Mommy Makeover - California, MD

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Im getting a full TT with breast Augmentation. Ive...

Im getting a full TT with breast Augmentation. Ive had a c-section lost weight 3 times in my lifetime so im so ready to get this excess skin /mommy pudge off. Im 27,5"9 155 pounds . Ive been working out since i recovered from my c-section and this mommy pudge wont go away. I finally saved up and am so ready for this, Any advice anyone wants to give me ?:)

more pics of my belly

Different angles of the pudge

breast augmentation/ TT

Hii everyone! So i haven't officially seen my tummy yet. Question for the breast i was going for a D i was a small b /a- dr placed 475 ccs. In each its only been 3 days for some reason they seem so small to be a D and the sport bra im wearing is a C. Just wondering do the breast fill up change n how?

5 days post op

Tired my back hurts but moving around more today,not on so many meds,still walking hunched over but I know in the end all will be worth it :)

before surgery quick pose

My breast before and day 2 exhausted

post op day 7 :)

Well I finally got to see my belly in the mirror standing up a little straighter. Im very swollen everything hurts of course but more like an uncomfortable feeling but my back does still sting. Looking forward to my breast dropping filling down and seeing tummys final results: )

post op day 7

Day 7
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