Acne Rosacea (Psoria Gold) - California City, CA

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Hi all just thought i would share my experience...

hi all
just thought i would share my experience about acne rosacea..
3 months ago i noticed my face turning red .after a while the redness stayed and wouldnt go away,and then i started getting pimples.i diagnosed myself with this condition and first thing was to look on the internet to try to fix it .but it looked like not much would clear it up.i first tried all the obvious things like changing my diet and trying all the remedies people suggest like apple cyder vinegar/coconut oil/aloe vera etc etc. i tried them all and nothing seem to make much difference.

so i bit the bullet and went to the doctor,but i kind of guessed what he was going to give me after all the things i read. he put me on a tablet and a gel to put on my face.did that for 2 weeks and it got i stopped that .still searching on the internet i came across this interview with this doctor about this cream she had developed.the name of the cream is PSORIA GOLD .if you have a look on youtube you will find it.its quiet interesting to listen what she had to say.although a skeptic i thought i would try it .

i was at the point where it was really starting to get me down and people were starting to say things about my face and even my partner was saying when are you going to fix your face the cream turned up and i put it on and the next day my partner said that my face had improved dramatically.a couple of days later i went back to the doctor and he said that it had improved.i told him about the cream but obviously he never heard of it and because its not on the pharmaceutical list he wouldnt recomend it .he gave me a new course of tablets which is minocycline.i have now been taking these tablets and continuing to apply my cream for 3 weeks now and the acne is nearly completely gone and my skin is looking 99 percent better.i have even had complements on how healthy my skin looks.i actually think it is looking better than before .the good thing about this cream as it is natural with no bad ingredients.i know they say that everyone is different and things work for different people.but i would recommend this with out has fixed my life up and its back to normal again.i bought the psoria ultra face. it cost about $120
good luck guys !!!!

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