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People describe me as slim but I have a hidden...

People describe me as slim but I have a hidden pooch of a stomach that has been bothering me for years. No matter how much I lost, it is always there. I saw a sign for CS at my dermatologist office and got a quote. They wanted me to do 4 procedures for a cost of I believe $2700. I got a second opinion from a different location who said I needed 4 procedures (or whatever they're called) and only charged me $1200 - so I went with them.
I had the procedure yesterday (or day before yesterday considering it is now 1:30 am). I had my lower abdomen done. They did one side for 1 hour and the second side for an hour. The machine sucks onto your stomach. For the first 10 minutes it felt a little claustrophobic, but it wasn't painful - just felt like something heavy was lying on my stomach. When I finished the doctor gave my stomach a deep massage which I tried to ignore. That evening I went to the gym and participated in an hour long aerobic class. My stomach was a bit swollen and all red looking but nothing obvious and I had no problems exercising.
This morning when I woke up I was still a bit swollen. I usually dance around for 5 minutes in the morning but I had to hold my stomach while I was doing it this morning to avoid pain. My stomach is still numb but mostly the only time I felt any different was going to the bathroom - then I would remember the procedure. I went to the gym again this evening and did my two hour workout (two classes - one working on muscles the other aerobics). I only felt any pain when I did jumping, but nothing I couldn't live through. The swelling isn't as bad as I'd expected. So far so good.

Day 4

Yesterday and this morning I still had to hold my stomach with both hands when I did my 5 minute morning routine. Other than that things are going well. I am expecting pain either today or tomorrow, but so far so good. There is not much swelling at all, if any. My stomach still feels numb.

Day 5

No pain yesterday or today. I hope I'm in the clear. The numbness is subsiding.

it was a waste of money

It's been four months now and I can say that I see little to no difference. I even lost a few pounds, but I still have the same stomach pooch. I had such high hopes. :-(
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