46 Yo, Lipo Hips/Flanks/Back, 5'3" 135 Lbs. - California, CA

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Hey all! I posted this same post in the Forum a...

Hey all! I posted this same post in the Forum a few weeks ago before realizing all the posting action happens here, in the reviews. :) Since then, I also posted my question to the "Ask a Doctor" section and had great feedback. Definitely making me more convinced with my decision to look into lipo of my hips/flanks and back. I had a full tummy tuck with a bit of flank lipo about 6 years ago. Despite healthy eating and exercise (I've worked out more in the last year than I have my whole life), I'm tired of looking like a square! I'm planning on a consultation after the first of the year and hopefully getting it done shortly thereafter. I'd love to hear your feedback, especially from anyone who may be similar to me who has had just flank/love handle and maybe some back/bra roll for blending in...no abs. Looking at my photos makes me really want to go for it, but I'm still apprehensive about results. Thanks for any input!

Consultation Scheduled!

January 19th! I could have gotten in earlier, but wanted a specific time so my husband can go with me if he wants. I also found out that the $200 consultation fee is waived since I'm already a patient. Whoo Hoo!

Gulp! Moved up consultation appointment!

After a closer look at my calendar, I realized I have some days off that will allow me any time of day to go in for a consultation. So, December 22 it is. What a wonderful Christmas gift this will be if I get the green light to proceed...I'm a ball of nerves right now. Excited and mortified at the same time.

Feeling like an idiot for wanting this. Venting... :o(

Had a rough, rough day yesterday. Do I really need to do this? NO! This is definitely not a need...It's a want. Sometimes I wonder why I even come up with these ideas. Why do I want it? I've already had 2 procedures. I've worked my ass off over the last year with exercise and I know that my focus areas don't change a whole lot, but I'm healthy, happy and look pretty darn good. I know there is no such thing as perfection and I'm not striving to be perfect. In very simple terms, I'd just love to have this bit of fat gone. There is a way to do it. So, why not? It's a struggle, for sure...As of last night, I told my husband I was crazy, I was over it, and I was going to cancel my consultation. He definitely does not think I need to do this, and I would never proceed without his support. The fact that he told me that he knows that diet and exercise don't change the areas I want lipo'd is actually what prompted me to make the appointment. Even so, it causes tension between us. Our relationship is way more important than getting rid of my muffin top. We've been through so much in 25 years of marriage. :o) Also, both my kids are teenagers (17 and 14) and will probably flip...They don't know about my other procedures, but now that they are older I'm not sure how I'd handle it....All that being said, today he tells me to keep my appointment. Out of curiosity, not that I need it. Ugh. So, as of now, I'm still going to the consultation. Maybe my Dr. will tell me I really am crazy. Or not. Who knows.

One week countdown to consultation!

One week from today I will have my consultation. I'm excited! My husband is MUCH better about it. I just think he needed time to process it. He's supportive, but at the same time doesn't think I need it. NEED? No. I really don't. :) WANT? Yes! It's funny, I have times where I am absolutely mortified with the area I want fixed. I can not hate it any less. Then, I'll have times where I look at myself and think I'm crazy and feel look great the way I am. That usually rolls back to thinking, "Hey, you look fine the way you are, BUT, no harm improving.". Right? I do go back and forth. I'm looking forward to the consultation because I'm sure it will help me decide one way or the other.

Consultation Complete!

...and it was AMAZING!

I arrived a few minutes early and filled out all the necessary paperwork. I wasn't in the waiting room longer than 5 minutes flyer finishing before being taken back to the exam room. Then, just a few minutes before Dr. came in.

I was surprised that I hadn't been asked to change into a gown. I had worn my favorite jeans, tank top and cardigan. I showed her the areas fully clothed at first (minus the sweater), then she lifted my shirt for a better view, as well as loosening my jeans. Honestly, I felt this was a great way to view...No need to be fully naked. :o)

My main area of concern was my love handle/flank area, from hip bone all the way around my back. I didn't even mention my back (middle/bra line) when she asked to loosen my bra to view my back. She explained that she'd want to lipo all where the back bulges are, feathering up to armpit area. She said if she didn't, she knows I'd not be happy with how it looks if my hips are taken in and nice and smooth. It was actually music to my ears! I had decided to not ask about my back, figuring I'd work it off...Anyway, I want the best possible result I can get and trust her judgement, so I'm very pleased.

While I think "flank/love handle/back", the surgical description is "Liposuction
posterior trunk (mid to lower). She showed me all the areas that would be covered, pressing in and smoothing down, and it was so exciting to think off all that goo being gone! I should expect a smooth sillohette without the upper and lower bulges. I showed her again the area above my jeans, grabbed it, and asked if it's reasonable to expect it to be gone. She said it will be MUCH smoother and if anything is left, it maybe just a bit of skin. However, it will be smooth in clothing. I'm 100% OK with that. She confirmed that I do have more skin on the right. The shape will be as close as possible post surgery.

My biggest question was, in simple terms, will it be worth it? YES! She confirmed I'm a great candidate and will enjoy significant improvement. She also told me that she has told people no before. Her happiness comes from her patients' happiness. She would not suggest the procedure unless she knows it's what's best for me and that I will see visible difference that I will enjoy and appreciate. Whew!

She utilizes the tumescent technique, general anesthesia and the procedure will take about 2 hours. I'll have 4 incision sites, about 5 mm each. One near each hip and one on each side of mid ribs (between armpit and hipbone, basically.). She doesn't suture them closed to allow for drainage which will help reduce swelling and bruising. As expected, compression garment will be worn for 6 weeks and I can resume exercise with no restrictions (listen to my body as a guide) after 4 weeks. She said the right amount of exercise will help skin retract faster, but too much will increase swelling and prolong healing. As for compression of my back area, she suggested a wide band sports-type bra that is snug from right below armpit to below mid back.

I should plan on a week to a week and a half off work. She said I'll drain quite a bit the first few days, but the time off is for comfort. I figure if I can schedule for Thursday or Friday I can have 10 days.

Hmmmm, what else? I was given 5 prices! Yes, all depends on which facility I want to use. Needless to say, I'll choose the most cost effective one. It's a hospital setting where she performs most all of her surgeries. $4900. Very shocking that the highest price was $7129. Crazy. The only difference is between facility/anesthesia fees. She is discounting her fee 20%, as a returning patient thank-you. How awesome is that? I also didn't have to pay the $200 consultation fee today and spent at least an hour with her.

I'm so glad my husband was with me. It was great having him hear just what I did and able to ask questions, too. He understands that despite my best efforts, this area is very resistant to diet and exercise, especially as I am getting older.

Next step is scheduling! As of now, February or March...

Feeling super excited!

Some before pics...

I've posted these in other threads, but figured it makes sense to have them here.

Time to pick a surgery date!

I'm in the process of selecting a surgery date. It's looking like March or April. I already have 10 days off in April, but really don't care to use my vacation time to recover! My husband and kids will be home, too, so it's a good time to do it. Question, though, I kind of want to schedule it either 10 days before vacation or at the end, just to give me extra time. If I scheduled on a Friday, would I be OK to be alone by Monday?

Well...It's *almost* official!

I've been pondering some possible surgery dates and of course my #1 choice is not available. That's OK...I've been added to the schedule for March 31st...Just a few days after my #1 choice. I have my final payment/post op care review appointment, pre-op with Dr. and pre-op with hospital all tentatively scheduled -- Yes, 3 separate, pre-surgery appointments! I just have to pay my $500 scheduling deposit to change all from pencil to ink. Gulp. Not sure what I'm waiting for!

Deposit Paid!

After a few hours of dragging my feet (still not sure why!?), I just called and paid my deposit! March 31st is my day! I'm super excited about the final results. Not too worried about the actual procedure or recovery, just a little apprehensive about how/what I'm going to tell my kids. Only my husband knows, and I'm struggling with how to handle it with my teens. :)

First purchase for recovery!

My Dr. says she hasn't found a good compression garment for the back/bra roll area, so just advised me to get a wide band sports bra that covers under the armpit area. Impossible! I ended up ordering a Shapeez Unbelieveabra. I got the short one since I'll have a binder that'll cover my muffin top...or hopefully where my muffin top used to be, I should say! Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting it. I ordered black because I'll probably leak on it and it wasn't cheap! For those of you who have had back/bra roll Lipo, what did you use for compression?

Today is an important day!

Today is the day I go in to pay my final payment, sign all the disclosures and go over post-op instructions. This appointment was supposed to be on Tuesday, but my husband couldn't make it so we had to reschedule. It is MANDATORY that my caretaker come to this appointment. They want to make sure he knows how to take care of me after surgery. :) I'm pretty sure we'd be A-OK, but got to comply with their requirements. He's been through 2 surgeries with me...the TT being pretty extensive, but this will be a good refresher.

Is it weird that I'm super excited about this today? I guess it's just another step to making it real!

The only stress I'm having is about talking to my daughter. She's almost 18 and super opinionated, especially about plastic surgery. She's 5'8" and not even 100 lbs. and just isn't where I am. She has a short, squaty mom! Ha ha. She doesn't know the details about my previous suregeries, but she's at the age now that I just don't feel like I can cover it up with a story. I hope to have a grown up conversation with her, but I'm already anticipating her reaction and it's stressing me out! On one hand, this is totally personal. It's a decision I've made for my own personal satisfaction. It's MY choice. I'm willing to discuss it with her, but scared at the same time. I'm not telling anyone outside of my household and wonder if it's fair to expect her to not talk about it with others. I KNOW she'll tell her boyfriend. On the other hand, why should I care? I'm super excited about this. I *say* I don't care what anyone else thinks about it, yet I'm not willing to OWN it and let everyone know what I'm doing. Any brilliant words of advice?

The countdown is ON. 10 days to go!!!

P.S. The Shapeez SPORTEE bra was awful! I planned to use it post-op but getting the thing on and off was a nightmare! Back it went. I replaced it with a Leonisa Everyday Comfy Bra. It's nearly impossible to find a sports bra that has full back coverage. The Leonisa isn't super firm, but does offer nice, smoothing back support. I'll take it in to my pre-op to see what my Dr. says. It's still beyond me why she doesn't provide something for my back. She said she hasn't found anything great and that a wide band sports bra is fine. She doesn't seem to concerned, so I won't either.

One step closer...

My $$ is paid in full to my Dr. and husband instructed for post op care. Basically, know where my meds are when I get home and I have a free pass for no housework or laundry for 6 weeks! Ha! I remember scrubbing toilets 2 weeks post TT because, well...no one cleans like I do! We shall see...I learned that as a "Thank You" I have 20 units of Botox (free!) to use at my leisure. How sweet is that? I love it around my eyes, forhead and between my brows. I was technically due last month but still looking pretty good so decided to wait. Glad I did! For meds I will have Norco for pain, Augmentin for antibiotic, Emend for nausea (take an hour or 2 pre-surgery) and Phenergan for nausea post-op. I'll see my Dr. next Wednesday for my preop and then to the hospital for pre-admit. I learned I'll get an EKG and pregnancy test that day. Then, I'll check in at 6:30 am on 3/31 for 8:00 am surgery. Let's gooooooo!!

Well...That was awkward!

Had my preop with the surgeon and at the hospital today. My blood pressure was SUPER high. Must be anxiety...or I need to go back on HBP meds. Hmmmm. A little concerning to me, yet the surgeon and nurse at the hospital weren't concerned. Anyway, preop pics, EKG (since I'm 46), and pregnancy test done. I'm ready to roll. Armpits to buttcrack...See Ya!

My meds are ready at my normal pharmacy (antibiotics and Emend), but since Norco is controlled, I had to drop off the script. WHY didn't I go to a new pharmacy? I KNOW these people. First, the tech says, "Hello Mrs. (my maiden name) ...as a funny since he recently figured out that he's known my parents for years. We all use the same pharmacy, but with different names he didn't know....Then he says, "Wow. I've never seen THAT on an RX pad". What? "Can I speak freely?", he asks. Ugh. My plastic surgeon's office has a cleaver name. He had never seen it. He then reads the name of the practice OUT LOUD. Lordy! He asks, "What kind of surgeries do they do?" Ummm....All kinds, I say. Geez, I guess since he thought we were "friendly" he could ask! Hopefully he doesn't ask my parents how my surgery went! That'd be WAY too far...not to mention totally unacceptable and in violation of my privacy. AWKWARD!!

For the record...

Yikes. This time tomorrow, I'll be in recovery. Took some measurements and a brutally honest preop photo. I can't wait to see this go! I'm hoping for some shape. :)
Above breasts: 35.5"
Bust: 38"
Under breasts: 33"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 36"

On my way!

Preop weight 134.5 and BP 127/88. I feel more nervous than that! I'll check in when I can.

I'm alive!

Home and all tucked in. Was a litte nauseas post op but feeling OK now. Had to pee BIG time when I woke up! She took out 2050 ccs. More than she expected. :o). Whoo!


Gauze, double binder, undies, pants and sweatshirt are drenched! Of course, I got a little gap on my bed pad, so it got my sheets, too. Hopefully didn't get to the mattress, but c'est la vie if it did. Feeling good this morning. The pain is totally manageable. Hard to get out and in to bed. Bruising is setting in. I can see it on my lower hips and boob/armpit are. Overall in just giddy that I did this!

Oops. Pics!

Soaked! Yucky, right? When I removed my wet clothes and pads that were outside the binder, I sprung a leak. Squirting everywhere! Later this afternoon I will be able to remove and wash the binders. Can't wait to be dry for a few minutes!

Day #2!

Wow. Only day 2 postop? Late yesterday afternoon I was able to remove my binders and soggy pads. Felt so good to be clean and dry! I put on the Leonisa bra that comes up under my armpits, then binders from under breasts, overlapping the bra a bit, down to buttcrack. I think I'm wrapped up tighter now and it's nice and smooth. On top of it all I have a tightish Nike compression tshirt. I should be able to shower tomorrow and hope I can get a pic or 2. I'm quite bruised, but what I saw made me happy! I think I'll have a waist! Last night I took 2 pain pills at once at 9pm just to see...Well, 1 pain pill = 1 hour of sleep and 2 = 2 hours of sleep and a little more itchiness (Vicodin/Norco) does that to me. So, 1 at a time is fine! At 5:30 am I found myself in a weird position. I felt like a turtle on its back not able to get up! I felt like I was in more pain this morning than yesterday. Not horrible, but I did take a pill. My husband went to work today and I did fine getting up, washing my face, putting my hair up again and getting some food. One more thing...I did step on the scale the night of surgery. Up 6 lbs. The next morning I was down 3 and this morning I'm down 2 more. Almost back to preop weight. Not bad! I'm definitely more swollen today, too. Especially under the armpit area. Ouch.

Day #3!

Feeling good today. No pain meds since 1am. I folded done light luads of laundry and showered. I'm trying to be up and around more today but still taking it very easy. I have a slight headache abd a little lightheaded so it's time to rest. I'm very pleased with my results so far...even though it looks like I've been run over. There was no leaking on any of my pads which were changed about 28 hours postop. So, j just wrapped up without them. I'll be on my way to my first postop appt. later this afternoon.

First and last postop for 6 weeks...

Had my postop and it went well. The binders are a bit rigid so I have some irritations on my lower back. I'll wear a soft cami underneath now. She said I'd need a size small garment and she only had large. So, the binders will work just fine. The only reason she thought about changing was due to the sore spots. No need to buy anything else. I can do very light walking now, and ease into more in 3-4 weeks. She said not too much but light activity will help the skin retract. She's pleased with the outcome (me, too!) and said even though I'm swollen there is a nice improvement already. I'd say so! She showed us my preop photo and I about died! Holy Cow! It was dreadful! I'm so grateful I did this! She asked if I wanted her to shred that pic (it was just an illustrative copy for today) and of course, I said yes! I don't need that thing! Then my husband joked, "as long as your shredder is big enough!" Ha ha! Got to love him! I'll see her again in 6 weeks and plan to be 125 lbs. by then. Clean eating!

Hello, Day #4!

Moving right along. :) I asked my Dr. if I could start sleeping laying down since I've been propped up on my back since surgery. Well, I tried it last night. My advice...DON'T! I slept for 2 hours on my left side and it wasn't comfortable even getting in to that position, but I didn't have to drive to reposition again. I woke up sore and woozy. Switched to my back. Awww. Later I tried the right side. Nope! So, propped up on my back with a pillow under my knees is the most comfy for now. I was up at 6:30 am on a Saturday simply due to the discomfort of my sleeping adventure. Oh well. I can nap whenever I want! I'm planning an uneventful day. Take care everyone! Have a happy, healing day. To those waiting for their turn, take comfort that this is an amazing adventure!

Happy Easter!

29" waist. :) That is all. Ha! That's a 4" loss so far! I'll do full measurements and weight next time. Oh, I'm in jeans, too, and feels good! Binder tucked in fine.

Day #6

Not much to report today. Was up and out for 6 hours yesterday. Felt pretty good, but crashed for a few hour nap in the late afternoon, then slept like crap last night. Did some very light housework today and showered. Relaxing for the rest of the day. Still quite sore upon getting up or changing sleep positions (that part is challenging!), but overall going great. I noticed today I have 7 entry points: 2 near my right hip (fuller side) 1 at my left, 1 on each side of ribcage and one on each side higher up near near my armpits. I think that's it unless a tape fell off ... Finally, resorted to taking some Milk of Magensia today...Hope it kicks in soon!

It's been a week!

Thoughts for the day:

Milk of Magnesia works! Ha. Should have started with the lowest recommended dose, but still wasn't dreadful. :)

Energy is limited. I'm fine to get up and do things, but get worn out quickly. I was supposed to go somewhere today and after I did a few light chores and got ready, I told my husband to go by himself. :(


Above breasts: 33.5" (-2")
Bust 38" (same)
Under breasts: 30.75" (-2.25")
Waist: 28.5" (-3.5") *a few days ago I reported a 4 inch loss, but my pre waist measurement was 32" not 33". Still, has gone down another half inch in the last few days...I'll take it!
Hips 32.5 (-3.5")

I forgot to record my weight! I think it was like -2 lbs.

Still terribly bruised and marked up. The swelling in my upper back is more pronounced today. In my 2 binders I definitjy look lumpy under fitted tops because of the swelling, where they overlap, stop and start...

Took zero pain meds yesterday and was in serious pain by early morning. I think I will take one at bedtime tonight. Lots of healing hirs on at night and it's not good to be uncomfortable and not able to sleep.

Thank goodness I have the rest of the week off! I would not want to be working, for sure! Stress free to be able to take this at my own pace.

I'm posting a few new pics, but I think I look worse today. Hello Swell!

A few more pics...

To illustrate swelling. :(


Tried to sleep on my side again last night. Much more comfy, yet only lasted 20 minutes because I developed a splitting headache and was very, very nauseated. I've concluded that my binders must have been too tight! I feel like my circulation was compromised. This morning I noticed my binder was really digging in at my waist and the swelling pattern was UGLY! In general, I'm not liking how the 3 panel binders are kind of lumpy. I thought tighter would be better, but no.....that just makes where the seams are at the waist fold and dig in more...

I ordered a Marena Stage 2 High Back brief garment and paid extra to get it here quickly. I hope I got the right size. Sizing was a bit stressful. I think it will be better under clothes (going back to work on Monday) anyway and I can still supplement with the binders if needed.

Other than that, today has been great! Dishes done, I went for a walk and I cleaned out and organized my closet. Seriously, I wanted to throw away most of my clothes! I'll nust have to put up with some dumpy outfits until I'm fully healed.

They fit!

These shorts were too small pre-op. Now the fit great, bordering on too big. Now, just got to work on my legs! Full 30 minute walks start Monday.

Back to work...WHEW!

Day 13 PO = Day 1 back to work. Overall, a very good day. :) I must say, though, that I was much more aware of my soreness...all day long! Who knew that sitting up in a chair all day would be so tiring. I made sure I got up and walked around every hour, drank extra water, and even went for a 30 minute walk. Very low key and much slower than my normal pace, but it felt good. I'm wearing my stage 2 Marena garment during the day. I love it and looks great under clothes. My pants are too big. Ha! After I got home, dinner and dishes done, my body is exhausted. I've changed into my Velcro binder and jammies. Time to put my feet up and relax. Based on soreness today and the 1 inch swelling in my waist (yikes) I think wearing the binder at night will be good. Even though the Marena garment is plenty compressive, the rigidness of the binder feels good.

Broke through the 2 week mark!

Just a quick update....More photos coming soon. :) Monday, first day back to work, no problems, felt good. Tuesday, killer headache by the end of the day, super sore and grumpy. Took 2 pain pills and went to bed EARLY! Yesterday, another fabulous day! Every day when I get home I change out of my work clothes and switch from my stage 2 garment back to my Velcro binder since I swell more now. I'm not really enjoying it, not comfy at all, but it does help relieve the swelling by morning and just feels a bit more secure. I was planning on leaving the incision tapes on until they fell off on their own, but they were bugging the crap out of me last night, so I took them all off. The incision points look great. Just tiny little dots at this point (7 in all). My bruising is beginning to fade, but it will probably be another week before it (and the sharpie marker!) is totally gone. I've been sleeping on my sides more often, but still tend to get nauseated if I stay that way too long. So weird!

Nearly 3 weeks PO. Moving along!

Feeling good today! Soreness is much better and that's even after vacuuming and steam mopping my whole downstairs today. Only took me 2 hours, but I did it! The lumps and dents you see are due to 18 hours in my Velcro binders opposed to my comfy, smooth stage 2 Marena garment. The binders cause all kinds of weird marks, lines, lumps and bumps. Looking past that, I'm a happy girl today!

4 weeks PO today!

Saturday and Sunday I wore my stage 2 garment 24 hours a day. I was able to sleep on both sides relatively comfortably! It was awesome. Had to wash it last night, so slept in my Velcro binders again. I HATE them! I see myself wrapping up in those less and less...

I'm surprised at this point I still have discomfort. It isn't horrible, but is made worse by the binders (another reason I'm phasing them out!). I do have times, sitting still, where I don't feel anything. If I stretch too hard I get a intense burning pain like my skin is ripping off my flesh.

I still haven't done an intense workout. Just walking about 5 miles per day, at a brisk 4 mph pace. It feels good and I think it's enough for now. I will wait another few weeks before adding any weights or impact to my routine.

I've only lost 1.5 lbs since surgery. Crazy! I thought for sure it would be more, especially since I've been way more active than pre-op and eating better, too. Not going to stress about it since I love my new shape! I look better now than I did when I was 15 lbs. lighter! So, it's all good. On that note, I had a thought...You know how where fat cells are removed, fat won't deposit there, but will go other places? So, yeah...being careful to not gain! BUT, since fat won't deposit in the lipo areas, it won't come off those areas either, right? Ha ha. So, I'm anxious to see where my fat loss comes from as I continue to add exercises back to my routine. :)

Today I wore a dress I haven't worn in a year. I've only worn it once before today. Felt OK the first time I wore it, but feel GREAT now! I feel totally comfy in it and not worried about any lumps or bumps of fat. They're gone! It's definitely time to go dress shopping!

I plan on updating my photos after my next post op appointment. So, 3 more weeks. Hope to have pics from my Dr. then. I'm looking forward to seeing those side by side!

Wishing everyone well! Hope all who went in around the same time as me are starting to feel better, too. To those of you getting ready....I'm so excited for you! I know it's a little scary, but SO WORTH IT! Enjoy the journey!

Almost 6 weeks PO

I'll be 6 weeks PO in 2 days. Back to my normal workout routine, which makes me very happy! Starting week 2 tomorrow. I'm on a mission to lose the 10-12 lbs. I packed on over the winter when I stopped exercising and eating healthy. I got in a huge funk leading up to my surgery (before I even consulted/scheduled). I'm superotivated, on track and focused now!

I'm still wearing my garnent pretty much 24/7 but did sleep without it last night. Sure was nice! I don't see my Dr. for another week and I hope she says I can be done with it.

I'm STILL sore with burning/pulling sensations. Crazy! I expected to feel back to normal by now. It's not really slowing me down except slight workout modifications.

I don't have any irregular lumps or bumps from the lipo but can feel a little scar tissue at the incision sites. I'm not sure about swelling. I suspect its still going on, but not super noticeable.

My left flank is a bit rounder than my right, which is funny because my right was much bigger than the left preop. I notice it nude, but not at all in clothes. I'm A-OK with that! Perhaps it's swelling because I didn't notice such s difference early on. At 46 I don't plan to be hanging out in a bikini in public, anyway. It'll look perfect in a one piece.

I couldn't be happier when I get dressed every day. No worries of anything buldging over or needing to be tucked in. I'm so glad I did this! 100% worth it even with a recovery that's been longer than expected. I'm enjoying the journey and just going with the flow...

Nearing 8 mo. Post Op

...and couldn't be happier! It really does take this long to fully heal. At least for me. No complications or complaints just little sensitivity twinges occasionally but they continue to lessen. I've lost about 16 or 17 lbs. since my surgery all due to a change in my diet. I'm below my pre-pregnancy wright and my youngest is 15. Ha! The surgery has given me the motivation! I love that I can put on whatever I want and feel good. No more rolls hanging over and sticking out...that was my goal, and I'm truly grateful that I did this. Biggest advice for anyone contemplating...be realistic with your expectation and you will be happy. ..you'll still be YOU! Just without the stubborn fat pockets. Relax and enjoy your journey. My recovery time was longer and more uncomfortable than I anticipated...even more so than my tummy tuck, but I wouldn't trade it for my pre lipo body. I'm at peace and loving every day!
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