My Experience with Hyaluronidase - California

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I had an apparently " allergic" reaction to Ovita...

I had an apparently " allergic" reaction to Ovita ( a hyaluronic acid facial filler similar to juvenesse etc) after a one time injection to the cheeks to treat nasiolabial lines... My face swelled up so badly I could not open my eyes. I am not clear whether this was due to how the doctor injected Ovita into my cheeks or if I am allergic to the filler itself. Or perhaps a combination of these reasons. The doctor did not inject Ovita in a slow "fanning" method but rather squirted it in rapidly in several different spots. I have a congenital renal autoimmune condition that is stable and does not require hospitalization. I heard that hyaluronic fillers are not suitable for people with autoimmune conditions.

I had hyuronidase injected into my cheeks to reduce the extreme swelling. After the injections, the right side of my face remained more swollen. So the doctor injected more hyaluronidase into my right side to "even it out". Initially, it did appear to "even out". Shortly afterwards, there is volume loss or deflation in my right cheek that isn't the same as the left cheek. 11 months later, it is still a slight yet noticable difference. To clarify: I did not have any assymetry in my cheeks before this. The injections of Ovita were the same to both cheeks.

Coincidentally, shortly after the hyaluridase injections, my eyes also got hollower. I don't know if this is related. All i can say is that when the facial swelling began to appear and when it drained out, in the same area near the inner eyes, which also is the same place that appeared significantly hollower afterwards. Or perhaps it is just natural aging? If so, I would have to say that it would be rather rapid aging.

Based on this, I would say that hyaluronidase may and can affect your natural collagen and tissue.

I want to address how to correct both the cheek volume asymmetry and the nasiolabial lines and the periorbial hollowness around my eyes?

With my autoimmune condition, are hyaluronic facial fillers a good option?
Could my allergic reaction be due to how the doctor injected it?
Could I try another hyaluronic acid filler?
What are my other options?
I was thinking of LaVie or Selphyll and possibly fat transfer.

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