My Breast Implant Results

Before: I have fluctuated about 30lbs atleast 4...

I have fluctuated about 30lbs atleast 4 different times in my life. This last time when I lost the weight my once D breasts completely deflated. They were asymmetric, deflated, saggy and i was extremely insecure and hated the way I looked. I decided to look into breast implants and had my surgery 1 week ago. I'm 5'9" 132lbs and my surgeon recommended a 375 moderate plus profile.

The Surgery + Recovery 1 week out:
The surgery was over very quick and I didn't wake up with any pain. I stayed on top of my pain medication every 4-6 hours and never experienced pain. I was sore and tired but I would not describe it as painful. I do think I am very sensitive to pain so I was surprised by how comfortable I was. I had my surgery Wednesday morning and was off of them by Friday morning. I returned to work Monday. My back muscles are still getting used to the added weight so I am feeling some discomfort there.

Right now I'm still pretty swollen and I still have a lot of upper pole fullness. However My breast already look 100x better than before and I am excited to see the final results! The doctor used 375cc mp silicone on the right and 400cc mp silicone on the right.

I will provide more updates as I progress!
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