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Hello Realself! I am a mom of 3, almost 3 yr...

Hello Realself!

I am a mom of 3, almost 3 yr old twins and a 17 year old. I am 33 years old.

I am having TT BA and BL on the 8th. only 2 more days! I have been stalking this website for weeks then I finally wrote a big introduction the other day but it never posted and im just now getting the chance to retype it all out again.

I have always been a size 20 for years and was up to a size 24 when I got pregnant with my twins. When I was 5 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and changed my ways immediately. I did end up on insulin shots but not until the last few weeks of my pregnancy, which was a major accomplishment. I was 273 pounds and as big a round as a house at delivery and couldnt even fit at tables at restaurants. The drs always praised me for keeping it very well controlled with my diet. After they were born the diabetes was gone immediately. We are all in perfect health.

Since they were born I have not only lost all pregnancy weight but I have kept up the same diet and I am now a size 13! I am 5'10 180 lbs and medium build. I am very happy with my size personalIy would just like to tone and tighten things up. I am not trying to get in a bikini or become a super model. I buy my pants a size too big to try and take the focus off my major muffin top. Same situation with my bras these days. My breasts are really deflated and there is so much loose skin since I was a 42DD most my life and am now a 38C when I wear a bra with good support that fits me as it should then I end up with 4 boobs, you know the crease boob? muffin boob? you get the point ;0) I cant wait to be able to buy clothes that FIT me better and not too big so that my pants look sloppy and saggy within a few hours of wearing them.

I went yesterday and got a snap front nightgown with pockets on the front (good for drains?) from sears. I think I will need a couple more nightgowns and some button up shirts also right? I have a list of supplies ive written down off of various websites to show the dr and ask what I need and dont need to purchase after my pre-op tomorrow (1 day before surgery) I just keep thinking the more prepared I am the easier recovery will be. I want to make sure with the hubby on twin duty and taking care of me that he isnt having to run to the store daily if possible. I was going to have hubby move the recliner in our room for recovery but my best friend surprised me yesterday and told me not to worry about ruining the recliner that she had rented me a hospital bed with power leg and back support. I never thought id be so excited about a rented bed but WOW what a relief that seems like already.

ok I feel like I am writing a book and I am very new at this whole message board thing so I dont know how much I can write without losing everyones interest. Hope everybody is doing well with their recoveries, flat tummies or nice perky girls! Cant wait to make new friends and share our experiences with one another! Thanks in advance for all your help and support!! Once I do this and can possibly help answer any questions or help ease anyones mind at all please dont hesitate to ask!

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