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I have done IPL on my face 3 times now. Once in...

I have done IPL on my face 3 times now. Once in Mexico City for $30, once at a spa chain for $200+, and once at a doctor's office for $150.

I have had good results with IPL. The $30 experience was a little too quick and I didn't notice any difference afterwards.

My second experience was the most expensive but I was very pleased to see dark pigment from some moles on my face rise to the surface. I was amazed!

Third experience I didn't think I saw a difference but in about 2 years after monthly light chemical peels, 1 Jessner's peel, and the 3 IPL sessions, my complexion improved immensely.

There is no magic bullet for 'perfect' skin. You probably won't get 'perfect skin' no matter how hard and how much money you spend. What you CAN expect is BETTER skin.

However, in my experience it is a marathon, not a sprint. You really do need several treatments in a series of most everything to make a difference.

I think IPL is a strong "kicker" in your overall skin care regimen. I would recommend at least 3 sessions.

But, you have to keep these things in mind:

1) Not anyone can hold an IPL wand and do your face. Be VERY careful who you let do this treatment on you. Do your research. Learn what the different IPL machine brands are. Keep track of the settings done on you and compare notes with other IPL users on forums like Real Self. Consult with a number of different places before you pick your spot. Be wary of outlandish claims. NO ONE should promise that IPL will "fix everything" unless you are the ideal candidate - white and fair skinned with light and routine sun spots.

2) Have realistic expectations. Know that it will take time and several sessions to get results.

3) Do IPL as part of an overall skin regimen. Always use SPF and exfoliate regularly.

4) **IPL IS NOT PERMANENT** It will NOT keep your skin from forming new melanin and spots. All IPL can do is draw melanin to the surface, where it eventually falls off. If you do IPL and like the results, you must be RELIGIOUS in keeping out of the sun and need to use brighteners for the rest of your life to maintain results.


I went to multiple locations. I cannot recommend all of them.

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