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Hi! I have learned so much from the many reviews I...

Hi! I have learned so much from the many reviews I have read on this site. Thank you for posting your experience :)

I wanted to reach out to other people who have a similar nose to mine in hopes that you can help me or we can help other find the right surgeon.

I have researched many different doctors and looked through many galleries and the two doctors that stand out the most to me are Vladimir Grigoryants and Eric M Joseph. Both doctors have great galleries yet Vladimir Grigoryant tend to produce more of the results Im looking for but he is a flight away. What do you guys think?

Email consultation

So I had an email consultation with Dr. Grigoryants and he suggested "...deprojecting the nose, shaving the bump, narrowing the width of the bones, raising/refining the tip, [and]... reduc[ing] the size of the nostrils."

I have chosen Dr. Grigoryants as my surgeon. I have seen far too many positive reviews, testimonies, and before and after pictures of his work to know that he is very talented.

I am very scared and a part of me is afraid that something may go terribly wrong and I'll end up with a nose that looks way worst then what it looks now!

I've watched rhinoplasty surgery videos and it's such a complicated and gruesome procedure! I feel dumbfound as to how Dr. Grigoryants seem to perform rhinoplasty so aesthetically pleasing.

My next step would be getting blood work done and hopefully getting in on an cancellation. I would hate to have to wait till August.

Dr. Grigoryants girls, How do you feel about this doctor? I need a little more reassurance that I'm making the right choice ????

Surgery date!

I was able to get in on a cancellation and will be having my surgery in April! I am a nervous wreck! I keep looking at reviews to reassure myself that I am making the right decision. To be honest, I'm terrified! Aahhh
I have a lot to do a lot to plan! I will be flying in from another state soo I'll probably need to come up with a to do list to make sure everything is taken care of back home and that everything runs smoothly.

Getting everything in order

My surgery is a month away. I'm getting everything ready. I got all the necessary blood work and faxed it over to the office. I ended up getting credit cards that have double cash points so that I can get money back. I do have cash but I want to get points and cash back! I decided to book an Airbnb instead of a hotel so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. I need to prepare a little medical bag with supplies I might need during recovery.

Most importantly I'm trying to find the right pictures and the best way to express what result I would like. I'm also trying to make up my mind on what it is that I want.

I want a smaller version of my nose without the hump. I don't want it upturned or with too much nostril show. Ahh

Paid in full

I paid the surgery off completely last night. I was nervous because it made everything so real. Sometimes I feel super excited and other times I'm just like "what the hell am I doing?"

Morphed image

I morphed an actual paper picture with sticky note pieces lol I suck at using apps. I took this pic last Christmas and I hate it so much that I wanted to tear it up instantly! Unfortunately I was giving a speech at work so that picture is up and publicly visible at our office haaa I never take profile pictures for a reason! Especially not smiling ! My surgery is exactly one month away ????????

Surgery in 18 days!

I'm having a really hard time figuring out what I should tell Dr. G about the type of aesthetic that I would like in my new nose and that I feel would look best on me. For sure I know that I don't want to much nostril show from the front and that I don't want it too upturned. I'm not sure if I want it to be slightly sloped or straight or if I want it a little bit upturned. I'm nervous about what the front will look like. I've read a lot of people put their trust in him and told him to do what he thought looked best. I'm a little nervous to take this approach.

Pre op

I'm in California :) Dr. G said I have thin skin and that I should have a good result. He agreed that my nose is too large for my small face. I'm nervous ????

I'm all done!

I had surgery this morning! I went into surgery at about 11:30 I think. I've been home for a few hours. I feel great no nausea no pain. I've been icing on and off since I got home. I'm taking arnica and all the prescribed medicine. My bruising is not bad at all yet hopefully it stays like this. I ate a lot of pine apple and took arnica before the surgery. The craziest part is that even at day one of my surgery I can breathe better then I did before. I guess I had some blockage. The office suggested I breathe out of my mouth instead. I wasn't expecting to be able to breathe this well after surgery. I hope this means I'll recover fast! Ahh I did it! I don't know how I feel yet but I like what I am able to see so far! Thank you girls for all the good wishes you guys are an amazing support system for me right now. I love how we are sharing such a vulnerable journey with each other ??

Temporary pic 2nd day update

I just wanted to show you ladies my swelling and bruising progress. It hasn't been too bad at all! I iced my face a lot and I kept a low sodium diet for a month before surgery. I'm not sure if that helped. I'm recovery really well :) Im off to mall now???? I'm taking this picture down soon.

Profile shot before and after

Cast off today

I have my cast off appointment later on today. The profile looks great but I'm nervous about the front and what the front will look like without the cast. Right now the tip looks wide. I'm hoping it's just swelling. Wish me luck ????

Cast off!!!!

My face and nose is still swollen. I have bruising around my eyes. I absolutely love my results. I'm so happy! I can't wait to watch the swelling go down because right now I look like an avatar lol. What do you girls think?

Comparison pic

My face is really happy with my results

1 week update

Let me start by saying that my skin looks way better in pictures then it does in real life. I have tape residue all over my face so my makeup looks absolutely terrible!

I started getting really uncomfortable pain in my left eye on Wednesday the pain is going away. My nose feels super sensitive and raw. My upper lip is still very stiff and I cannot smile.
My profile view from my left and right seem different. One is more sloped then the other side. I prefer the more sloped side. Hopefully this is due to uneven swelling. Even so I used to have 0 good sides before so it's not too shabby to have just one bad side now lol

I love that I still sorta look like me from the front. You really have to have a lot of patience to go through this healing process. I just want to get back to doing of the things that I enjoy. Working out, dancing, running, and being social. I feel like my life is on pause as I heal. But I also feel like it's all worth it because I always really wanted this and i picked the best doctor :)

Comparison 1 week post op

Some before and after comparisons. I can't believe how different I look. I'm still in shock lol.

10 day update

I'm doing an update because I feel like my nose has changed a lot :) I think the first few days after cast removal there is no way of knowing what your nose will look like because the swelling in your nose is just conforming to the tape you put on it every night. My tip has dropped a little which I'm happy about and the swelling went down a lot from the front. I love my nose! Dr. G is a genius!!!!

For those awaiting surgery or less then 2 weeks post op AVOID garlic and high sodium foods. I was extremely disciplined in my diet but on sat I had a sandwich with pesto sauce and I got a small nose bleed lol ha so learn from me ladies avoiding garlic is essential to form the blood clot needed to heal faster :)

I can breathe about 75%from my left nostril and I still cough up blood. I really miss my smile :( I feel like I can't hang out with my friends because my smile is so stiff and everyone will figure it out right away and they're probably think I got Botox too lol ughh when did you ladies get your smile back??

Here's a video :)

2 week update!!!!

So I have decided to take down all of my pictures and start putting up less use tying ones lol. A lot of people haven't noticed I have had surgery and is kinda like to keep it that way!! A lot of the swelling went down especially from the front. My tip has dropped. I kept noticing that my new nose is a little crooked but as I'm looking at pictures of my old nose it was crooked too but it was so screwed up over all that I guess I never noticed. My right profile of my new nose is more curved then my left profile. I still can't smile with my teeth :( this has been the hardest part because I'm super friendly so people seem kinda weirded out when I only give them a smile and not my full smile.

Nose of shame

Old pictures of my old nose. It does not look too bad In these pictures because all you can see is my nose. I have a really small face so my nose sticked out like an elephant

Tingling feeling

I'm 18 days post op and I'm getting a lot of tingling feelings all over my nose. I freaked out because I thought my nose was going to fall apart!. I read some doctor responses and they said tingling feelings are normal. Is anyone else paranoid about their nose recovery? Tingling feelings?

3 weeks :)

Today I make exactly 3 weeks. I'm going to try to write a very thorough review because I know how important these reviews are to those considering and recovery. So far I would say that the recovery has not been painful but it has for sure been uncomfortable, even now. My upper lip is still very stiff. I could smile but I can't show any of my upper teeth. I can't laugh. Well I can but I look so weird that I would rather not! Especially not in public. That would totally give the surgery away! I still smell a weird raw smell in my nose. My breathing is still terrible. Im like at 40% now. I know I have some stuff up there, stitches, and swelling so hopefully my breathing gets a lot better. I feel a lot of pressure on my nose. If I tap it accidentally, it hurts. I ate a whole lot of crackers and it blew up like a balloon for a few days so I think twice before eating or drinking anything salty or with alcohol because it's a high price to pay! I still tape at night and I plan to keep taping until the tape runs out. I'm not sure if I'll get more tape afterwards or if I should stop taping altogether. My doctor said it was ok to start working out when I'm a month post op but I really don't feel like I'll be ready next week. As much as I want to my nose still throbs when I walk fast or go up the stairs. I really don't want to risk my results so I might wait a little longer. There are some things that I do and do not like about my new nose. When all is said and done I have no regrets and I feel that I chose the best doctor for my nose. I don't like how thick the top of my bridge is. I hope the swelling there goes down a little more. I'm not sure if I have graft but I'm guessing that maybe I do. I wouldn't want the top of my bridge to be as thin as it was before but just a little thinner. My new nose looks crooked from the front. It's not too big of a deal it doesn't bother me but I just hope that as the swelling goes down it doesn't become more noticeable. As far as things I like I absolutely love my profile :) I used to be so overly self concious of my old profile that I tried to avoid standing or sitting so that others were right next me. I used to try not to smile or laugh as hard because I hated how much my nose drooped. My new nose does not droop at all! I like that it's straight and I absolutely love how round and little my nostrils are. I like the size of new nose. I wonder how much more swelling do I have and how much refine will my nose get in the upcoming weeks and months. Let me know if you have any questions :)

1 month update!

Hello ladies! I am 1 month post op and i am extremely happy with my results! A lot of swelling went down especially from the front. Now that I look at my before pictures I like that my bridge is a little wider it was too thin before. Hopefully it gets a little bit slimmer though. My tip is still dropping. I hope it does not drop anymore! I love it how it is now. I still have a lot of swelling and my tip is very hard. My bridge is a little crooked but it's probably just uneven swelling. Not a big deal it's not that noticeable. So today I saw a hottie and normally when I see a hottie I'll turn my head so that he can't see my profile view because I just hated my nose that much but today I kept on walking and thinking 'go ahead and look at this sexy profile! And I felt confident :) I want my smile back!!! It's taking soooo long! People are questioning if I'm ok because I'm normally a very happy very smiley person. I just can't smile like I used to.

Forgot to add this pic to 1 month update :)

Here I am smiling cheek to cheek and my nose is not covering my upper lip!! Without my big Ol nose in the way, you can even see my dimples more :-D I still have a stiff upper lip so my smile looks a little creepy lol Best decision ever!

5 weeks

My left profile is more swollen then the front. My profiles still look very different from each other. My tip has been feeling very swollen. It's a constant up and down between good and bad nose days. My incision scars look really good. I'm still putting neoprophine. My smile is a teeny bit better.i still look like a creep lol

Front view

Just wow! My whole face seems fresher and more balanced. What a difference!!!!!!! My eyes look bigger and brighter too O___O

6 weeks update

My smile is coming back! This is the first smiling pic was able to take since surgery. It is still not my full smile and my upper lip is still stiff. The tip doesn't hang low like before

2 month update

If you have any questions, ask away. I will update again in 4 months for 6 month update. I love my nose :)

5 month update

Idk if anyone still reads these things! I'm 5 month post op. I feel good about my results. I don't feel self conscious about my nose anymore. My nose has refined a bit more since my last update. The tip is still very stiff but other parts of my nose feel softer. I do have my smile back but it still feels a teeny bit stiff. My nose doesn't droop down anymore when I smile. My breathing is ok, not great. The same as before surgery, I would say. I did have a little bit of a deviated septum. I'm glad I did the surgery and I think it was worth every penny. It's something I just had to get done.

It definitely doesn't fix all of your insecurities and you'll find yourself wanting to fix other things lol plastic surgery can be addicting. I think it'll take a while for me to build a positive self image and to learn to accept myself for who I am and how I look. I mean, I don't think I'm ugly but society places some pretty high beauty standards. There's a lot of very beautiful women out there and we just have to realize that it isn't a competition. We are all beautiful in our own way. Love and happiness, that's all that matters and that can be achieved no matter how you look. You have to love and accept yourself. That's my journey.

I'm not sure how often I'll post other updates. If anyone wants to follow me on ig let me know. Just don't blow my spot on my page loll it's a secret sshhhhhhhhhhhh

Last update

I'm officially one year post op. Grigoryants did an amazing job on my nose. I think his best work is with women with large noses and large bumps. I'm no longer self conscious about my nose! The tip is still hard. He says it's still about 20% swollen after a year. This is my last update. Good luck ladies! I recommend grigoryants for any one with a similar nose to mine.

Last update

Forgot to post this one

Last update

Last update
Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants

I will update once after surgery :)

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