Mommy makeover scheduled for May 25th NEXT Friday!

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I have one child she is 2 years old this year My...

I have one child she is 2 years old this year My pre pregnancy and normal breast size was 34B, Ive been dieting and going to the gym every day and working on my body by dieting and exercise. Now I measured 32 AA. Some things (lose skin, and deflated breasts) isn't something that going to the gym can help. I decided to look into the mommy makeover and have been researching for about a year. Cost, incision techniques, breast size, risks, age, silicone or saline, Board Certification, etc.. and Everything that you can imagine.

I finally decided this is something I want, so I took the step and made a consultation. The doctor told me that it was going to cost me high $13k almost $14k for a lift, augmentation, and tummy tuck. If i get saline, it will be 500 cheaper. I thought it wasn't too bad since I've been saving money for a while. I don't plan on having any more children in the future (just a personal preference) and it is very hard to raise children nowadays. If i were to get the surgery, I was planning on having it this June.

I have been going back and forth with making the decision to take the step and do it or not. Mainly because it will cost a lot and money isn't always something that comes along so easily. But I read everyday about other people's journey with a mommy makeover and most people say it is worth it, they feel like a new person. I've also read a lot about how women are "renewed" & how much better their lives are with self confidence. Speaking of self confidence, it is something that I have struggled with for many years of my life. I am not bad looking, it's just something normal that us women all go through from time to time. I feel that this surgery will be a big change. By the way, I am 96 pounds petite and 5'0 ft tall

I have finally made a deposit to go through with...

I have finally made a deposit to go through with just the breast augmentation and lift. I decided not to get the tummy tuck, and just the breasts. The new price will be 9,500, originally 9,900 but she took off 500 because i will be paying cash. It was a big decision to make to get the breasts, and to be honest I was very nervous walking in to give the deposit. A few times I thought of backing out, but my boyfriend and my sisters are supportive of it.

Last night I didn't sleep so well because I was reading some horror stories about silicone and breast augmentation. I hope all goes well during this process. I will be deciding on a surgery date sometime in the beginning of June.

Time is coming closer to my pre op appt for...

time is coming closer to my pre op appt for mastopexy augmentation and I am so nervous. My pre op appointment is may 26th 2012. only a few weeks I feel like I want the tummy tuck since i put a deposit, I can always add it later on. But it is like back and forth, back and forth, should I get it or not. I really want to be able to show my stomach again and wear a bikini. It's like, I'm already getting the mastopexy augmentation, why not get all of it since it is just $4,000 more. It is such a big decision. I'm scared of the longer surgery time since it is breast AND stomach at one time. I'm scared of the anesthesia!

Correction, for the breasts, she will be taking...

Correction, for the breasts, she will be taking off 400 so that 9,500

My surgery is coming sooner and sooner. I'm still...

My surgery is coming sooner and sooner. I'm still thinking of the tummy tuck and have to finally decide before Monday my pre op. I rescheduled my surgery date for May 25th Friday because when I told my mother about the surgery and said it was on June 6th, she said 'why 6.. that's not a good number.' so that sorta freaked me out. I'm kinda glad but that sets the date about 2 weeks closer. I'm a bit stressed out and super nervous everyday that the day comes closer. I have plenty of worries like: what if its not what I pictured it to be.. or what if my belly button looks weird like it's obvious I had a tummy tuck, or what if the tummy tuck incision line is too high (my worst fear). I worry about the surgery, the recovery, and who's going to run the house while i'm out. Also, I hope to be a full c or small D. i still want to look proportionate that it wont be super big like "Nice boob job" and instead "i wonder if she has a boob job". But I wouldn't mind if it was the fake look, as long as I have a nice cleavage that gives voluptuous curves on the sides and front... with a LIFT much needed.

Sometimes I feel like I always change my mind about the surgery, because I don't want to feel guilty towards my daughter or family. I mean, everyone supports me. But you know, just those negative thoughts that come and go. And then I remember how hard I work at the gym and diet everyday. I limit many foods that I love to eat. Because trust me, I love to eat anything edible. But since i have been trying to have a healthier lifestyle after my pregnancy, I like to be fit more than eating.
Speaking of gym. I go 5 days a week. My food choices consist of chicken breasts, brown rice, egg whites, greek yogurt, green veggies, fruits, sweet potatoes. I cut out all white carbs, soda, juice, sweets, eating out I mean okay occasionally I would eat out, RARELY. So i'm not one of those girls who eat out all the time and run 5 miles. I'd rather change my eating habits than to work twice as hard at the gym, because its not worth it. So when I take this into consideration, I don't feel as guilty of getting the mommy makeover because I feel like I somewhat deserve it.

I have already continuously explained and had a conversation with my boyfriend (my daughter's father) about helping out and told him how much pain I might be in.. and that I will definitely need him to watch my little one while I'm recovering. I hope that I don't have an unbearable pain, i hope that I don't have any infections or catch a cold, or just anything unexpected and unfortunate. I HAVE TO STAY VERY POSITIVE!! I have been hearing a lot about women who get depressed and feel guilty, etc. So the best thing for me to do is stay positive and focus on getting better.

I have to think about the things that make me happy.

I just went to my pre opt appointment and paid for...

I just went to my pre opt appointment and paid for the mastopexy aug, but I have until tomorrow or wednesday to figure out if i want the TT. It's only 3900 more to pay for. My worries are more of the post operative pain and mental well being! I already discussed with my boyfriend (daughter's father) about having more children, and we don't think we would have any in the next 5 years, maybe around 6-7 years. I also asked my PS if it's okay to have children after, and most PS's will say you can but i'll need revision surgery, etc.. But later down the line, a child will be worth it and I probably won't care as much about the way I look since i will be much older, and i'll have enjoyed my body and the TT and BA by then.

Today I signed all the papers and consent forms. The PS office gave me anti swelling medication, and scar treatment. They also told me that they would call my pharmacy at Kaiser so that I can pick up my meds before Friday. It's this Friday, and my mind is going nuts back and forth... well it has been ever since the consultation. It's just weighing out my options, the pro's and cons. I'm just so worried about my little one and how will i explain that I cannot carry her! Very tough decision. I'm so glad that I have the support of my boyfriend.

I have been reading a lot more and more everyday about everyone else's experience here on real self, and everyone has a different threshold of pain that they can take. I'm seeing that as long as I take the pain medication on time, the pain will be manageable. ahhhhh!! I dislike thinking too much. I hope this will all be worth it.

Today I am one day post op. This is how it...

Today I am one day post op.

This is how it went, yesterday I woke up around 6:45 because I was so nervous!! Had so many butterflies, I was about to back out so many times before the surgery lol. So we went in the car, dropped my daughter off at her grandparents, and it broke my heart she is only 20 months and she waved bye and did flying kiss ! She's so adorable.

We arrived at the hospital around 9 o clock and checked in, got an IV. My boyfriend waited with me before surgery. My nurses were just amazing and so helpful and kind to me. They knew I was so nervous but they said that this is a "happy surgery". That made me feel a lot better. I trusted my plastic surgeon and knew what he was doing. I was just a bit worried about the size, but he used my pictures as a reference to the end result. I waited around 4 hours because my PS was running a bit late on the other surgeries. That was fine since I had my boyfriend to wait with me. Going into the surgery room, They gave me relaxing drugs so then I felt a bit at ease. I remember them strapping my legs and putting compression heat pads so the blood flows through my legs. After the anesthesia kicked in, and don't remember anything but waking up so tired and I had lots of pressure in my chest and it hurt badly. I was sore and groggy until night time. My boyfriend helped me with everything, like getting my food, getting in and out of bed since i couldn't do it myself. Today he has helped me a lot and now my daughter is on the way here!

I feel happy that I have gotten this. I peeked a bit at my breast and I think they are a good size, not too big. But I hoped for a little bigger but for the first time, It's a perfect size. In a few years after my next child, i'd probably go for the tummy tuck and another breast augmentation maybe a bit bigger.

So far it has been a good experience day 1, but I just have to relax and take it easy the next few days. My post op appointment will be this Wednesday and my PS will take off the compression garment, I'll finally be able to see the new girls !!

Today is day 2 post op, yesterday my PS's office...

today is day 2 post op, yesterday my PS's office sent me wonderful flowers. i was a bit sore today and last night again. I feel tired from the meds and i'm pretty much dozing off here and there. I want to take a shower already but I cannot until my post op appointment Wednesday. My little one has been acting up a lot. My family came to visit both days and It has been non stop noise. I wish it could just be quiet and I could be alone to heal. I'm thankful for them, I'd just like to be alone to heal.

It's Thursday, I got my bandage taken off. I love...

It's Thursday, I got my bandage taken off. I love the way my breasts look now. I like the size, hopefully it wont shrink too much. The right side is a bit higher and isn't settled in it's place yet. I am a 32D now. Probably a big c and a small D later on. It is definitely hard to find bras but i only need one for now. The only time i'm sore is usually at night time sleeping and when i wake up, or when I use my hands to put something up or down, open and close doors, and drive stick shift. The last pain med I took was yesterday morning. I don't think i will be needing them much anymore and i'm 6th day post op. I'm getting used to the new girls. They actually look the same when I put a shirt on, as if i was wearing my victoria's secret miraculous bra. They look like a size B-C when i have clothes on. Which is great ! I really need to find a better bra for everyday. What do you women use when you guys sleep at night? And how do you sleep at night? I'd love to know that. The physician's assistant at the doctor's office said that i'd feel more and more like my self as the days go by, probably by 4 weeks. But as for now i would get tired by the end of the day. She's right.

I've been feeling much better today i'm almost 2...

I've been feeling much better today i'm almost 2 weeks post op, boy does time go by fast. At night and when I wake up is the only time I feel sore and one breast seems harder. Mostly I feel like they are almost a part of my body, and I'm getting used to the weight. When i wear a shirt on you can't even tell I look like a 32b. I still have the tape on from the breast lift, i'm scared to take it off so i may wait a few more days. Some days i'm scared that my daughter might step on them lol. I'm still sleeping on my back, but a few minutes on the sides then i switch back to my back.
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