Laser Lipo Round Two - California, CA

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I had Lipo on my neck and chin in 2008. Thrilled...

I had Lipo on my neck and chin in 2008. Thrilled with those results. I have saved my money and now I am going to have laser liposuction of the upper and lower abdominals as well as the flanks.

I am 35, 5'5" and fluctuate between 125-135. I eat very healthy, no processed food, no sugar, no white flour and tons of fruits and veggies. I do yoga, ballet, or walking 4ish times a week. I could probably amp up my exercise.

I will post before pictures soon.

Before photos

getting nervous

night before

nervous, exited , ready.

Day One - blur

Yesterday was a blur. I was asleep for most of it. The procedure was really not as painful as I thought it would be. Near the rib cage was uncomfortable, but not anything more than a deep tissue massage. They removed 3500cc total. I expected a gain, but I am now at 137 from 132 pre-op. Haven't seen 137 in over 18 years. I think I am going to not weigh myself each day like I have... I could depressed with that. I haven't changed the dressing yet, so I don't know if there is visible change

after day 1

Day Two

I feel a lot better. I have one incision, left flank front, still draining slowly. Pain is more like I over did it at the gym than sore. Also, I haven't had a bowel movement since the day before the surgery. That means I am on day three. I have been taking prune supplements per my Dr.'s instructions. I think its the pain meds, so I am stopping those and doing Tylenol.
I had insomnia last night, which means my body is getting too much rest. I am going to go buy a second CG so I can wash the one I was given. There is leakage all over the back if it and it looks gross. The nurse said any kind of compression corset would work. To the MALL I GO!

First Follow Up

Dr. said he thought my results so far are better than he expected. I have some bumps ands dimples, but I am hopeful it will heal nicely. I will post pictures this weekend. I am too busy during the week to do much more than post.

9 day photos

my back is very swollen. I think I rolled on my side last night.

three week update

pain is mostly gone, only twinges here and there. I start exercise again Friday. Im very excited about that.

Im hoping to slowly step up my game.

3 week pics


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