Asked for High Profile and Doctor Gave Me Moderate Profile, Not Happy - California

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So ever since i was 18 i always wanted to get a BA...

So ever since i was 18 i always wanted to get a BA. i had an A cup and my left breast was bigger then the right. I had done my research about BA and knew what i wanted. So i got my BA 3/2/11 when I went in for my consultation I told my doctor that I wishes to get a full C/D under the mussel. He then stated that would look proportionate to my body and that he would give me a high profile, unders, transumbilical. I agreed n said it sounded great.

So day of surgery the nurse measure me and look at the mentors chart and said ok we will give to a implant thats 425cc filled to 475cc. I asked will that take me to a C/D she said yes then Dr. came in and said ok to the siZe and said he would put 475cc in both L/R and said that since boobs would be bigger they would look even and would not be noticeable that they were uneven before.

Being that this Dr had 45yrs of experience I trusted what he was doing. Them day after surgery I looked my boobs n they didn't look big, they just looked full and still uneven. When I went for my post op the nurse said they will look bigger once the skin stretches . When I got home I looked at the cards the mentor give tht say implant info and noticed that they had given my a Moderate profile (not a High profile).

I an not happy with my BA 1. I was not given the HP I wanted 2. They are uneven 3. I have a dent on my right boob the small boob. 4. The left boob looks like the pocket was done lower then the right. Its been 7 weeks my right boob is full top/bottom its nice and round but my right looks uneven smaller not full pocket is higher . You can tell right away with or with out clothes that the right is bigger/fuller them the right.

What should I do? I have a Dr appt nxt week, don't know how to expresses that I am so unhappy but at the same time not disrespect the Dr. At this point I fill just like I did before getting BA done. my boobs look just like before the only difference is that is not i am not wearing a padded bra, you can't even tell I had them done.

I am 24yrs old breast feed to kids
150lbs. 5'7
Pre op 36A/B
Post op 36D. "but laking the projection I wanted"

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