Starting my BBL Dr. Search....any Suggestions? - Miami, FL

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Hello Ladies, I finally decided that I want to...

Hello Ladies,
I finally decided that I want to get my BBL done. After saving for deposit and getting approved by Alphaeon (cosmetic credit card) I now need to start looking in to Dr. that accept my type of credict line and most of all have amazing results.
My number one Dr. is Blinski but he resently raised the deposit from $500 to $ I said, I worked hard to save up $500 that I was told, so I am looking into other Dr's , if not Blinski will be my option.
Does any body know any reputable BBL Dr. ?
Thank you in advance

FOund my Doctor :)

So after some research I decided to go with Dr. llorente from Miami
Florida. The deposit is $500 and the procedure with 2 msg and lipo foams
and garment is 4,900. I spoke with Elena which by the way is super
helpful and prompt with responding. They also had a promo for out of
state patients for $6,000 (procedure and recovery house and garment) I
personally didn't want that promotion, my BF is coming with me so I
rather stay at a hotel. Which by the way does any body know of any good
reputable hotels?

The date is set for 2017 just because I just started my career as a
DA and I can't ask for days off just right now. So happy and excited for

I've been waiting. In the meantime

I want to loose at least 10-15lbs so I can get that altimate hour glass look

***beloware pictures ofXr Llorentes work

***if any sisters hear had a procedure done with Dr Llorente please share your journey

Supply List S.O.S!!

Hello Ladies, I am just trying to prepare things here for my procedure, even thou its not until end of 2017 I still want to be ready for this new life experience. Can any one who has gone through surgery help with the list of things i should have for this surgery, such as vitamins, lotions, post op care?
Hope to hear from all of you.
i am going to start working on to do list , where i want to update you on work out plans, meal prep for those who like me need to lose some weight just so we can get the ideal weight for maximum results.

What to Ask Before Getting a BBL??

Hello ladies, this is for all who hasn't yet set a date with a specific Dr or you need more info about the procedure. There are many questions to ask, I feel like this are the essential questions to ask.

1.ARE YOU BOARD CERTIFIED, AND BY WHO? It's important to know if the Doctor of your choice is Board Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. The dirty little secret is that there are various agencies who issue Board Certification. HOWEVER, there is only one agency, the American Board of Medical Specialties, the ABMS, who is considered the ‘gold standard’. Your physician or surgeon should be board certified in a specialty recognized by the ABMS. 2.HOW MANY BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFTS HAVE YOU PERFORMED? It's not an insult to ask how many procedures they have done. By asking this, you get to see what kind of experience the Dr has, ask for about 5-10 before and after pictures, all with different body types. That way you can get an idea of how he work on you. 3. HOW DO YOU PERFORM THE PROCEDURE? There are 3 different techniques when it comes to a BBL; LIPOSUCTION , FAT PROCESSING and FAT REINJECTION **i will post more info on each technique*** 4. HOW LONG WILL MY SURGERY TAKE? Typically, a Brazilian Butt Lift will take 5-8 hours. Overall, it depends on the amount of liposuction performed (to get the most fat) and the amount of fat to be reinjected into your buttocks. 5. WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF THE BEST RESULT FOR ME? Important!!!! We might think we know what we want, we want a BIG BIG butt!! But it's important to ask the Dr. what he beliefs would be an ideal goal based on body type we have. The waist to hip ratio is very important, it's important to also pay attention to the hips. If you want fat injected in your hips, discuss it with your Dr too. Too many patients focus on volume of fat retention or how many cc’s they want rather than what looks good. Remember, the objective is to have a great looking body, not just a big butt. Ask the surgeon to describe what he thinks will produce the best result for you, specifically, paying attention to your whole body, not just your booty.

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