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To start, the main reason i decided on an implant...

to start, the main reason i decided on an implant is my chin was small, did not align with my nose{side profile} as i do have an overbite and even post braces was not fixed, i am now almost 3 weeks post op and it appears crooked. I am ready to have it removed and think its worse than before,from what ive read and told,is it takes a few months for things to heal and real results actually show,however i am really self conscience about my facenow, than i have ever been. My incision is under my chin and has pretty much healed. it is raised so when i run my finger over it its not flat,which is also making me freak out.. i have read swelling can make the chin "appear" crooked,in my case i hope so, id really hate to go thru another surgery for removal because i doubt i would ever do this again or mess with anything on my face for that matter. The left side of my bottom lip and chin are still numb, when i talk it seems like im talking thru my teeth since my lip wont move, on day 11 post op i had the WORST nerve pain ever, throbbing, zinging,pins and needles, i dont really know how to explain it but it was terrible pain. I did call my dr office and was told it IS a side effect and i just have to bare through it,even pain meds cant control or dull pain from nerves.. My advice to anyone considering this procedure is if you can live with out it PLEASE do,unless you have an extreme receding chin , the aftermath is not worth it so live with the small difference the chin implant will maybe fix..

Now 6 weeks post op my chin still appears crooked,...

now 6 weeks post op my chin still appears crooked, it leans to the left and i am worried.. DR said its too soon to tell but he doesnt think the implant has shifted, i have read it takes a long time for the results but by now i am restless and have it in my mind i need a revision.

Chin still off, fuller on the left side , cnt tell...

chin still off, fuller on the left side , cnt tell if its the implant , swelling after this long i doubt is the reason, next appt w dr is in a month. looks as if my chin leans to the left
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