Planning to Do Genesis Plus Laser. Need Advice - California

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I had a terrible experience with laser hair...

I had a terrible experience with laser hair removal in 2009 and now have ingrown hairs and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation all on my lower legs. It's so embarrassing that I haven't worn skirts, dresses, or shorts since then! I'm only in my 20s and do want to get married and have kids but this is ruining my social life. I was scarred of laser therapies since then and have tried so many topical treatments such as retin A, triluma, HQ 4%, glycolic treatment pads, ziana, alpha hydroxy, glycolic acid peels. I also tried dermaroller. HQ worked best but after 2 years, the effectiveness decreased and the changes were insignificant.

I'm planning to do genesis plus laser as my dermatologist says its an improved version of genesis laser and has not caused hyperpigmentations in his patients but rather helped scars and discolorations to fade.

Has anyone tried genesis laser plus on their legs?? He says 4 to 6 treatments will be needed I did a patch test at 13 joules and was okay....only slight redness for 1 hr which faded. I hope this treatment works because its so expensive...about $350 per session

Did my first treatment. It felt warm on my legs...

Did my first treatment. It felt warm on my legs and only got hot when the laser singed a leg hair. No side effects, but no improvements either. I will continue to do this about 3 more times. if I see no improvements by the 4th or 5th treatment, I will have to seek a new treatment.
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