2 Stage Procedure with Expander - California

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The expander is currently in place. I experienced...

The expander is currently in place. I experienced a minimal amount of swelling after it was inserted but unfortunately, the swelling has gotten progressively worse. My face is much fuller than it normally is and I have two black eyes. Chewing is painful and my neck is also sore.

There is not sustained, but rather intermittent waves of pain. My scalp is tight and as can be expected, my head is very sore.

Experience with the Expander

I decided to write this review because when I was considering the expander I couldn't find any information about what to expect online. I want to share my experience so that people who are considering it or that have decided to get it will have some idea of what is involved and what to expect.

I have had my expander in for three weeks now. Using a really small gauge needle, I inject sterile bacteriostatic water into my expander daily. The injection port is under my skin. Some surgeons use an external port for injection. I have seen Youtube videos by Dr. Epstein using an external port. Initially, I had no pain after the daily injections. Now I feel pain throughout the day each time I add water. It feels like tingling, shooting sometimes very sharp pain. The pain is mostly dull but difficult to bear when it is intense. I have taken pain relievers to help. The pain feels more intense when I walk and sometimes so intense that I have lost my appetite. I also have trouble sleeping at night. I can not sleep comfortably on the side of my face with the port. I also have stiffness and occasional tingling on the side of my face where the port is located. The port is not visible when looking at my face from the front or side. I use my finger and a marker to draw an outline of it when preparing to inject the port. If I place the needle in the right spot of the port I feel none to very little pain. Fortunately, I can work from home. I think disguising your expander and stretched skin will depend upon how much stretching you have to do, the size and placement of your expander. It is impossible for me to conceal my expanding forehead and top of my head so I wear a scarf everyday.

I will add photos soon. Feel free to message me with any questions.
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