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I went to a reputable laser hair removal center,...

I went to a reputable laser hair removal center, which messed up my face, and I will have to live with, and suffer public humiliation, for the rest of my life. I am severely scarred.

I have a medium complexion, which I expressed concerns about BEFORE my treatments began, and to which the laser company assured I had nothing to worry about. As my face showed discoloration from being burned with the laser due to my complexion (which I believe was after my second treatment), the laser personnel continued to assure me I had nothing to worry about and that the discoloration was not my skin burning, but rather a normal part of the process.

On or about the fourth treatment, they began encouraging me to add dermabrasion and photoflash lightening treatments to help with the discoloration and so that my treatments would become more effective. They went as far to say my face would not get better without the additional add-ons, and so, out of desperation to fix a problem they were making worse (which I didn't know at the time), I added the dermabrasion and photoflash treatments. These additional treatments left my face pealing for almost the entire remaining portion of the two years, not to mention sometimes very raw to the touch. My skin condition worsened.

I finally decided to call it quits after spending over $5,000 in treatments and over $1,000 on their products (which the laser personnel convince one they cannot live without), and my face started wrinkling - like when you burn a piece of plastic and it shrivels up. They had an excuse for this too, "It will eventually get better," "Don't worry, darker skin takes longer," etc. This was over the two year mark.

I sought laser hair removal to help me remove unwanted facial hair so that I could hold my head up without embarrassment. At the time I first inquired about their hair removal services, I was also considering electrolysis. The laser center convinced me that electrolysis was a severely harsh treatment and said that needles poking into my skin would create the risk of me being left scarred for life. It's odd they placed me in the very situation they convinced me would occur with electrolysis. The laser center reps convinced me that laser treatment was just as effective, less painful and more affordable in the long run than electrolysis (none of these statements are true). And, the worst part is, if you do not continue treatments, THE HAIR "WILL" RETURN AND MORE FIERCELY.

As I write this, I am crying. I am so ashamed of the impact of the laser treatments, and at least before, I could pluck and then I would be fine. I cannot hide the damage created by the laser center. The burns, skin shriveling and worsened hair growth are so severe, that I do not go out with friends anymore, and I even quit a job I absolutely loved to hide my embarrassment. Even going to the store anymore has its challenges, as my husband and I have heard people talking about my face because they think we cannot hear them, so now, just my husband goes to the store. My incredible husband is the only thing that pulls me through all of this.

It is well past the time to bring any legal recourse for the damage to my face, or render anything punitive for the my soul diminished. I was so ashamed that, even to stand in front of an attorney and have him view my face full of hair and scarred, was too much to bear. The past four years has been about acceptance that I made a big mistake and learning to cope with just that on an emotional level is quite a bit in itself.

I recently went for an electrolysis treatment, and cannot give any insight on if it does or does not work. I am prayerful and hopeful for good things to come from it.

I guess I am writing this so if anyone reads it and opts out of "laser" hair removal services, I am convinced a good deed has been done.

Thank you for reading.

American Laser Center

When there's a problem with your treatments, they lie to you for the sake of making money. That simple.

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