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I have two kids that I breast fed and have always...

I have two kids that I breast fed and have always had weight issues. I was very thin, gained weight, got pregnant, lost 80 lbs, got pregnant and then lost another 40 lbs. I am always working on my losing weight and seem to go up if im not really trying. Right now, I am at 155 now but and working on getting down to 140 for surgery, in December. My husband loves, and am very lucky to have his support on this...besides who would want to have a nice beautiful rack and a flat tummy to look at instead of sad boobies and saggy belly that have been out thru hell! But really, he loves me for me, and I am doing this for myself and no one else. I went in for a consultation and set a date right then. I have 19 days off in December and decided its now or never. My boss is totally awesome and is going to let me come back from vacation and work in the office. I work in the oilfields and do a lot of lifting and physical work and I will need more time to heal. I currently am a 36DD but totally dont fill out my bra, but it seems to be what I need as far as width, to cover me up. I am getting a lollipop lift and am a little worried that I need an anchor lift to get me where I want to be, put my PS says will be enough. I am also looking at 450cc saline implants. I want to make sure that I get a nice sized set of boobies but dont really come across many woman on here with my stats to compare. Most woman seemed to be taller and thinner :/ so I am 5'4", hope to be 140 lbs, and going now with 450cc saline. If anyone out there has similar stats, can you point this newbie in the right direction (: I keep looking at how awesome you guys look with your flats tummies and biggo racks and am so excited to have my own!

Addicted to this site

All I do, if im not chasing kids around, is watch for updated pictures on this site! I am still looking for others with similar stats. I have to admit I am having issues deciding on cc size. I dont want to regret my size, whether it's too big or to small...and although I am doing tummy tuck as well, cc size is driving me crazy!

dumb question??

This may be a dumb question...Has anyone had a tummy tuck and lost their bra roll? I was considering adding this to my procedures but then started thinking, will it go away? depending on how far it goes on my hip? like I said...possibly a dumb question hahaha (:

soooooo impatient

I sent an email to my patient coordinator on Friday...I have yet to receive an email back, or even an acknowledgement that she received my message. I am so impatient and want answers to my questions...I know I have lots of time, but still, I would hope she would feel like my questions are important and would at least let me know she is working on getting the info I want ):): I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I'm crossing my fingers I will hear back soon. Good news tho, she set up another appt to see the doctor a month before my surgery date. That makes me feel better (:(:

no replies yet :/

First off, let me say sorry for my grammer...crap! Typing on a tablet is not so good for this type of thing...ok so I'm kind of upset. My coordinator has not responded to any one of my 3 emails. I realize that my first email had 10 questions, and I realize I'm not her only patient, but come on! I called two weeks after my first email just to make sure she got it. She did, and was hoping to get all my answers to me later that day. That was last Wednesday. I sent another to her just verifying my appt with the doctor so I could request a day off. Never heard back on that either. Thats when i called her. Then yesterday, I sent an email asking to change the time to an earlier appt. Still nothing. Like I said, I know I have tons of time, but I am spending so much money on this and hate that I feel so unimportant. My sister had her tatas done by this same doc and loved him. He has got the best in Bakersfield for like the last 7-8 years, for what he does. In my opinion, the coordinator is part of the selling point. You want to feel like they will jump through hoops to make you happy. She right now is the face of this doctor. She is supposed to lead me through this...and I dont even get responses to my emails. Is it possible to request a different coordinator? Has anyone ever changed docs because of this?

rice test question

Hey there...I'm getting closer to my date and still haven't really picked a size yet.mI'm going back and forth between 450cc and 500cc. My hubby wants the 500s of course...but my question is, for those that have done the rice test and have their boobies done now, how close to the rice test did you get? Just curious...does 500cc sound too big for 5'4" and 150lbs? I am a 34c bra size... which by the way was a shocker because I used to be a 36dd. I recently got resized. My hubby even mentioned how small my boobs are if he noticed they are definitely way smaller than they used to be. I'm worried with a tummy tuck, 500s will be huge on a flat tummy... Thanks for your help girls (; 25 days to go!
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