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So ever since I have found this website I have...

So ever since I have found this website I have been trying to gather all my info and decide what doctor would be best for me! I'm torn between two doctors, dr. Bruno and dr. Hughes! I need your ladies opinions on these doctors so just want to hear your experience or any advice you have? I want to get this done really soon ( 2-3 months). I'm so confused now..

Even more confused?!

Well after eliminating Dr.bruno, was convinced that Dr. Hughes would do my surgery.. After being on this website and doing some googling I'm interested in Dr.Dass. I haven't had a consultation with him yet but the reviews I've read about him impressed me and I'm actually wondering how much he charges for the both procedures I want?. I want the best results and want a doctor that's going to make me feel comfortable throughout this whole thing!! I'm going to get a consult with Dr. Dass hopefully this week and then (crossing my fingers!!) I can make a decision soon... Do any of you ladies have any advice for me? Has anyone had a tt and bbl at the same time with any of these two doctors??

Need to work out Before surgery?!

So I just received my new Bikini in the mail! So cute but not on me!! :( I knew my body was not in shape but dang I never in my life had cellulite! I'm always been small even after having my babies. I end up getting back to my normal weight, which is 120-125! I'm still weighing 140 right now. I know I can lose the baby weight but thought if I keep the weight on that would be good for my bbl. I also know surgery is not going to fix all my flaws, not having no booty and a saggy stomach can be fixed easy but me getting toned up I need to work on. I'm considering delaying my procedure so I can work out a bit but don't want to lose to much since I'm wanting some fat for my bbl! I posted some pics of me in my new bikini and hope to see much better results in a few months! I will then Obviously post pictures after my surgery with this same bikini! Well I hope I can start with some motivation and tips on what's the best way to get toned up! Thanks ladies!

It's official!!

So scheduled my surgery with Dr.Hughes!! Surgery date is for April 11th! Left my deposit today and feel pretty good and excited for my new and improved body!

Changed doctors!

Ok so I changed doctors originally wanted to go with Dr. Bruno then I got caught up with all these results from Dr. Hughes and lost what I really wanted, which is trust from a surgeon,a trustworthy staff and of course results! I was rushed to out a deposit down with Hughes and was told if I don't put a deposit down I would Lose my quote? What? But I still made a deposit only because I was also told I can get my deposit back if I end up finding another surgeon which I knew I had a consult with Bruno the following week so if I didn't like Bruno I could just stick with Hughes! After meeting with Dr. Bruno it was the easiest decision to go with him, not only did I like everything about him but the results look realistic and I can say I trust him and the staff!! No deposit was asked and they even told me think about it and will call you next week to see what you decide! My hubby said what a difference in both docs and staff and he said I just feel your safe with this doctor and will give you the results you want and I feel the same way! So with this being said I'm having surgery with Dr. Bruno and the date is still the same. April 11th!!

Wow!! Been on a roller coaster with these doctors!!

Well I had to get off this site for a little bit because instead of helping me it was confusing me. I explained my experience with both doctors and Instead of trying to make a decision right away I should of took time to think but I'm glad I posted things on here otherwise my decision would have been the same and I am so happy I changed my mind. So yes I am going back with Dr. Hughes! I want to make some things clear I didn't do it because of the girls on here although Bruno's girls and Hughes girls had their reasons of why they chose their doctor , i emailed both doctors. So i emailed Dr.Bruno it took two days for him to respond btw,and I had some concerns and questions and his feedback I had no reassurance and still felt confused! Dr.Hughes got back to me 15 mins later and we actually had a conversation going and he actually just called me, which I had no problem with that at all!! We discussed my issues I had and how I felt at the consultation and ect of the office. I absolutely felt he was bring genuine about everything we talked about and after all he has tons of patients and lots of buisness he dosent have to give me the time of day but he did. I am not saying Dr. Bruno is not a good doctor by any means just after having my convos with each doctor I needed time to think and stay off of this website!! Lol.. Anywho like I said before I am thankful for all of you girls trying to help me out but Ultimately I needed to make this decision. Dr. Hughes may not have this big fancy office and his staff might be kind of rude but I explained this to the doctor and although he apolgized and told me that he will take care of this problem he reassured me about my results and how I will not regret this decision and also how he has never had a patient that was not happy with their results, which is so true!! So after giving some time for myself to think I switched back with Dr. Hughes and I spoke to my hubby and he told me as long as I'm happy and feel better he will stand by me. I can not explain how happy I am to just feel confident in my doctor and although I had my concerns and issues at first he made that effort to reassure me and the other doctor just didn't do that for me. I hope all you girls looking for your doctor.... Decide for yourself don't get caught up in this website! I love seeing the results and and enjoy talking to some of the girls on here it's amazing how different these women transform and can not wait for my turn!! April 11th is my big day! Thank you for your support! ????

My motivation!

So today I decided to get a couple of maxi dresses and I have never been able to wear one of these because I have no booty and that just looks funny when you have these kind of dresses on! Well since having my baby I have kept my baby weight on because I thought I needed this extra weight for my bbl but Dr. Hughes said I don't need it nor do I need to gain anymore weight! So I'm kind of worried I'm too big and I won't get the results I want! I've always been 120-125 and even when I have my kids I lose the baby weight pretty quick so for me to feel this big is terrible!! Im 140 rt now and I see so many rolls and fat everywhere on my body, I'm starting to get very anxious about my surgery, I'm so ready for this change!!!! Any who here are some pics and I hope to look sexy after the surgery so I can feel confident in wearing these dresses with my flat tummy and big booty!

Patiently awaiting!!!!

So 24 more days and can the time go any slower!!! Lol.... I wake up thinking about my surgery, I go to sleep thinking about my surgery, I daydream about how my results are going to be... Basically every hour I'm thinking about my tt and bbl!!! I'm so nervous and excited and starting to be inpatient, it's starting to get pretty warm up her in Cali so I think that's why I want this ASAP...So I can get ahead start before summer comes!! ????I have told a couple of my family members I'm getting this surgery done, and reactions are always different. I told my mom and she is weird about it, as soon as I told her she started talking about how wish she could get it done and my dad would never let her get this done, basically the conversation was about her and never mentioned me in it!! I'm not really surprised my mom has always tried to compete with me with everything/anything, I know she loves me but competing with your children is just dumb, being happy for them and supporting them is all I do for my girls. I would never try to compete with them, if anything I would/will want them to have it all but my mom is a different story and I'm ok with her, been dealing with it for 29 years! Lol .. My sister in law is very supportive she will be helping me out with my kids so that's nice. I told a couple of my friends and they are excited for me! They know I have no booty so getting one will make me more confident. My husband is my #1 supporter! He at first was like your not getting a butt too big? My response was babe it's like me wanting a boob job if i was small chested, if I'm gonna get some boobies (which I'm fine with my size D) I'm not gonna get a size b cup ? I'm gonna get a nice big full rack! Lol any who it was a surprise at first that he said that to me since he was and still is an ass man! He's always like Jennifer Lopez and Kim kardashian's ass and I always felt insecure, he's never pointed it out that I should look like that at all so please don't get the wrong idea! My husband is the sweetest guy and he actually didn't want me to have the tt and the bbl, he said I look good just the way I am and my booty is cute, but I don't feel comfortable being intimate with him I never take my shirt off cuz my belly would be going everywhere, (embarrassing) and a flat butt is just not cute on anyone. So yeah I'm doing this for my own confidence but its a little bonus for my husband too. He's actually working out and looking real fit, he told me babe I need to get on your level, you look so hot rt now, after your surgery your gonna look even hotter and I don't want to feel insecure so why can't we be Hot together!! Lol.. He's so cute! Well I'm gonna go to bed I'm tired so I'll talk to you great women later!! Gn

Wish pics!

Forgot need to show my wish pics, I'm 5'1 and right now 138 so I have plenty of fat for Dr.hughes! Lol .. So yeah here are the pics ...

All lies! :(

So I must confess a secret even my husband doesn't know I do this most 90% of the time! Whenever we get closer to summer or when I need to i always suck in my tummy as much as I can, it's gotten so bad it's a habit I do Consistently!! I know a lot of women may do this but I just take it to another level! I don't look as thin as I would like too but I look a whole lot better when I do suck in the belly!! Lol everyone tells me you just have a little belly you don't need a tummy tuck!! Haha yeah right if they only knew what I really look like! So I posted pics of what I sometimes wear in the summer. I can not wait for my surgery so I can get rid of this stupid habit I do, oh and of course fill these shorts with a nice full booty so lacking in this area!! So here's the pics..... :(

Getting worried I won't look good!

So I have 2 weeks before my big day and lately I have been thinking I'm not going to look good as the other women on here, for some reason I'm thinking its to good to be true!? I think to myself how I'm going to look and feel and I'm happy and excited for a couple of minutes and then after I tell myself am I really gonna be happy and look as good as I want to? I convince myself I will look a lot better then what I look like right now but can I really be and feel sexy? I know I maybe over thinking this but I just honestly have never felt comfortable in my own body, even in high school I was 98 pounds didn't have boobs, booty or a body! I guess it's just hard for me to think I can finally be some what happy with this new body I'm going to be facing soon.. I just feel nervous as heck!!! My husband keeps telling me I look beautiful now and I'm only gonna look even more beautiful after surgery! Aww my hubby is so sweet.... But he is lying through his teeth!! Lol I know my body is not acctractive and I need improvement.. He just won't tell me cuz he loves me and would never want to hurt my (already low self esteem). I see all you other girls with your tiny waist and nice figure and just want that too, after all that is what I already paid for!!! Lol So anywho just felt like venting on here and speaking my mind. I hope to get all the supplies and everything I need this weekend for surgery, oh did anyone take Percocet after surgery for the pain? That's what was prescribed to me and wondered if that's the good stuff.. Never taken it before So hope everything is alright when I take it. Well I'll talk to you ladies later. ????

New leggings...

So I bought these new leggings that are so cute I hope that I will be able to fill them in with a nice round booty and flat tummy! (Wishful thinking)!

Getting prepared!!

Well since I have till next week I thought I should be getting all my things together so I went to a few stores today and feel pretty ready for my surgery.. Oh and got some ideas on how to avoid sitting on the booty!! Let me share with you first what I got at (dollar tree). I did get something's that I'm not even sure ill use but thought I'd get it just in case, feminine wipes, large pads, alcohol,paper tape, cough drops, sleep aid pills, large band aids, triple antibiotic ointment, anti itch cream, a funnel cup to use when i have to urinate, 4 of the donut tubes you use for the pool (I'll explain later what those are for ) a jug to have plenty of water by my side and a cute bag to carry my things in along with an outfit I will be using for that day which is some comfy yoga pants and a tee with slippers. I went to cvs to get my pain meds and antibiotics, stool softeners, vitamin c, iron pills and the arnica pills i will pick up at my local health foods store. So I have seen a couple of ideas on how to avoid sitting in your bottom and I tried a couple if them but they were not comfy for me at all and I haven't even had surgery so I know they wouldn't work out for me since I have no pain or discomfort rt now. I will be driving 2 weeks after surgery due to my hubby going back to work since he was only able to get 2 weeks off, so I have to drop off two of my little ones to school which is thankfully 3 mins away ( driving time) I'm trying to save anytime I can avoid sitting on this butt!! Lol well this is what I came up with and I haven't seen this idea yet so if someone had the same idea please let me know cuz I'm thinking I'm a genius rt about now with this idea... So I aired up two of the tubes, got tape and squeezed one of the donuts wrapped the tape all around the tube and make sure you have plenty of air in it also, I then repeated the step. I went to my car placed one rt where my thighs will be at and the other on my lower back to where it can hold me up and my but wouldn't be touching the seat... And it worked!!! I had no discomfort and feel like this might really work, in my pics it may look like I'm touching the seat but in not i even had enough room to place my hand under the donut tube just to make sure I wasn't touching the seat. I do have another idea but I'm working on it right now my hubby came up with this other idea so can't take credit for it but I'm going to test it out tomorrow and let you ladies know if it works out after all. Another one is the hole in the chair which a lot girls use this method I just added one donut tube in my lower back no tape on this one and the other underneath my thighs with the tape so I wouldn't be sinking in the chair, very comfy! I might use a foot rest too just so I can elevate my legs and feet. Well here are some pics of everything I spoke about I hope I helped someone out with ideas of the things I bought or the non sitting on the booty ideas! Lol ttyl ????

Just my luck!!

Well I'm debating if I should reschdule surgery... Just started my period and surgery Is on Friday!! It's very light as usual but I ask the doc.. He said I don't have to rs but I can if I'd like to!? I'm already going to be more uncomfortable as it is this just adds another thing to the list! My husband has already ask for the days off and my sister in law is ready to take care of my kids.. So now I'm just here thinking!! Did this happen to any of you girls? Please any advice or opinions will help!! Thanks

Can't believe it!

So I just woke up today and Realized tomorrow is my surgery!!! Can't not believe it! This week actually went by really fast for me. I just keep thinking to myself, am I really gonna do this? Is everything going to be alright with the surgery? I know I here this from some girls but I'm having this fear rt now that I'm not going to wake up or something serious is going to happen to me and I'm so freakin scared I so want to share this with my hubby but I don't want to stress him out! I wish I could stop thinking like this...it's weird!! I hope I don't sound crazy or anything!! I'm really going to be busy today and finalize everything on what needs to be done around the house and have plenty of food/ snacks for my kids, hubby and I. Have all the laundry done and try to make things as easy as possible for my husband since he will be taking care of me and all our girls! I thank god for him.. I can say I'm very blessed to have him and take care of things. He keeps telling me " babe don't worry about anything, I got this... I can take care of you and the girls by myself!" We were debating for a bit if we should have other family members help us out but we have family that will throw it in our face later and that would just Cause issues so we decided just to do our thing and the only other person we will ask for help is my sis in law she will be a great help to us and she won't throw anything in our face. ;) well I hope I can feel more excited and have more positive thoughts. Oh another thing you ladies that had surgery by Dr.hughes... Was it really Brief when you saw him before surgery... Did you show him pics, did you tell him again what you wanted as far as results in waiste size, butt size? I just want to know a little of what to expect? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks ladies! ????

My bed for the next 6/8 weeks!?

I made to the other side!!

Hi ladies, so I couldn't hive an update yesterday because I was in so much pain!!! Even with my Percocet, it was terrible but feel some what better today. Ok so I got to the surgery center yesterday at 5:45 did my pregnancy test, took some pictures and met up with Dr. Hughes. It's crazy because a lot of girls said he doesn't mark on you but he did on me! As he was making me he said "your going to look so good"! I was so happy when he said that and also I told him can I get my waist tiny as possible and he said definitely! He also asked me how big I want my booty to be, my husband spoke real quick and said not Ridiculously big!! We all started laughing and I told me just make it big enough where it's going to look good on my body. After that he said "ok let's do this", with a big smile on his face. :) I started walking to the OR and gave my husband and kiss, I could see that he was so nervous for me!!! :( I met with the Anesthesiologist ( so sweet) so the nurse got me but naked and put the iodine on me which wasn't as cold as I thought it was going to be! So I laid on the table and after this, I just broke down and started crying because Reality just kicked in that I'm having surgery and this just freaked me out. As I cried Anesthesiologist and the nurse wiped my tears and said your going to be ok don't worry , your going to look great! He put the IV in me and after that I woke up in the recovery room which is when I was on pain!!! My husband came in saw me hurting and swollen he right away came to comfort me! I really don't remember to much after this because I was so high off the drugs. The ride home was not great but as soon as I got home I fell asleep and ate a few crackers drank water, my mouth was and still is dry, it's gross actually! So me having to pee and get up is my biggest fear every time because it hurts sooooo bad but other then that my pain switches from my butt hurting to my tummy it seems to Alternate. My husband has been cleaning the drains and we took off the binder really quick to fix one of my drains and he said your incision looks good and said your waist look tiny. I was super happy he said that and I took a quick look at my tummy looks good, I still have some stretch marks below the belly button but I am happy and hope I can see more of it later along with the booty. I know it's big and swollen right now, oh and Dr.Hughes told my husband he gave me 1200ccs on my butt. Super happy about that! Well in getting really tired now so I will give you ladies an update later maybe with some pics!? Ttyl :)

Pain, discomfort, and more pain!!

So Miserable is what I'm feeling like! I honestly did not think it was going to be this hard, the perocets are doing an ok job, I just thought with these meds I wouldn't be feeling anything but I have pain here and there. I'm trying to convince myself it's going to be over in a few days since everyone is telling me just to get through these 4 days! I so Uncomfortable and I'm telling myself I should of separated the surgerys cuz my butt is hurting and then my incision hurts just as bad! Well ladies I hope I can get over this real quick because this is no joke!!!! Oh another thing you girls that had a tt/bbl how are/did you lay down cuz everytime I have to get up I feel like I'm ripping my incisions, is this normal? I just had to vent and let out my Frustration, thank you ladies for hearing me out! :)

Here are some pics...

I'm super swollen everywhere even my face and lips are! I can't wait till everything settles in and I can stand up straight!! I'm still hurting and I'm so afraid I'm never gonna get better! So much for me and my high pain tolerance! I'm wishing I would of did these procedures at separate times... It's a lot to handle.

Felling so depressed!!

So I fell much better as far as the pain! My tummy looks good but still swollen. My button is stressing me out it looks squared and flat on the butt cheeks I did sit a little but wasn't a very long time! It look like it has no shape at all!! I'm feeling so stressed out right now! I emailed dr Hughes to see if I can put on a garment over this binder. I know it's been a few days since surgery but I can't get pass the way my butt looks right now, and just to think I was stressing more over my stomach before surgery thinking it wasn't going to come out the way I wanted it too... But it did! I just want my butt to look normal and round!

So it's been very hard!!

So this recovery has been very hard for me, I was so stuck on rs and the girls I spoke with that it just can to me that most of them didn't have the combination surgery as far as bbl and tt! I was thinking to myself yesterday why is everyone getting through this pretty well except me? I have to deal with my incision , lipo and the butt pain and after thinking about I told myself I'm doing good for what procedures I just had done!! My husband kept telling me your doing an awesome job and you don't even realize it. I can get out of my bed by myself go to the bathroom , clean my drains, and get back into bed there's a couple of things I can't do still but I think I've been doing really well and I've been really hard in myself and its only been a few days since I had my surgery! I took a look at my body again today I'm amazed and cried a bit cuz I'm so happy with my waist and and how it's shaped! It's very swollen but I Definitely see the results I've been wanting for years!!! As far as my butt I'm having major issues with it right now I know it's swollen and Hugh but I don't mind that, I know it it go down, what Im have an issue with is its roundness!!! It round from the top and sides but right in the middle it's flat!! I'm so terrified its going to stay like this! I did express my concerns with my doc but he said I'm worrying to much and it's nothing but me being the Stubborn/unpatient person I am I still want roundness rt now to make me feel better! I do feel physically better today and my husband I swear is my #1 supporter he's been doing such a great with me, he did get upset when he found out that I got out if the bed and did everything without his help cuz he said I could Of really hurted myself and I told him I wouldn't do it again. He told me that's good but let me be up with you next time and that I shouldn't be doing it alone! Love him!!! ????Anyways I will give you ladies am update later tonight to see how I'm feeling! Oh another thing I was itching like crazy this morning, put some anti itch cream on and it went away! It
Was pretty bad. K gotta drink my protein drink now.......

Long update!! Starting to feel better day by day!

Ok so day four was ok wasn't much change so I didn't update. Today I woke and had to go #2 and forgot to mention I'm still taking the Percocet and stool softners and for what I've heard even with taking the stool softners some girls still struggled so thankfully I had the smooth move tea from when I would do the master cleanse (which was a year ago and it works) ???? I drank the tea last night and boy I'm sure glad I did!!! So girls Im totally recommending the tea along with the stool softners. I placed my butt over the toilet and the folding chair in front of toilet so I can hold on to something so my butt wouldn't touch the toilet and did my business... No problems at all! Sorry if I'm being to TMI but whatever works I'm just passing on the info! My sleeping experience the bed that I posted is ok my butt is so big I felt like it sank in rt away and actually put a lot of pressure on my back so I would only be able to stay in there for an hour the max 2. The other way I have been sleeping is all kinds of feather pillows on my bed and I lay on them, yes I'm laying on my stomach and I got a TT!! It doesn't hurt at all it's so soft and comfortable and I also place a pillow behind my legs so it raises me up a bit, the only thing with this is after a while my knees give out cuz there's so much pressure on them!! So this position I can sleep for again 1-2 hours, then I go back to the other position. I complained to my husband I need something else that I can just sit at and even lay down at cuz it was getting to me so he went to Home Depot and bought these foam cushions and cut a hole in he middle and let me tell you girls it's been a life saver I've been in here all day of course taking breaks and walking around, but I feel so comfty in this and can't wait to see how I will sleep in this tonight!!!! As far as my body I'm super swollen, butt still hurts and feels hard as a rock I hope it goes down cuz I got a booty for days!!!!!!!! Lol my tummy is still swollen and I'm starting to stand up straight so things are getting better. I have my first post op appt tomorrow with doc and the nurse (Olga) so I'm looking forward to see what they are gonna stay and do! I would love to have my drains removed but I know that's not gonna happened. Oh I'm eating less its weird cuz I get full so fast and I'm eating very small portions, so that's good don't want to eat like a pig like I use to!! ????I will post some pics later tonight.

Looking better!

Ok so this is my update... I went to see Olga and yes I was wearing the binder wrong she showed me how to fix it and I might take my drains off from the tummy tuck next Saturday! I do feel better after she explained to me how my butt will shape eventually... Just takes time! I am still pretty swollen and bruised I never did take the arnica pills and maybe that's why I'm still bruised and swollen, I ask Dr.Hughes previously if I should buy them and he said he really dosent believe it helps so I never bought them! As far as my butt I can't wait to it shaped out better and the swelling goes down! As far as my tt it's going good I'm walking more and almost standing straight. I do have stretch marks but I know once I'm done working really hard on my tummy and get the toned belly I'm gonna get a tattoo similar to the one on my profile which will look sexy! Overall feeling pretty good and I'm just waiting patiently for this swelling to go down! :)

Incision worries!

Ok ladies so I'm doing much better and feeling stronger! I'm doing more for myself and of course everyone is still helping me! So I had a question about incision sites! I noticed my tummy tuck incision was looking great until today, I saw two opening in my rt side and I got nervous.. So u looked in YouTube and googled it and boy I almost had a heart attack because there were girls who's incision opened up a little and got infected and bigger by the days passed! I emailed Dr. Hughes and he said its looks like it got irritated, but everything looked fine and I don't need to worry about it! Have or did any of you ladies experience this?? They said (yahoo,google)it is really caused in smokers.... But I am not a SMOKER!!?? So what the heck! I just feel like I'm 2 steps forward and then take three steps back?! Look at the pics let me know if I'm over thinking? Oh and I hate not being able to have steri strips or surgical tape or something to cover my incision besides my shirt! I feel like its not enough protection!

Update on the new body!

Ok so first the infection I thought I had was or course nothing! Thank goodness! Tummy looks so good and flat I just still have some swelling but I'm dying to work out already!! Lol my booty is looking much better and getting rounder and softer by the day! I wore the floral leggings that I previously posted before the tt and I Modelled them yesterday and kept them in for a bit, started washing a couple of dishes and my husband walked in from work and said" Damn girl what are you doing to me, all I see is ass with a tiny waist"! Lol I turned around and just had the biggest smile on my face! (Felt like my smile was from ear to ear) This is so different for me to have a body like this and it's only going to get better! I'm eating very healthy and drinking only water and my protein shake! Can stress enough girls that protein really does wonders for the body and helps it heal!! Didn't believe it at first it does really work! I'm sleeping ok I did have to take a Percocet last night cuz my back was killing me, after that i knocked out! I'm walking around more and more and feeling like myself I just can't wait to finally lay in bed with my husband, I hate the fact i have to sleep in that sleeper bed, me and my husband are the cuddling type and we are looking forward to hugging and laying next to each other! Which brings up another point, this maybe TMI but we are very sexually active and its driving me crazy not to be intimate with him! I wonder how long I have to wait??! Well sorry if this was a boing update just felt like unneeded to share some things!!

Sorry for the typos!!! Didn't proof read everything! Ugh ????

I need to take my time!! Just got a little excited!

New pics

I had my whole update and I don't know what happened to it but it was long and I'm not gonna write it all over but here are new pics, I'm super swollen from the tummy and can't wait till it goes down, if I have time later I will rewrite my update.

Am I being a negative nancy?

Hey everyone well I finally decided to do an update! My body has changed so much within the last 3 weeks, I'm hoping it only gets better! So I have some issues with my body and only time will tell if I'm gonna need a revision on some things or I'm just being very unpatient! In no way am I talking bad about dr Hughes work I just want my body to look and feel normal and once my 6 weeks are up I hope I see a difference otherwise I think the way my body is right Now I will not be happy! I'm just so nervous and scared that my butt will not fluff out right in the middle it's all round everywhere except the middle it's flat and the pictures I'm posting Dosent not show it completely like it does in person. I have dimples on both sides of the butt cheeks and I've never seen that on any of Hughes patients so I'm concerned about that, it's not cute at all. Im hoping the bottom of my butt will round up because its pretty squared right now and I again will not be happy if it stays like this. My tummy looks really good it's super swollen and yes I still have stretch marks but that really doesn't bother me because I don't have a flab hanging off my belly anymore. I knew I wasn't going to have the stomach I had in high school so I was prepared for what my tummy might look like. My incision feels super hard and I was told that's normal and that is a sign of healing and will soften within time, Ive heard massaging it will soften it up quicker but I was told just to leave it alone. My belly button, not to crazy about it doesn't look cute and again I've seen his other patients and there's looks so cute! Maybe it's just me and I'm complaining to much but I paid a lot of money and I only want the best results since I honestly believe I picked the best surgeon. I am posting this update because this is how I feel right now and I hope and pray that everything gets better and I eat my own words up and show girls that your body may not be all glamourous at first but in time it looks amazing! I'm going to see dr Hughes in 2 weeks and I am going to discuss all my issues I have with my body and I will do an update once I speak with him. I'm some what happy with my results I just don't want to be faking it because that's not me. I will say I'm not in pain just uncomfortable and my waist is very tender from the lipo and feels like its bruised. Oh forgot my butt is getting softer and in certain areas it feels very firm. Alright I will let you girls know what dr Hughes tells me and maybe by the time I see him my results will change for the better and I can stop complaining!! ????

new pics.... feeling better about my body!

Took a few pics in my new binki but couldn't find my top! :-.Booty is rounding out and getting softer but still has a very small flat surface still, seems to be getting rounder so im just gonna give it more time. Tummy is getting flatter and will be doing sit ups and squats as soon as I get the ok... gotta get ready for the summer! I so want my tattoo and belly button to be pierced but I know I have to give it more time so I will wait patiently for it! Other than that I feel good and wouldn't mind if I had more volume but my body looks great to compared to the way it use to look. Alright so here are few new pics!

It's been a while!

Well hello ladies, I have been super busy with everything and decided not to give a n update until things settled in as far as my tt and bbl. I am feeling ok my stomach is doing well I am very flat in the morning and by the evening I am swollen and bloated. My belly button isn't the cutest and I hope it gets better with time. I've seen plenty of tt where a lot of girls belly button looks natural but unfortunately mine doesn't, not sure what method the doc did but I'm not to crazy about it. I don't mean to sound picky at all I'm just telling you the truth and that's how I really feel about that. My waist is getting smaller I do wear my Faja but not as much as I should! !! I do wear spandex most of the time and this cheap corset I bought on ebay, I do need to invest in a really good one! My scar is healing up fine just I just started my scar therapy on it and my belly button as well. My stomach is still numb in certain areas and I massage it as much as I can. My stretch marks I have left over are somewhat noticeable but I'd rather have these stretch marks then the flabby skin I had!! I am planing to get my tattoo as soon as I get the ok. . I already have a sketch draw out and the tattoo artist is excited to do his magic. I will show you girls as soon as I get it. OK so with the booty I have definitely hit the booty greed. . I really wish I would of told doc to put as much as he could have. Am I the only one who has a love hate relationship with my butt!!! Lol certain days it looks huge and other days it looks ok... it really just depends what I wear. I do get sharp pains here and there and it's actually sore in certain days too, not sure why but as long as it doesn't feel like this everyday and for the rest of my life ...I'm good. It has rounded put and there's one little area that still needs to round out but it's a very small area. I'm patiently waiting for the booty to drop cuz there is still a lot of swelling above my butt, the doc said that will go down and that's when it will get fuller and round out more. I do sit on it but I'm so use to not sitting on it that I hardly ever sit on it. It does feel super weird to sit on it when you get the ok but it will take some time to get use to it. Word of advice if you plan on getting a tt and bbl... don't do it!! Get the bbl first then the tt. If you wanna know why, I can message you why, who, what, where.. the whole run down. I just started working out last week I do squats with weights and with out I alternate. I do work out my arms because they need to be toned up already, and I just got the ok to start abdominal workouts. My diet has been on point I have been eating so healthy since my surgery and I feel like I'm really accomplishing things that I could have never done before. This surgery has not only changed me physically but mentally as well, this boost of confidence has helped me and the hubby eat better and just have a healthy life style with plenty of engery, which brings me to my next topic. Our intimacy With each other is amazing since I lacked confidence in our relationship and I'm telling you ladies right now that if something is bothering you about your body,fix it whether it's working out, surgery, eating better whatever it is fix it cuz there's nothing more sexier Than a confident woman. We'll my update is already super long sorry to take too much of your time but hope you girls enjoined it and I did delete my current photos due to privacy reasons and I will be deleting these pics also I'll keep them up for a few days.. ttyl.

Happy Happy Happy.. :)

Hey la dies just wanted to do a quick update on my new bod and show some pics. It's funny how I can't stop taking pics of myself and how much confidence I now have. We'll tummy is looking better everyday my stretch marks look like there disappearing and getting real thin.. thank god!!! Belly button is improving I just starting putting a marble in there to give it more of a natural look and I keep it in all and the it out right before I go to bed. My side are still super tender on certain days and I do have to massage them everyday otherwise it gets very painful. My waist is getting smaller with the clinch waist band I have that I bought on ebay for 50 bucks.. best thing I ever bought for my waist. I don't really wear my Faja I bought, there's no reason why I don't I just don't really care for it. I do wear spandex once and awhile and a body shaper when I'm not being lazy. My booty is pretty much soft all around butt it does get tender once in awhile and I do get a sharp pains here and there. I'm not sure what else I can talk about other than my body looks and feels amazing and I'm so happy I went to Dr Hughes and I'm so grateful for what he's done for me.well if you guys wanna know anything else or have any questions just go ahead and leave me a comment or you can inbox me otherwise here are some pics.

forgot my measurements. .

Top 36, waist 29, booty 41 1/2... :)

just ransom pics...

Body still healing and tt and bbl is still the best thing I could have done for myself. Yeah some days I wish I could have more and I actually think sometimes I want a round 2 but then it would be more money, time for healing and just going through the whole process again.... and then I think, no I'm good with what I have. I don't have no Nikki or kim k booty but my husband loves my body and there's not a time I feel embarrassed showing him my new lingerie or bikinis... he can't get enough of it and I love it! I should be working out so I can get more muscle and projection on the booty and also shrink my waist by doing some sits ups... but I get so lazy sometimes I know my body can look better but like I said I just get lazy and enjoy my lazy days with the family. Any who here are some pics I am gonna try to find some of my before pics. .. their so scary I deleted most of them!! Lol
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Ok so I'm finally going to write my review about my fabulous, talented,hardworking, amazing surgeon Dr. Hughes!! I don't even know where to start I had this lack of confidence that I thought I would never get back, but I did because of this surgeon.everyday I look at my body I cannot believe what I see.when I started looking for a doctor for my tummy tuck and my Brazilian butt lift there were so many doctors to choose from but none of them ever really impressed me and if they did they always had at least one bad review and for me I just wasn't going to settle on a doctor.I originally was going to go with another doctor in LA and I'm so happy and grateful that I found the site otherwise I'm not sure if I would have look into Dr Hughes and his work, but once I seen all of his reviews and all of his work and the pictures on his website I was convinced this was my doctor. I don't wanna make this review too long but I do wanna make it loud and clear but initially when I went to Dr Hughes office I was not impressed at all the stuff was unprofessional and a few other financial people were rude.the office wasn't that big glamorous office I thought it was going to be like in Beverly Hills like some of the other surgeons had. but all of that changed my mind once I'm met Dr Hughes his confidence and his professionalism let me know how great my results would turn out and he reassured me that I would be completely happy with my new and improved body.after meeting with Dr Hughes I didn't care about anything else as far as a staff the way the office looked where the location was all I wanted was the best results I could get and I did and I'm so happy so please do not make your decision based on anything else besides your surgeon.I went to other doctors and Beverly Hills who had an amazing staff in a gorgeous office but once I sat down And spoke with the doctors I did not feel comfortable and they never really reassured me that I could get the results or at least get close to the results I wanted and only Dr Hughes made me feel like that. Dr Hughes is available through Email, every time he got back to me within minutes or within that hour. After I had surgery I emailed him seriously like 10 times a day and every single time he emailed me back and I'm so grateful for that. well pictures speak for themselves and if you look at my pictures or any of Dr Hughes patients you will see is work and I'm amazing results. Dr Hughes I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and the transformation on how my body looks now, I feel like a brand new sexy woman!

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