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I am scheduled to have laser body contouring...

I am scheduled to have laser body contouring (laser liposuction) on tuesday 9.4.2012 and I am nervous. I have had a breast aug. a little over a year now and traditional liposuction back in 2000. The traditional lipo suction was very painful, I was bruised for weeks and came out slightly uneven. I should not have done that to myself at 19 years old, but I put on a little weight and had the money at the time so why not. I regret it now as an adult, but am very thankful i survived such a serious procedure. Three years after my lipo I had a beautiful baby girl which in turn, there goes my little waist and flat tummy. I have managed to shed the baby weight and even got myself in great shape at one point.

Sadly, as a single mother working two jobs I was unable to keep up with two a days and two hiur cardio sessions. I refused to go under again and subject my body to the serious pain I felt from traditional liposuction. I found Sono Bello on here actually and read a ton of great reviews. I had my consultstion today and am scheduling my pre op for thursday, procedure on Tuesday. The only plus of mu teaditional lipo other than the flat tummy, my insition scars are pretty much non existant. They did a fabulous job hiding those. From the pictures i have seen, the ladies on here look amazing but i can see the entrance insitions fairly well. A little nervous about that and the pain i may feel afterwards. If it is nothing close to a breast aug (which hurts like hell) then i shoild do just fine! Pre op pic posted today, i will post more tomorrow. To ensure that it really is me in all of my pictures I will wear the same bra and same picture stickers with every picture.
Hoping to see my love handles fall in love somewhere else....

Procedure has been moved to Thursday September the...

Procedure has been moved to Thursday September the 6th. Already had my pre-op today, doctor gave me the green light for Thursday. They decided to do, upper abdomen, lower, waist and hips. I asked if he could do the inner thigh as well, going to throw that in being as though they gave me a sweet deal on it all. All areas are getting done in one sitting, I am super nervous. Thursday can't come any quicker.


Update: 10.25.12

I acidentally posted in laser lipo when my procedure was actually Tumescent Lipo. Either way...here we go!

I am a healthy 29 year old woman. 5'7" 148.
I had my procedure done yesterday. I have had a breast augmentation, a baby and a couple tattos so with that being said, I know pain!
I had my second consultation and scheduled my appointment the following week. They were very nice, my doctor took his time explaining everything to me. Half of the gals in there said they have had the procedure done but who knows.
Yesterday I had the lipo done at 2pm...I was slightly nervous but not terribly being as though there was no anesthesia involved at all!! They gave me a nice coctail of stuff. Sadly, when it came to procedure time, my meds hadnt kicked in yet and I felt pretty much everything. I was crying in pain it hurt so bad. My doc actually had to stop for a minute because of how much pain I was in. They said the usual time it takes a patient to have 2 zanex and a vicodin kick in was usually 30 minutes. But not me...it took an hour and a half. Needless to say, once they kicked in it was easy coasting from there. Didn't feel a thing at all besides a slight pressure. The doc was very comforting and played some awesome tunes to keep my mind busy. We talked footballl until I found lala land in vicoville!! :)

Don't remember the drive home, or hitting my bed. I slightly remember coming off the table and the nurse padding my garment for the ride home.
I had my full abdomen (upper ab, lower ab waist and hips) as well as my inner thigh done. He even threw in a little bit of my lower back to give me a better arch!
I had the works!

I slept a good 5 hours woke up at 10ish and felt absolutely no pain at all. Made some calls which I don't remember (painkiller was working fabulously)!
Woke up at 4:30am slightly nauseated but hopped right out of bed, took my coctail and antibiotic and back to lala land I went.

Today is day one technically and I feel awesome! Once my pain killer buzz went away I felt some soreness exactly like they explained. Like I had done one hellacious workout the day before. Totally bareable! I took tylenol for the soreness and my regular scripts of arnica and my antibiotic.
I expected to have soaked my towels and pads in my garment but to my suprise...they werent even that saturated. From what the follow up nurse told me, she drained me out quite a bit on the table and when I stood I simply drained most of the solution.

I was expecting to feel faint or dizzy once I took my garment off to shower. Nope! Not a bit. Had a nice hot shower..anti bacterial soap on my incisions (which are as small as a pen tip) padded my garment and went about my house chores!

I feel slightly sore but for just having "surgery" not less more than 24 hours ago? I feel fantastic.
As far as what I saw when I took off my garment....
Still swollen a bit...I wasnt blown away like "omg my whole life has changed!" BUT I can see a major change in my waist and my tummy is completely flat.

So far I am still undecided. But I am pleasantly shocked how great I feel today.
My week follow up is on tuesday which at that point I will post my post op pictures!

I really hope this helps someone!!

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