Laser Hair Removal - Arms and Underarms

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I have had 7 treatments on my arms and underarms....

I have had 7 treatments on my arms and underarms. The progress was absolutely wonderful tons of hair was gone. And then 2 months after the last treatment almost all the hair came back. This is one thing that I was never made aware of.

Yes you can go back and get more treatments, but how do I know if it is going to work this time. Plus how much money am I willing to spend when they told me that for sure after the 5th treatment almost all the hair will be gone. I was never told that it might all come back. If I knew all of this when I started I would have not even paid that much.

The way that this particular machine felt wasn't unbearable, but it was like getting snapped with a rubber band on a sun burn. This other machine that they used Eliose ( I think I spelled that wrong) that one was extremely painful on my underarms I couldn't handle that machine at all.

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I have known other people who have had the same treatment elsewhere and had great overall outcome.

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