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30 year old, 5'5", 170 lb, Married Mommy...

30 year old, 5'5", 170 lb, Married Mommy of 3, ages: 3,3 and 6. Down 100 lbs from my highest in around 18 months, had all 3 kids via c-section. I want to have the mommy makeover done to make my outside match the way I feel inside. I am having a tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation and lipo.

I am scared to think of going under anestesia and not waking up, silly maybe. My Husband is very supportive and is completely willing to takeover all my usual duties. I will take the step to pre make and freeze as many meals as I can. Hoping for surgery Summer/ Fall 2012.

Tomorrow is my consult appointment with my PS. My...

Tomorrow is my consult appointment with my PS. My Husband and I are looking to set my surgery for March 19th 2013. I am now at 190 lbs and very mad at myself for not being where I was 2 years ago when i had my first consult. I should be so excited for tomorrow and all the upcoming goodness but I am stuck at being upset with my weight. All I read says that if I lose 10-15 lbs after it should not effect my results. I am still down a great deal of weight and know that over the last two years I have added lots of muscle from training. I am in a size 13 and would like to be in a 11 (although a 9 would be fabulous!!) i hope that my anxiety has more to do with being tired and stressed after hammering out the financial details of the cost!! Hope that my appointment goes well tomorrow and we will be on the fast track to my recovery!!!

Scheduled surgery and so excited!! About 9 weeks...

Scheduled surgery and so excited!! About 9 weeks to go! Want to lose 10 pounds before pre-op, so 7 weeks and 10 pounds! Here goes nothing (everything)!!!!

Yesterday was my 2 month mark until my surgery!...

yesterday was my 2 month mark until my surgery! wow! I have been doing lots of cuddle time with my kids! They know I am going to be having surgery and my girls are looking forward to taking care of me! Working on all my long awaiting organizing projects, I feel like I am "nesting" before a new baby! Lots of excitement at this point and still shock from how incredible my Husband has been on this journey! He was always amazing but he has been my rock more than ever! I wish there was something I could do to show him my appreciation, but I guess my new body will be THANKS enough!! Lol

So ready for surgery day to be here! Getting...

So ready for surgery day to be here! Getting dressed today I realized how nice it will be to not have to account for my double bubble tummy when getting dressed! I know recovery will not be easy but it will be so worth it!! I love my curves everywhere else!! I fill out a pair of size 13 jeans very well! But a size 11 could be nice too! Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Getting closer!! Getting lots done around the...

Getting closer!! Getting lots done around the house! Ordered some of the zip up sports bras i read about on here. Need to get my self in check on my eating! But looking forward to not having a double stomach roll anymore! Happy countdown!!

Having a lot of success with clean eating! Down 5...

Having a lot of success with clean eating! Down 5 pounds in a few days! Yippee! Went to therapy yesterday, so glad I am getting my head straight before surgery. Keeping my expectations in check and my anxiety down! Just over a month until surgery! Excited and looking forward to me pre-op, that should make this all seem even more real. Planning some extra outings with the family before surgery! Looking forward to that and that should be a great distraction!! Need to have Hubba take some before pics and measurements! Hope everyone is healing well!!!

Looking so forward to my surgery. Counting down...

Looking so forward to my surgery. Counting down the days and trying to get all my projects done. I need to have my DH take my before pictures so I can get them posted. Reading a lot of reviews and concerned about the 400cc not being big enough!! I want to be bigger than I am now. Not too big but bigger! I am a 36dd right now, but want to at least be a FULL dd with no center or side slippage!!! I am continuing my clean eating and hope to lose some more before surgery! Can not wait to find out how many inches my MR is and how big the skin flap will be. Has anyone ever asked for the dr to take a pic of the skin flap??? My brother in law is an EMT and he said they would probably take a pic for me!

Today is my pre-op and I think I may take a deep...

Today is my pre-op and I think I may take a deep breath after!!! Still scared the doctor is going to tell me I am too fat to do the procedure. Losing weight before surgery didn't work out very well. I Vented to my DH yesterday and he made me feel so much better!! He said as long as I don't gain back the 100lbs I am not wasting his money. That the weight I lose after I will tighten it up as I go, he said the tummy and boobs are because of the kids! Awww it was such a sweet moment and suddenly I was able to take a deep breath and my knots in my tummy were gone! I am so in love with him and more so as time goes on!!!!

1 week to surgery and so excited and busy enough...

1 week to surgery and so excited and busy enough to not get too freaked! I have appointments and sports stuff all the way through to to the big day! Even finding time to take the kids to a hockey game and Disneyland!! Sooooooooooo many things to get done but would love to take a breath! Freaked out I won't get everything done!! But sooooooooooo excited to see my new tummy and my new "breast"friends!!!

Headed home kids are situated! Had a great family...

Headed home kids are situated! Had a great family day and now tomorrow is my day! 12 noon is surgery so excited and nervous! Let's do this!!! Will post as soon as I can! Good buy pooch!!!!

My goodness it has been a week since my surgery!...

My goodness it has been a week since my surgery! The results are amazing!! The Dr said he removed 5 lbs of skin from my tummy and the boobs look amazing so far! My husband has been taking awesome care of me and we have been spending a lot of time together which is NICE!! Have not stepped on a scale yet or tried on any clothes but love how everything is looking!! By boobs are nice and big and round and high and the belly is flat except for swelling right above the cut! Drains are very annoying but hope to get one removed at my next appt!! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! emb

Went to the ps yesterday, he made me feel so much...

Went to the ps yesterday, he made me feel so much better! I had some weird scab above the incision and I was scared it was necrosis! It is slightly necroded but he is not concerned. Just changing dressing often and putting vaseline on it. Removed my final drain and a few stitches from my breasts! So glad to be done with drains! Going back to see him again next week, apparently we are going to see a lot of eachother!! Lol! Also allowed to wear spanx but a little scared to take off the binder! Good things going on but sad that my hubbub goes back to work next Monday! I have loved having him home!!!!

Feeling not bad! Need to get myself back on track...

Feeling not bad! Need to get myself back on track like I was before sx. Hubby surprised me by taking an extra day off so he is home until Tuesday! Love him! Need to take some new pics tomorrow! Dealing with the scab on TT incision. Looks like it is going to fall off soon! Slouphing on breast is still the same! See the Dr on Tuesday and look forward to what he has to say! Happy Sunday and healing ladies! It is hockey day in our house!!!

Holy cow it has been 6 weeks and I can not believe...

Holy cow it has been 6 weeks and I can not believe it! Saw the Dr yesterday and he is very happy with my progress! I still have the open wound on my belly and a small one on my left breast. I was happy to hear they will either pull it closed soon or let it heal and then cut it out and restitch it closed! Thank god because I did not spend this much money to have a huge nasty scar! I also asked about excercise and that is a no go because of the open wound, I did yesterday before I saw him and it felt soooo good, so bummer! I am to keep doing the wet dressing and I asked about the possiblity of me swimming on vacation in 7 weeks and he is hopeful! So here is to continued healing and getting eating on track!! Happy Tuesday!

Just a little update! Went to the store the other...

Just a little update! Went to the store the other day and bought a 2 piece bathingsuit! That was huge! I told my husband that made it all worth it! I still have an open wound on my incision from TT so no water soon. But praying to swim on our vacation in June! Fingers crossed!!

6 months holy cow!

Can not believe it has been 6 months since surgery! I am still very happy with my results! Still battling my weight but that is a lifelong battle!! I feel sexier in my skin, more than I have since I remember! Once the scar is repaired and my breasts I know it will feel even better!!! Feeling happy ~~lucky~~ and oh so blessed!!

Revision soon!!!

Had appointment today with Dr Knoetgen! He always makes me feel better every time I see him! I was super scared to go to this appointment and cancelled it once. I had so many things that I wanted to address! The main things is he is going to revise my tt scar and lipo under it where I feel like my pubis is "fat". He is also going to remove more skin from my breasts, fix the nipples and get them to sit higher! My bb needs to be checked because I am getting a crust from it and some pain, he said there may be fluid or a permanent stitch issue. Not sure yet how much this is going to cost and that is a little scary!! But sooooooo wants this done to finish this off! Still LOVE my surgeon he is AMAZING!! More to come and will post more recent pics!!

revision scheduled! Feb 18th, 2014

Looking forward to this final step in my journey! Getting lots done during the procedure! Removing some extra tt skin, extra nipple, LIPO on lots of areas! Husband took another month off work to take care of me! Hope he doesn't need it all but better too much than not enough

12 days until revision!!

Can not believe surgery is less than 2 weeks away!! Getting my past things together and ready to go!! Remodeling my kitchen and almost done with that! I made myself get it done before and for some reason was very motivated to get it done!!! Lol wonder why!! My hubby has taken a month off to take care of me and the kids will be taking a week off!! Should be a crazy house but the kids were so good to me last time.... Not worried about them this time! They make adorable little nurses!! My son is so caring and being older is very helpful!! So excited to be on the other side and recovering!! Happy flat tummys and big boobies ladies!!!

recoverer and loving my new body!

Crazy life lately but i wanted to put up a new pic!
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