26 Yrs Old with One Child Breastfed for 2 Yrs. California, CA

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So I've always wanted larger breasts but I've been...

So I've always wanted larger breasts but I've been too scared to go get them done and finally after years of debating I am going to get them done! I have my very first consultation on Monday June 13 and I couldn't be more excited!!! Still unsure of the size I want I just know I want to go big and I plan on getting silicone or gummy bear implants!!

First consultation

I'm so excited and nervous tomorrow is my first consultation and I have no idea what to expect or what to ask. I have done so much research and I still don't know where to begin. I want somewhere between 600-650cc and I'm looking at extra high profile silicone high profile silicone and gummy bears

After First Consultation

So I went to my first consultation and I'm kind of sad but idk. So my expectations were to go around 550-600cc of silicone but the ps I saw thinks 480 would look good and bring me to a dd-ddd which is what I want. I'm just afraid that 480cc will still come out smaller than how I want mine to look. Oh he wanted to do 480cc high silicone


So I now have three more consultations coming up. I really believe I can fit more than 480cc so I want more opinions. It seems to be hard to find doctors who offer gummy bear implants which are the ones I really prefer since they seem more safe. Has anyone else had one doctor tell them they cannot go bigger and another doctor tell them something else?

11 days until I get my boobies

I'm excited scared and nervous... I have my pre op next week... Not sure what to expect from it. It doesn't feel real yet that it's actually going to happen

Getting sick

It's ten days before my surgery and I'm coming down with a cold.... I'm really sad and I hope I'm not going to have to postpone it

Yay I had my procedure done today! I was so...

Yay I had my procedure done today! I was so terrified. So far the pain is tolerable and not too bad. I've just been tired all day which is to be expected! I got 700cc in both and I cannot wait to see them tomorrow. I'll be updating when I see changes and possible tomorrow once I actually get to see them

4 day post op pics

4 days post op pictures with 700cc high profile mentor gummy bear implants...
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