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Four pregnancies and 22 years of motherhood have...

Four pregnancies and 22 years of motherhood have done quite a number on this body. In 1996, thinking that I was done having babies, I had a BA done; saline implants placed over the muscle. One divorce, re-marriage, and beautiful baby girl (seven years) later, portions of my body were a mess! I eat fairly well and exercise regularly, but my 5'3" frame was left with a squishy jelly belly. To add insult to injury, I discovered that one of my implants had ruptured and am now left lopsided.

I went in for a consultation, expecting to have the doctor explain how my implants would be removed and replaced with new ones. Much to my (pleasant) surprise, he asked how I felt about the idea of removing the implants, getting a lift, and not replacing the implants. When the BA was done in 1996, I was very thin, so the implants made me a full C cup. With the weight fluctuations over the years, I'm now between a D and DD and I am O-V-E-R the idea of having large breasts. My doctor's suggestion sounded wonderful to me!

In addition to the explantation and BL, my jelly belly is on the chopping block as well. I can't wait to get my full tummy tuck done and finally feel like I'm back in the right body!

The surgery center called today to give me my pre-op instructions and it suddenly hit me...OH MY GOD this is really happening!!!

Ok! House has been cleaned, I've gone out and...

Ok! House has been cleaned, I've gone out and bought all my supplies, and the groceries are done. I'll be making chicken soup to keep on hand for the first few days after surgery and I've made sure I have plenty of fruits and veggies on hand so that I can keep my eating as clean as possible.

I've managed to keep myself busy for most of the weekend, but crazy nerves are settling in! I know I'll be ok, but the fear of how much the front of my body is going to be hurting is freaking me out just a tad.

Even though he'll probably never read this, I have to publicly recognize my hubby for being so supportive. He's made sure I'm not eating junk so close to surgery day and even did the laundry for me this morning so that all the chores are done. There is no way I could do any of this without his support.

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Well, I had my 1st post-op on Friday and all was...

Well, I had my 1st post-op on Friday and all was good. One drain came out, and from the looks out of it, the other 3 should come out next week. Took my first shower, which I have to say was both wonderful and horrendous all at the same time.

Wonderful because it felt good to clean up, but horrendous because I wasn't quite ready to see myself looking like Frankenstein. I'll be happy when the drains are out because, quite honestly, it is freaky to see these things protruding from my body.

I'm off pain meds (yay) and the pain pumps are also out. Word of advice...make sure you're on stool softeners BEFORE surgery and although they're a lifesaver, be sparing with the pain meds. They are VERY constipating and it is NOT fun. Last but not least, drink LOTS of water...that helps a lot with the constipation.
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