is spotless before I'm gone!
I love the support I'm receiving from my mother and Nana (grandma). I haven't toldy dad yet! Idk how he's gonna feel. He usually agrees with me and I can't do any wrong, but as long as I've been considering this surgery, for some reason I've always been too scared to ask my dad his opinion.
My friends that do know, support me. But other than that I really have not asked for others opinions because I prefer to keep a positive outlook, and people cN be so negative! But I personally don't care how anyone feels either way. Lol

Wish Pics!!

Should I Upload a Video?

So I have a video that was taken at my consultation, of me wearing the implants. I wanna upload it because I feel people would appreciate it, but I'm nervous for safety reasons because It has my face in it. What do you ladies think?

Pre-Op in 1 day & a Half!!!

Wednesday April 9th, 2014 is my pre-op & I'll pay my deposit! I'm on the Books for surgery Saturday April 26th, 2014 at 1:30pm... I'm soo excited! It almost doesn't feel real. Am I REALLY 18 days away from surgery??
I've always PLANNED on getting a Breast Augmentation, but I really thought I was gonna be doomed to waiting!... 2 more summers? I I couldn't do it! I'm So greatful!!
I started my NEW search back in feb, and I had 2 consults scheduled for this month.. Unfortunately I cancelled on Dr. CLARK for my consult on Wednesday the 9th, for a Pre-Op. whoot whoot!! I just fell in love with my doctor.
Today I let my Supervisor know what was going on, & that I was requesting 10 Days Off. Considering my surgery is a Saturday, I'll only be missing 2 days. Wednesday is my usual day off. And Thursdays the last day of the month. Fridays a new pay period, I'm off on weekends, then only miss 2 more days In a new month, & then I'm back Thursday! My daily shift is 10hour in an office... Uuuh. Hope my back doesn't hurt sitting all day! Lol.
Oh yeah, my supervisor told me her twin sister got her boobs done & she was in a lot of pain, but if course she was usually a big baby.. ???? lol. I have a huge pain tolerance, & honestly that's the least of my worries. I'm more so concerned with final results, not dieing during anesthesia, & capsular contracture. As well as bad scarring! Haha, I could careless about the pain. That's only temporary!
Can't wait to try on more sizers!!
Should I post a video!???
Oh yeah, & I'm writing my Necessities List. I have Pineapple, Fruit Cups, Gatorade, & Jello, bendy straws, sports bras, pillow with arm rest, & of course my medication. Any other suggestions???


So today's my Pre-Op & make my deposit!
Since at first I was comfortable , but Now I'm already getting BOOB GREED, I'm so excited to try on more Sizers, & I'll take LOTS of comparison pictures. I'm thinking the old saying is true, BIGGER IS BETTER Ahhaha.
Soo I'll let you ladies know how this goes!

Haha! Typo

SINCE I WAS COMFORTABLE WITH 380cc Moderate , I know I'm happy with Moderate profiles, but I want to try on 400s, maybe 410s.

Pre-Op went great!

Made my deposit!!
Soo I've decided on 410cc Sientras ! I feel with that much volume, moderate profile, & a petite frame, I should be happy! Lol
Moms a little upset about me Finalizig bigger, We both agreed on the 380s together but she wasn't there today. Lol she will get over it.
Im sooo excited!!
So I'm gonna post comparison pics! Tell me whatcha think!
Oh yeah we went over all the pre-op instructions as well. I was fairly content, but I did worry about stretch marks since I was going bigger in size. Doctor told me to use Vaseline or Coconut Oil (that was my suggestion) he said it was great! So I guess as long as I have the okay to start oiling right after surgery, that worry is gone!
Also he doesn't use any binders (no straps or any other constraints) he suggests bare boob lol.
I do think it's amazing how different doctors have different theories for healing!
Uuuh I think that's it for now. Lol

I Guess its Never easy?

They never said this Journey in my life would be easy...
It definately has been hard over the past week. Money issues?? Uggghhh. How Horrible??
Im praying everything works out the way its supposed to, in time!
Idk what Im going to do?? I'll be sooo depressed! Soooo Im hoping everything goes fine! I will keep you ladies updated.
In other News,
I d k if I may have gone too big!?? At times Im soo excited! but then i think OMG youre too small, the 380 Moderate Sientra was fine!! But then again, I hear " GO BIG !! " sooo idk.
Surgery Date: 04/26/2014
Incision: Crease w/ (R) Fold Lower
Placement: SubPectoral
Implant: Sientra
Profile: Moderate Plus
Size: 410cc

OMG!!!! 7 Days !!!!!

Sooo Today is Saturday April 19th, Im scheduled for April 26th!!! 7days.... 1 week!!!!
OMG!! Its real!
Great News!!!
Everything worked out, I make my final payment on Monday 4/21!!!!!
Im a little late on labs!, All Last week I was sooo stressed about Money, the labs slipped my mind, I had them ordered thru my doctor Office, so thats all Good. I'll have them done on Monday as well! Other than that.... im good to Go!!
I cannot ABSOLUTELY Cannot Believe this is actually happening!!
My Dream is coming true!! OMG!!

Im sooo excited!! Thanks for the support ladies.
Oh Yeah in other News, I'm feeling content with my 410's . Looking at reviews of 350's & 380's I Just feel that Im going for MORE BREAST Volume!
Ive been researching about Cohesive Gel Silicone & found an interesting page about sientra.
Im noticing that the round Sientras give a very nice result ! im soooo excited!

Im sure ill be posting everyday up until Surgery Day!!
OMG!! Im excited!

2 days away!

Uuuh soo I've been soo depressed! This money thing is ridiculous!!
I'm so close yet so far! I'm having an issue with the last $1600 ! Due tomorrow! I really think im gonna have to postpone for a week! I don't want to!!
I'm sooo excited! And it doesn't feel real! Probably because it's not yet... Uuuh.
I just don't know what I'm gonna do..... I guess post poning a week isn't too bad, but then again it is!!
I'm sad...
Anyways I'll post a few more pictures!

Post-Poned until May 1st! :(

Uggh! I'm sad and depressed , the whole money thing worked out horribly, from the beginning....
Surgery just happend soo fast, there wasn't any planning, other than knowing I wanted breast!
I didn't expect to fall Inlove with the first doctor I met... I didn't expect him to have an opening 3wks later... my money wasn't ready!
I had a lot of planning to do in a little bit of time...
So next Thursday it is.... I make my final payment, Monday... I couldn't make it before the office closed today. I was really sad...
I cried honestly.
I got angry as well, when I had to say the word "Thursday" ... I may have over reacted and punched my steering wheel.. Lol that's not good, but HEY, this Journey makes you emotional, not to mention, I started my monthly friend last week. Since I have the Mirena, I think it makes me a little overly hormonal sometimes...
Well I'm okay now, I think Thursday gives me a little more time to Mentally prepare.
For some reason, that date feels more realistic... It feels like my date?
From the first day I was told y surgery date, It never felt official. Maybe because my money was up in the air? Or maybe because it was so soon? Whatever the reason, I think this time around, I'm ready, & I feel like it's really going to happen this up coming Thursday.
My nana helped me with my last 360$ I'm So greatful!
I thank my Surgeon and His Office as well! They have been great!! I really do appreciate the assistance they have given me throughout this process!!
I'm excited!!! Really this time.

Oh yeah, I think my boobs have grown slightly?... And I see very light stretch marks? Before I had a few on both breast, but they were hardly noticeable on my right, and slightly more visible on the left. But now there seems to be a lot more on both breast!??

New Before Boob pics!

Soo here are these new stretch marks I'm questioning!?

Balance Paid In Full!!!

Oh my goodness Ladies!
It's finally real.
I mean, it feels real because they have been paid for, in cash! Buuuuut it still doesn't feel like it's gonna happen? Lol. My mind hasn't absorbed the fact that in 3 days I will Have Boobs!! That is mind boggling !
My Total for Silicone Sientra Memory Gel (Gummy Bear) implants was $6400.
I am having Infra mammary Incision, Behind Muscle Placement, my Right Breast fold will be lowered.
My dream is finally coming true!
For the most part i think I'm prepared Physically with supplies.
Supply List:
body pillow
Neck pillow
Bendy straws
Comfy clothes
fruit cups

Any other suggestions?? Oh yeah I filled my prescriptions too lol

Ladies let me know if I left anything out!

2days from B-Day!

Okay so ever since I had to post pone my surgery, I've been a very light sleeper! I've been tossing and turning and waking up periodically through out the night... Though I haven't had any bad dreams, could this possibly be anxiety about my upcoming surgery?

Soo yesterday I went and picked up my prescriptions.... I had been fairly calm about this whole thing since I had a Surgery date, yesterday as the pharmacist handed me my prescriptions, my heart began to Beat Rapidly!! Ahah. I guess that was a rush of excitement. My eyes got kinda watery and I get aS though my body temperature raised slightly lol.
Is finally getting real?? Today I plan on doing a little bit of shopping. I do not have any Sports bras for Post Op. I also need to pick up a few more snacks!
I'll be staying at my moms for the next 9 days after surgery...
I'm soo going to miss being in my own bed in my own apartment, but considering I have no roommates, I will have to stay with mom! Lol
Ladies please let me know of I'm missing anything or if I left out any important information!
Btw, I've been reading more reviews, & I'm having the feeling that maybe I should have gone smaller?? I think it's you late since my PS office said they were ordering the implants after I made my final payment yesterday... Today I'm concerned! Maybe I'm over thinking? But then again, I'm very small! I feel of my boobs are too big, next I'll be interested in the BBL. I'm really okay with my butt size, but I feel as if I need more hips!
I've been trying to gain a little wait, for that exact reason!
Any tips on how to gain a little bit more weight??
Calorie shakes of some sort??

Going thru old IG pics...

I was scrolling thru my IGblookig at all the pics where you notice my Small Boobs, and I'm not sure if I am going to miss them, or if I'm ready for the change.. But looking at those pictures out me in some sort of mood that I can't describe? Not necessarily a bad/sad mood.

26 Hours ... ?

Hi ladies!!
Wow, Wednesday got here before I knew it!!
Soo yesterday I went supply Shopping. I only have a few more things to get. Ill post my complete list a little later.
Yesterday I also bought a few sports bras since my doctor doesn't use any binders, they suggest sports bras if needed for support.
I forgot to mention, on Sunday I had went to visit my aunt who had her BA done by Doctor Scott Green, I kept squeezing her breasts to make sure they felt real! Lol they really did! She's had then probably 2yrs now & they look Pretty damn great actually!
I'm sooo excited!!
Seriously tho, my sleep has been Ghost.. Lol it doesn't exist! All night I'm tossing and turning! No boob nightmares buuut I still can't sleep!

Is Today really the Day?

Words cannot describe how in feeling!
I stopped eating last night. Nooo food ... I have to be there by 12:30p.
I'm trying to sleep in or something! Lol, I had my hair braided to make things easier. A shower is soon to follow lol.
Idk whyi feel so calm. Yesterday I was asking what am I doing!!?Looking at old pictures I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to miss my tiny breast! My friends were squeezing them yesterday ahah!
Soo I've kept this whole surgery pretty secret.. I've just told a few family members, like my Mom Nana Aunt and Dad! I'm soo happy that everyone has been very supportive. Ive only told like 2 guy friends that I've just been txting as I've been preparing, and I've actually only told like 2 really close friends, 2 cousins and that's my whole immediate family. Lol
Everyone else, I figured would notice if they notice, i plan on giving no warning & no explanation! lol.
Wow!! This is crazy... Why doesn't it feel real??
Idk how thats gonna work lol.
Soo I will keep you ladies updated.
I should be in by 12:30 in Surgery by 1:00-1:30 and recovering by 3...
Ahhh! I really can't believe it!
I'm starting to freak myself out , because I'm soo calm. Lol this is crazyyy!!

I'm In boobieVille

Soo I just started an update that got deleted...
Soo I'm currently home in my brothers bed.
My moms here taking care of me!
You ladies were not Lieing wen you say there's ALOT OF TIGHTNESS. I feel very tite, but not in pain.. Any movement to adjust myself, hurts. I've been asking my mom to lift me up.
Soo I arrived at the facility a few minutes late.. No problem. There was another patient still recovering soo I had some time to relax and absorb what I was about to do.
1st The nurse comes and hooks up my IV.
About 10 minutes later, doctor sumida comes in to bring me Flowers & to talk about what was going to happen. He also showed me My implants.
then about 10minutes later, Anesthesiologist came in, told me the next instructions regarding what would happen. Once the iv was in place, he put whatever antibiotics in, and then let me know, next would be the OR table.
Once he put the Happy Medicine in, I just remember waking up, greeting my Nana and Cousin, thanking the staff, and I believe I was wheeled out in a wheel chair? I remember the nurse saying something about that, but I don't remember if it happend!! Lol
I got home, took a Muscle relaxer & half of a Norco & passed out!
I can't believe this day is here, and now almost over!!
I'll keep you ladies update. Let me know if you have any questions, or if I forgot sometjing. Feel free to let me know!

Front view !

You should've saw my face. Haha
You can see the genuine discomfort on my face lol

Here's another picture from today !

soo I wanna say today has been fairly easy... Minus the pain and swelling !
I think I'm loving them already... Maybe because my PS pumped me up saying they are going to Look amazing!! Lol I feel like I can tell they are going to look amazing! Oh yeah, tho I can't see my incisions look fairly small! I'm all medicated &dozing off as I update.

1 day Post Op

hello ladies!
I'm soo happy that my surgery went AOKay. No complications. I am veeeeery sore! Nothing unbearable.
1st night finding a comfortable position to sleep in was very hard, I woke up every 30 minutes until 8am!
Last night I would alternate between a whole Muscle relaxer and Half Norco, a few hours later id do a Whole Norco & Half muscle relaxer... That only got me to sleep for 30minutes & then I was back up.
My cousin has a Baby Shower this upcoming Sunday, my mom and I were the ones doing the planning, today we are supposed to be finalizing... Hopefully I can help!
I'm headed to my Post Op appointment in an Hour...
You know ladies, I still can't believe that I really had a Breast augmentation yesterday!! That's sooo amazing!!
Since we have soo many errands to run today, in definitely gonna try to take it easy & not over work myself.
In the middle of the night, my back was itchy, I was scared to scratch because I thought it would hurt, surprisingly no. I have a good amount of Motion in my arms.
I just keep looking at the girls... I can't help it! I'm in Lovee!


He definitely makes you feel special!

1st Day Post op

Today I had my 1st post op appointment. Doctor sad everything is looking great! Besides the fact that I'm swollen! He told me about the massages I can have my mom do, if in worried about the spacing between breast. I let him know besides my incision sites, I was having pain on the lower sides of my breast! He says that means that they are beginning to drop into the pocket.
Today I've felt really good!! Not too much pain, I've kept that managed with muscle relaxers & then a Norco later on in the evening.
I began my day around 9am after I woke up, me and my mom had many errands to run to get prepared for my cousins baby shower.
My arms Range of motion has been very limited. I made sure not to strain myself today, I've read many times where you ladies felt great the 2nd day & decided to do all kinds of activities, & regretted it before the day was over. Lol so i tried to refrain from that. We did a lot of shopping, I carried no bags! I was Barely able to open my car door, but I did a lot of walking, I even tried on a few clothing items such as pants, without assistance.
After shopping I had my little brothers baseball game. Then we went to one last store and finally back to my moms house.
All of my friends and family that were aware of my surgery, were soo surprised to see how well I was doing today. I was a little shocked myself, but I made sure to not over do it!
Anyways, it feels soo good to be laying down. About to rub some Bio-Oil on my twins-- NO STRETCHMARKS! Please. Lol
Happy healing to all! I'll be sure to keep you ladies posted!

Post Op Day 2!

So far so good!
So today I finally took a shower, for some reason I was becoming really itchy. Lol. I didn't have much marker on me, but I wanted to wash my butt! I was worried about my bandages over my stitches so i put on Shower Guard and had no problems.
As for sleep. Last night was better, I didn't wake up as much. I wasn't too sore unless I laid down too far on my back. I had to re-elevate lol. Not too much tossing and turning.
So far I've only taken 1 muscle relaxer no Norco, and my antibiotic. I'm really surprised at how easy recovery has been soo far. My pain (soreness) has been about a 3 since I woke up. But because I have another just day ahead, I wanted to be prepared lol. I'll let you ladies know how I'm feeling later.

4days Post op

Once again I had a long ass review that I'm starting all over!!
Soo though I had been feeling better, Saturday and Sunday I was working over time to help with my cousins baby shower!
Well that was a mistake. By Sunday night I couldn't take anymore. Luckily Sunday was the shower !
Saturday night I had an emotional break down because I couldn't find my ice bag and I just wanted to lay down take my pain pills and I've my chest! My little cousin was trying to sleep, and my bestie was trying to put her son back to sleep because he was having a bad dream! After searching for an hour I just started crying. They asked what was wrong and all I could say was "I can't do anything! & I didnt want to bother you guys" it was funny because I couldn't stop crying, but it wasn't funny because I was really sad!
The girls are doing good, I feel them dropping daily! Nt too much breast pain, more so just muscle pain.
My back and chest hve been very sore and tite! By the end of the night, I've needed assistance to sit up because I'm just too weak after all of the days movement.
Sleeping has gotten better, I'm waking up less, & I'm sleeping for longer periods of time.
Finally around 3am I had my first Bowel Movement! & then another around 10 am once I woke up today.
My left nipple has feeling, my right is still numb. Now that the girls are dropping majority of the discomfort I'm feeling are around my incision sites.
I've been lightly massaging but they are still too uncomfortable for me to get more aggressive.
Naked Green Machine, Fiber One Meal bars, apple sauce, pudding, and Gatorade have been my favorites.
I really wanna thank my Mom, bestfriend , and 16yr old cousin because they have been soo helpful through out this process. My nana helped directly after surgery while my mom was at work, and she just bought me a new robe today so I won't have to run around topless while I'm home. Lol. I love them!!!
My moms birthday is tomorrow, soo I'll be buying her a pandora bracelet to show my appreciation!
Oh yeah, my breast have began to itch, mostly in the middle (cleavage) soo I've been rubbing lots of BioOil, and I slightly massage them as I do.
Since I was out and about since post op day 1, the peopl who knew or found out about my surgery were all so shocked to see how well I was doing. I'm very happy that my recovery hasn't been too bad.. Hopefully it continues!
I'll go ahead and upload a few pics for you ladies!!
Happy healing to those who have just crossed over! And good luck to any upcoming surgeries!

Here's pics

These are from Sunday morning (3days post op) you can see the right is more swollen and the left is dropping first

And Today's Results (05/05)

Loving them!! Daily I see a difference.
These pics were taken around 3am this morning & 9am when I was back up (05/05/2014)

Heeey Girls!

Hey soo my much to update today...
They are slowly dropping! My chest is starting to loosen up! Oh and they are getting squishier!

First time Shopping for Big Breast!

Soo today I went to the mall to buy my mom a Pandora bracelet for her Birthday, and I could not leave without stopping into Bebe! Of course I left with sooo much stuff! I didn't even go into Victoria Secret! Right now I'm happy with my sports bras, at least until they drop more, and aren't so sensitive! Or maybe after my stitches are removed... Just not yet.
Buuut back to Bebe! Soo I got like 4 dresses, a Crop Top, and White Overalls... I tried on millions of things! And I got my mom to take a few pictures of the girls playing dress up, so here are the pics!

Bebe dresses!

Anything that showed cleavage I at least had to try!! Lol

Here's a little rambling...

Okay! So I am now 6days post op, and I can honestly say this BA was the best decision of my life!
I have minor pain, muscles relaxers help! I rarely take a Norco, usually for my back pain!! Other than that, I try to toughen it out.
So it's absolutely amazing to think that something like boobs, can make someone feel completely different about themselves!
Yesterday when I was in Bebe with my Mom and Nana, my mom made the comment "Remember when she wouldn't take off her shirt in front of us? She would always cover up!" I thought that was soo funny because that is soo true! I would always tell my mom to not look, when changing , when I had a Small boobs! Now, I'll show anyone that asks!! LOL!
Also it's crazy how peoples bodies react differently to surgery!, I've never had any Surgery, never been under anesthesia and I quickly recovered! Since I've been out and about, when I've been meeting people, or telling people I just had a BA they are all so shocked as to how now I am acting! The sales woman at Bebe told me she had a BA like 7yrs ago, and she was in bed for like 12days, and she was so shocked that I was out moving like normal.
I do know that I do really well with pain, but even I'm shocked because I expected to be in excruciating pain for at least a week, and I've been shopping since day 1 post op!
Also, yesterday I talked to my Nana, and she was telling me about all the things that I forgot I had said/done immediately after surgery, on the way home!
She says I kept asking, "Nana did I really do it?? Did I?"! I also took like 80 selfies on her phone! Lol... She says I handled that day like a champ! (Told you ladies, I'm tiny but tough!) lol
Btw, today my whole boob is kinda squishy!! Before only the bottoms were , they are still very tender! But they are slowly softening.

Hello Ladies ! Day 11 Post Op Update

So I've been away for a few days mainly because I was kinda busy, but also because I wanted to be able to come back with a real update.
So on day 8 post op I got my stitches removed. dr said I was healing really well, so he decided it was time to take them out. He said they were dropping nicely and he constantly reassures me that they will look nice! I'm so excited to see my final results lol.
So on like day 5 i tries driving but didn't feel comfortable, by day 7 I was back to driving and off all pain medication, sometimes I'll take a muscle relaxer before bed.
So all pain is pretty much gone, now I only feel pressure at the lower part of my boob, in the creases. I get zingers in my nipples and the sides of my breast all throughout the day, my left nipple has regained most feeling, the right is still a little numb. The under boob, above my incision has regained most feeling on the left, still numb on the right.
On day 7 I felt comfortable enough to begin massaging aggressively.
*i cup the lower breast and push/massage down on the upper pole of the breast.*
I believe massaging has helped a great deal, not only with dropping, but also with loosening the muscles, which has given me more Motion Range with my arms.
Doctor says he believes my recovery has been so easy because I was well prepared, I knew what to expect, and I was able to work through the pain, even when massaging hurt, I worked thru the pain. - that made me feel really good- he also said my body has reacted extremely well, considering I've never had surgery before!
I see him again this Friday, May 16, and will do my review for my Doctor After!
Don't worry ladies, I have lots of pics!!

Day 7 post op pics

So around Day 7 is when they began to squish, and I really started noticing a drop!

Day 8 post op Pics

Day 9 Post Op

I woke up Saturday and they were sooo squishy!
Some Squish Got Real! Lol

I woke up like This! Day 11 post op

Soo I woke up today, things just felt a whole lot different! The girls are getting heavy! I an feel the pressure on my creases!

I just wanna update really quick!

So this isn't gonna be a complete update really just some boob pics! Thank you Ladiess for all your Support!!
But I still haven't really tried on any old clothes or new bras ... I guess I'm being patient until things look better! But they have almost regained all feeling, my right nipple isn't numb, now just sore and sensitive, lefty is very sensitive.
All the area of breast from my nipple down to my incision has gained almost all feeling, they are just sore from time to time, no longer numb!


I've been trying on old stuff!!
I'm soo In love with these boobies!
They are soo soft and squishy, and dropping everyday. My muscles are a little sore, my ribs are sore. But the boobs feel good! Nipples are sensitive and sometimes get hypersensitive. My incisions are healing really well. I just had my 2wk post op Friday May 16. Doctor says everything is healing properly. They look great! And he said to continue massaging. I've been cleared to work out, only do what my body allows. Unfortunately I can't swim yet, and it's been over 90degrees this past week.
But luckily this recovery has been fairly easy! Those zingers have been the worst part lol. They have been shocking my nipples lately causing me to scream out of Shock! Lol.

Happy 3weeks post Op!

Well it's officially been 23days since I've had boobs. They are getting really squishy. Dropping and fluffing everyday. My nipples are sensitive but I have regained all feeling, my lower breast is tender near the incisions, my lower section below my nipples are slightly numb in certain places. They aren't tite and I can do a lot with my arms. I'm only limited when I need to stretch them far above my head. I'm also still a little week so opening Pickle Jars and other containers is really hard.
My right is fluffing and dropping more, but it's also the more swollen breast. Lefty is taking it's time. I think it's crazy how they have switched?! At first, lefty was the fast boob. Now it's resting.
Today wAs the first day that I took my water proof bandages off. The incisions look really good. They don't hurt at all. For the most part, they a pretty PainLess.
I think I'm so in love? This was the Best decision of my Life.
I've been lucky enough to come across people that are very supportive, not like I care how anyone feels, but it does feel good for family and strangers to tell you how great you look, and that I chose the perfect size. I really do appreciAte everyone's support, I also welcome honesty.
So thank you to the Ladies of RealSelf as well for all of your kind words! I love the feeling of helping some one , or knowing that I gave them a little positivity or inspiration. That makes me feel really good, just knowing that I could really be helping or encouraging women in situations of all sorts?
Anyways... That's all I can think of for now.. So here's some pics lol

B( . )( . )Bs!

Here are pics from this morning! 25 days Post op! Girls are doing good. Dropping and getting softer. I'm also noticing fluffing in the left, above the nipple. I'm soo inlove!
Sleeping has sucked lately.. I can't find that comfortable position yet. I'm soo ready to sleep on my stomach again!
Incisions are looking better and better. I haven't bought any scar cream or silicon strips yet... I took the waterproof tape off like 2days ago.
Sooo I think the boob greed is starting to kick in. I'm not sure if I actually want bigger breast, or if I expected more projection? I've been trying to ignore that annoying little voice, but everrrrey person that's learned of my surgery has said it's not that noticeable, or that they don't look that big!!! I know that's supposed to be good, but really that's bad! I keep holding into hope, that they will fluff and give me the side profile I'm hoping for... Uuugh. I'm happy, but maybe I should've gone bigger?

Boobie Blues...

Trying to stay positive, but as the swelling subsides, I wonder where the girls are?? No one notices, everyone says they arent that big!!
I saw my aunt yesterday, The one that had the BA with Dr.Scott Green 2 yrs ago... She FINALLY told me that she has 350 (im assuming MOD Profile) and hers are sooo much bigger than mine. I understand anatomy plays a huge role, but seriously?? May mine have a whole lot of Fluffing to do? Maybe they are still tite in my chest muscle?? Idk. But Im hoping they drop & fluff & at least look bigger!!
I want bigger boobs.. I didnt want to over do it, but i always had this small voice telling me to go up to 420cc... Maybe I shouldve listended!

I can lay on my stomach!

Yaaaay! I love how things. Change over time lol. I'm exactly 1 month post op as of today and the girls are going well. I've been reading reviews where docs recommend to massage the incision to soften the scar tissue, so I just started that yesterday.
My righty has dropped more than lefty. It's squishier, and jiggles more, but the nipple is still slightly numb, lefty is tighter firmer and less swollen And the nipple is more sensitive. I guess today the right is making some sort of change because the under boob, armpit crease is really sore, as if I've been lifting weights! ... Come on Lefty Catch Up!
So this week, I've ran across a few family members that heard I had surgery... And one of them happend to be my uncle that's a Pastor, I thought he would ask I did it, and lecture me about how beautiful I was before, but instead he just said " it looks like you didn't do nothin too crazy" lol which was funny, buuuut then I'm like WTF!? Lmao.
Soo that's pretty much it.
I get zingers here and there, I can lotion my whole back with both arms (I'm flexible as hell) soo now I can stretch that far!! Yaaaay! Oh and as of like 2 days ago, I could lay on my stomach without any issues!!
Yeeah progress!!
Here's some pics!

1 month and 2 days..

Here are pics from this morning!! And the ones of me in the tank are from Sunday night... They get better and better everrrrey day! I love them.. I'm just waiting for the drop and fluff. Lefty needs to fill out more... It's still kinda oblong lol. Fluff fluff and more fluff!
Hope you ladies enjoy...!!!
Oh yeah since Monday morning, the middle of my boobs, and cleavage have been sore.. Like a serious chest muscle has been sore in the middle of my chest. Idk what that's all about.. Dropping?? Does that mean more cleavage?? OOOH YEAH! Lol

40 days Post Op!

Daaamn how time flies!
These babies change daily.. One day I'm more concerned than others! Sometimes my righty looks kinda lumpy at the bottom, not so round. And the right has been sore lately.. Usually at night it's sore at the bottom. I hope everything is going okay.

2016 Update

Hi ladies okay so it's been a really long time since the last update.:: well let me fill you ladies in: first off, I would like to apologize for going MiA, but really the last time I was going to update, my phone was stolen so I had lost all the progression pics which sort of discouraged me, which then made it easy to say forget this site. But here we are: First i will say recovery has been fairly easy and pleasant! May 01 2016 will make 2 years post op and I can honestly say, I am still dealing with Fluffing and stretching! My boobs have come a long way, but considering how small I was before, the skin is still stretching and making space for the implants... I would say 6 months after surgery, the numb tingly feel went away, but the nerves took almost 18 months to redevelop. My nipples are sensitive but my nerves are back. The scarr isn't too bad and my boobs are lovely ! I'm starting to feel the implants loosen in the pocket. They actually move now and don't feel like they are stiff and stuck. Honestly you ladies haven't missed much because all of the exciting stuff has happened recently ! Such as the implants movement and even the nipple sensations !! I love them ! Honestly the best decision of my life. Here's just a quick update feel free to ask any questions !!! Enjoy the pics
Folsom Plastic Surgeon

Thoughtful, Skillful & Amazing -- Thats Dr. Sumida! From day one, I just knew he wasdestined to be my surgeon! He has been amazing, so helpful and Honest! I appreciate his beliefs and opinions. I would honestly say I trust this man with my life... Hey Im Still here! Lol. But seriously, he has been amazing. Answered all questions, In Depth, very detailed. I appreciate that. His staff has also been amazing! Very Patient!! The ladies are so Sweet! Verrrry Helpful! Doctor Sumidas personality makes you feel very welcomed and comforted. He has a way of reassuring that makes you feel safe! Without him, Id be BOOBLESS! lol My incisions Look amazing. Stitches were remove 7 days after Surgery. Dr said that he believes my recovery has been so easy for ME , Personally because I was very prepared Mentally, and Knew what to expect Physically!! I cant wait to see him June 25, at my next Post - Op! I really do RECOMMEND Women interested in BA, look into Dr. Ken Sumida. Hes Worth it!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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