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I'm so over all these mystery machines and...

I'm so over all these mystery machines and their claims to: a) magically rejuvenate skin with no downtime, b) tighten sagging skin, c) be safe for all skin types d) blah, blah, blah, blah.

I'm here to tell you that I've tried a lot of different things by qualified an (unfortunately) unqualified people and I've finally been hit over the head enough times to say, "Oh, that hurt and was really stupid." So here are a few thoughts:

1) I understand the government has a lot to do with the economy and all - so I propose that it simply admits that anything cosmetic is at your own risk and they really aren't paying any attention when they approve all this crap – or they are getting paid off by these companies.

2) Companies like Syneron (eMatrix) and other second-rate entities should have to admit that they allow anyone with the money - to buy their machines and administer treatment. If a monkey had the cash, they'd sell it and let the monkey brand your face with their grid (4 squares) hand piece.

3) These companies should have to admit that the standards for use of these machines are about as loose as my now sagging skin, and that any studies they provide are merely handpicked best case scenarios in controlled environments. The photos that don't turn out just end up in the shredder.

4) All centers offering treatments like eMATRIX or other non-gold standard products should have to write the word "SUCKER" on your invoice.

So let's look at eMatrix claims:

1) “Sublative Rejuvenation™ treatment may result in improvement of: (To be fair, they do say "may result")

Wrinkles – Wow. . . that’s a stretch as long as a football field.

Scars – HUH! I would love to have Syneron explain the squares on my face that look just like their hand piece. The four depressed squares that showed up in the middle of my brow two weeks after a treatment were particularly interesting. A little filler and 35% TCA is helping to fix that. Keep in mind, they claim that this technology does most of it's work below the skin and should have minimal if any impact on the top layer.

Textural irregularities - You betcha! My skin now appears to have a variety of interesting textures and patterns. I also ended up with some bizarre red rash and severe dryness that lasted for a month. I had not changed any products or experienced anything like this in my life.

2) Minimal downtime: This is pretty relative. If you do "A" treatment which won't do anything at all, you'll be able to go back to work. If you do the "C" treatment - which is the only level that could possibly do anything - you will have a face as red as a baboon's bottom for a few days and you have swelling. You can't go to work.

3) Safe for all skin types: Ok. . reality check. INFLAMMATION and injury to the skin cause hyperpigmentation. Ohhhh. . . I guess that's what would explain the hell I'm going through now to try to get rid of this blotchy mess!

4) Collagen building should continue for months after the series of procedures which should lead to skin tightening: Whatever!

3 months after I was done with this I have a picture that shows lifeless sagging skin. It was like an overnight drop. Let’s say for the sake of argument that I just rapidly aged and this treatment had nothing to do with it. Fine. . . At least there should be no debate that there was no visible benefit in the area of tightened skin. I will admit that I thought I liked this product after the first couple treatments. I'm now of the mindset that I might have just been swollen - or I was in such a state of desperation that I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on.

So, if you saw me post positively, it was early on in my treatment. Some of my discoveries were made with continuing procedures (that I should have stopped) and in the months following. I’m sure they will deny all claims, but - the squares don’t lie! If you are lucky enough to not have any damage. . . then the other side is that it doesn't do anything. It's just not worth it. TCA peels are less expensive and when administered by a doctor you can get great results. Not only are TCA peels currently cleaning up this mess for me, but my skin is improving beyond anything more that those 6 eMatrix procedures. Centers/offices make fortunes off these machines. That's why they use them. Also, once they invest in one - they have to use it whether it works or not. This is just my opinion. . . Everyone has to do what they think is best. Good luck!

I just met with two different Laser doctors in...

I just met with two different Laser doctors in SoCal to evaluate my skin. Both said that eMatrix is a piece of crap. One bought it and ended up selling it because he didn't see any results. The other one JUST SAID NO! after evaluating it. While I did have some damage, the thing that comes up the most with this machine is the lack of results, period. It's a pretty pricey thing to do without getting any benefit. I recommend going on a vacation or giving the money to charity - or throwing the cash out the window 'cause that's what you'll be doing anyway.
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