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I'm 41, 5 feet and I'm embarassed to put down my...

I'm 41, 5 feet and I'm embarassed to put down my weight. :( I was always a size zero then around 27-28 my weight went up to 120lbs then went back down to 109 lbs at 30 years old. Then the 30s came...then baaam!! Life happened, also went back to school to finish my undergrad at a dress size 4, and two degrees later (bachelor and MBA) now my dress size is between 8 and 10. All the late night studying and eating and stress and getting through the program was my priority.
I have had a couple trainers, have tried the "diet" thing but for some reason, the weight and motivation are not the same as I had when I was younger. Lipo was the furthest from my mind. Until I saw a friend who I knew forever and knew she had something done for her to be a size 14 to a size 6 in one year. Then I started hearing some other girls went through some type of surgery, and they all looked fabulous! A friend asked me to go with her to a doc for a breast aug consultation and possible lipo and that's when I realized that it's not a bad thing to do. Its okay to want to look good and feel good for yourself. So began my journey and coming across this site is a blessing. It's so nice to find such a supportive community, and finding real answers and real stories (at least I think they are lol!).

After a lot of reading of reviews/blogs and looking at pics, I decided to choose Dr. Hughes in Cali. He definitely responds to emails and tries to make me feel at ease. I am going in for lipo of tummy, flanks, back and some from my arms and thought hey why not put a little of that fat to good use and put some in my booty area.

I am very nervous about it. There's so much info out there to prep that I get a little confused. Do I really need all that stuff? Are there just the basics that are essential for the first 4-6 weeks...what size garments, what type of garments...and the list goes on...

I haven't told many people especially my family (eeek!!) therefore I have to figure out what to say, how did my body change w/in a week or two lol I have absolutely no idea what fairy tale story I'll tell. Omg so many thoughts, again of feeling guilty for being vain too comes to mind, then I'd be thinking about how to sit in the car if you've just had a bbl!!

I'll post some pre-op pics soon...


Have to postpone for family reasons, will resume updates when I have a date scheduled.

Surprisingly not as bad as I thought...

Just as the other "Hughes" girls, when I woke up in the recovery room I was shivering like crazy...disoriented sleepy...doc came to say something and I couldn't understand him.
I hired a 24 hour care nurse to help me and even though I was able to move around, you really do need to have someone to help change the dressing because of the drainage. And to put the abdominal binder. Still perplexed as to how different doctors would have you wear girdle post surgery and we have to wear binder on top of the foam on top of the dressing. I ended up not doing the bbl, the thought of being on my front all the time and not sitting was too much lol. But as far as I can see, Dr. Hughes did a great job! I also asked him to help me out with my "buffalo" hump and he did warn that could be just fibrous tissue etc..but outcome is I seem to be "hump" less.
When I got home I was a little dizzy and nauseous made myself drink ensure (my very first protein drink in my life!) to take the meds...then later that night I was super hungry and ate regular food. Emailed the doc and confessed I didn't follow the clear liquid diet. :-/

One thing about Doc H he is sooo available to reach to and answers all my questions.

Hmmm only major concern I have is seroma that could be developing on my lower ab...seems like a common occurrence. Have to wait til Monday see if I have it too...think I have two. :(

two follow up post op visits

12th day post op, met with the nurse Olga and she had to drain 280cc from my lower belly (I did almost blank out, but she held me very close so I wouldn't fall completely on the floor). The color of fluid was bright red and fairly thick, not good. She asked me if I had been active and I had to admit I had not been resting like I should. Also suggested that I take iron 65mg. Had to go in again to see her two days later and she was happy that only 40cc was drained. I was happier too and that the color was just dark red more of tinge from blood, super glad that the fluid was not thick as before. Now the lower belly is more flat.
I am surprised my arms haven't been hurting from surgery, only sometimes feel a little soreness like I had been doing triceps workouts. Still only my left arm seems to be the one that has lost a little of the bulkiness pre-op.
As far as my back, I really haven't seen any change, hopefully with time I will see something. My flanks still feel a little numb at some areas, the sides for sure sore and darker tone than the rest of my body possibly because of the binder being so tight and making some dent marks as well as hardening few areas (which I try to smooth out by massaging myself).
As far as the silhouette of my figure, I definitely have my hour glass shape back. I'm just hoping that I'm still swollen and that my overall size will be smaller. A friend that had lipo with another doc has already gone down a few sizes, she looks amazing! But she's two weeks ahead of me plus her doc performed different technique.
I can't wait to get into stage 2 garment, I'm hoping with my next visit which is in a week I'd be fluid free and going to the next stage. Wearing the damn binder is cramping my style.


pics: pre-op side view; 2 days post op; the one back incision at week 1; post op side view in dress at week 1 without binder.

Bulges in lower belly...hope they go away :(

I think this is my 9th week now...and I have been going to the gym and watching what I eat. I am still concerned about this bulge I have in my lower belly. I have been going to get lymphatic drainage massages, they appear to be less "bulging out" right after massage but the sucker would come back especially after sitting for period of time. Maybe I just need to be more patient.
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