Natrelle Tearshape Anatomical MF375ccs/5"3' and 133lbs/2kids

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I would like to start by saying this site has been...

I would like to start by saying this site has been super helpful while I've been finalizing my decision and doing research for my upcoming BA. I'm currently about a 34B and planning on having 375ccs Natrelle Anatomical 410style implants tomorrow on June 1st. I've breast fed 2 kids and pre-kids I was a full C/small D cup which is what I'm aiming to get back to with this BA. My PS said I don't need a lift as the Natrelle anatomical implants will automatically lift the nipples up giving me a mini-lift. My incisions will be in the inframammary crease and implants places under the muscle. For all of you who are struggling to choose the right size I would recommend buying a non wired "wish size" bra, in my case a 34D, and try it with the implant sizers at your PS'office and/or rice sizers at home. The rice sizers are so easy to make and in my opinion seem to be quite accurate or accurate enough.I will be able to tell you how accurate it actually is in a few weeks after my BA :)I haven't told anyone except my husband and 1 friend about the surgery. I'm hoping no one will notice as I've been wearing a super padded bra since April (2months) so the change wouldn't be obvious. I will be staying at the hospital for a few nights as I will have drains put in and it freaks me out being near the kids with tubes sticking out of my chest!To summarize: Stats: 5"3' & 135lbs Age: 30+years Kids: breastfed 2 kids BA date: June 1st 2016 Implants: Natrelle 375ccs anatomical textured 410style. Going for a more natural look (hopefully!) Incision: inframammary fold Placement: Under the muscle Size: current 34B aiming for full34C/small34D (same size as pre-kids)Wish me luck ladies, I am getting a bit nervous as there's only 18hours to my surgery :/

Morning of surgery

I am so nervous! I'm about to leave the house to go for my BA!

Wish I had some Valium to calm my nerves :(

I know I want to get this done cause I've not been happy with my post-kids boobs for a long while but man am I nervous! What if I don't wake up from surgery and my kids are left without a mother??? What if it hurts like h*ll when I wake up? What if they look and feel horrible? What if I get capsular contracture? What if the implants bottom out? What if I get the wrong size? Endless fears!

But I do trust in my PS and I think the choice of size that I've made (375ccs teardrop Natrelle) will be right for me as all I want is to get the volume back that I lost with pregnancy & breastfeeding and have a natural look.

Done 375ccs Natrelle Anatomical implants

So I've come out of surgery! Everthing went well and my PS said the size I chose was perfect for me. I haven't really looked at them much cause I'm feeling groggy and stiff. Can't wait to have a better look later!

First day post-op

Surgery went well as I said I'm my last post. I feel like I've been hit by a truck in the chest! But the pain is manageable with the painkillers. I had my first proper look at them when my PS came to check on me (I'm still at the hospital, staying a couple of days). He opened the survival bra and I saw them and they are huge! Lol They have a nice slope to them and are sitting in th right position. I think I definately made the right decision with choosing recited anatomical implants. Here's a pic from this morning...excuse the drains they are a bit gross :/

Second day post-op

Second day is not too bad I guess. I still feel like my chest is really tight and I hate these drains :( But having said that I think the drains are helping with the swelling as lots of fluid is coming out! And since I'm in hospital I can just ask the nurses for painkillers when it's starts getting painful. The shape of them looks great, but size wise they look BIG! I'm hoping I don't offend anyone but I'm gonna post pics with the drains. And excuse the bloatedness (I'm huge!).

Day 3 post-op

Nothing new to report....I still feel uncomfortable and have some pain. Painkillers help and not too much to complain about that. My stomach is bloated, look about 6months pregnant! Hope it will go down soon! I still have my drains but there's a possibility that I can have them out tomorrow yay! I really hate them and can't wait to get them out. I know it's for my own good to have them in so I don't want to rush taking them out but hopefully tomorrow is the day! I'm feeling really positive about my experience so far :)

Day 4 post-op

The drains are out!!!!!! I cannot describe how happy am! They were so uncomfortable. They obviously served a purpose and were there for a reason but man I'm so glad they are out! That also means that I will be going home this afternoon. If you haven't read previous posts I decided to stay in hospital while I had the drains. I still look 6months pregnant i.e. bloated but my PS said its normal due to the GA, drip, painkillers etc. should normalize in a week or so. Pain wise I feel quite good. I've been taking my painkillers on schedule cause I've been afraid of the pain. I think I will start easing off them in the next few days. My chest doesn't feel tight anymore so no more feeling of being hit by a truck lol I think my boobs look very natural and the size isn't too big after all. I was freaked out before lol Size is good and the shape is really good as well :) Here a few pics without the drains.

Day 5 post-op: comparison pics

I'm feeling ok. I'm back at home and still taking pain meds to manage the pain. I don't know how much anatomical implants change and settle? I'm guessing not as much as round ones would. I'm happy with how they look so far. I'm going to see my PS end of this week and will ask him how much things will change in the next few weeks. I'm impatient to know the "end" result lol I'm posting a few pics of me in the same sports bra pre- & post-op so you can see the difference.

1 week post-op & doing good

So it's been exactly one week now since I had my BA surgery. Everything has gone well so far and I'm trying to wean off the pain meds a little. Still have two days of antibiotics after today and I'm hoping I could be off the painkillers by then.

I'm so pleased with the results so far. I had my post-op check up yesterday and my PS said everything looked good and incisions looked good too. They changed the dressings for me and gave me a few extra water proof dressings to take home just in case these come off. I really like the shape and the size, but my PS said they will shrink about 5-8% more which I'm ok with lol

I'm stuck in the surgical bra for a further 2-3 weeks he said and I've got to wear the chest strap thing 24/7 for another 7-10days to make sure the implants don't move up and then I'll only need to wear it at night for another week or so.

I'm still super bloated from the GA which my PS said is normal as they pumped a lot of fluids in me during surgery and he said it should go in about a week. I look 6 months pregnant no kidding!

Here's a few pics of before and after comparisons. I feel they look smaller in the pics than they do in real life :)

13 days post-op and feeling better each day

I'm 13 days post-op and I still love the shape and size :) Still stuck in the surgical bra which I'm not in love with and the very hated boob strap! The strap I have to wear 24/7 at least till Monday when I go back to my PS' for a check up. It's so hard to wear anything out and hide the damn thing argh! I'm still sleeping reclined on my back. I tried sleeping flat on my back 2 nights ago and was hurting so bad! Felt like a truck was sitting on my chest so ended up going back to reclined in the middle of the night. My PS told me last Friday I could sleep on my side if I put a pillow under my boob to support it. Tried that last night while in bed watching tv...and it was a no go. Hurt so much lying sideways so I think I've learnt my lesson and sticking with sleeping on my back reclined for a while lol ! Implants feel pretty soft although I am still scared to squeeze them as I still have a bit of pain on the side boobs. I haven't gotten measured or brought any bras or bikinis yet cause it's early days and I'm sure things will change. I did however try on a few tips at home braless and went to town and tried a few bikini tops without buying anything yet lol Posting photos of 13 days post-op

Rice sizers vs implants

I thought I would do a post about choosing implant size. It was the toughest thing to decide on once I had decided on going ahead with a BA. I didn't want to go too big or too small and end up with boob greed lol. When I had a pre-op consultation with my PS I told him that I wanted to end up a full C or small D and he said that I would need about 335-375ccs to probably put me there. I tried both sizes there at his office and took pictures but wasn't quite sure which size to go with. I read on this site about rice sizers and that really helped me in my decision making process. I bought a non-wired "wish" bra not cause it was pretty but purely for size purposes lol. I decided on buying a 34D. I made rice sizers at home that were 375grams each equivalent to 375ccs implants. I put them in the 34D bra and they fit nicely. I tried loads of my tops and dresses and was happy with how things looked with them. I took that same bra to my PS's office again and tried the 375cc implants in the same bra with his staff and again the bra was filled nicely. Now at 17days post-op I think that the rice sizers were fairly accurate and I'm happy with the size implants I have now :) Will post a few pictures of the rice sizers vs implants to give you a visual hahaa You can get the instructions here on Rs or just google how to make them :)

17 days post-op: BIKINIS!

I know I'm only 17days post-op but I had to buy bikinis cause it's summer and I have boobs again!

Just got two cute ones for now :)

20 days post-op

Woop woop! I no longer have to wear my boob strap and surgical bra! Had a post-op appointment at my PS' office and I'm so happy that the nurse said that I'm allowed to wear bralettes (as pictured) and sports bras! They said my boobs have dropped and all the swelling has gone down so they pretty much look like they are supposed to now :) she said that I'm healing faster than expected and my incisions are looking good.

I'm using silicone strips on the incisions and I also bought a scar gel that I use once a day after I shower.

I haven't gone to get measured yet, but been trying bras on at stores and it seems I'm a 34D.

First Bra! 23 days post op

Since my PS' nurses said that my swelling has gone down and have settled I went and bought my FIRST bra pos-op! I got a Chantelle intimates irresistible wireless plunge bra in 34D. Kinda looks like I'm wearing a push-up even if it isn't a push-up bra lol

Boobs are feeling softer each day and squishier. They are still a little tender on the sides but feel pretty normal otherwise. They even jiggle a little hahaa :D

Still using the scar gel once a day after I shower and using the silicon strips pretty much 24h per day. I can feel that I have some stitches on the side poking out a little which havent dissolved yet. They said last time that if they start bothering me I can just go anytime to get them trimmed shorter they don't really need removing as they are dissolvable however they won't dissolve on the outside only the ones inside will if that makes sense?

Still really pleased with how they look. I've been quite conscious about them though and been hiding them a little bit in fear that people will notice (I haven't told anyone except hubby + 1 close friend) and I think because of that I've thought on some days that I should have gone bigger but then when I look at them in a bra or in a tight top I'm 100% they are the perfect size. I think I need to be more confident and start wearing normal tighter things opposed to the loose fit type tops I've been wearing the last couple weeks.

Here's pics of my first proper bra purchased post-op :)

Pics didn't post - here they are :)

5 weeks post-op

5 weeks post-op and I'm still super happy with my results :)
Boobs are feeling nice, soft and squishy - still not 100% but getting there.

I went running for the first time yesterday and wore two sports bras lol
No pain and not much jiggle as I had two on :P

I've been sleeping on my side for a week or two now with a pillow under my boob for support. I still have a wedge under my pillow so I'm a bit propped up.

I'm still not allowed to wear wired bras but bought this cute black one. I just couldn't resist! Size is a 34D/75D.
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