Confessions of BBL Girl - California, CA

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Hi lady's I been here a lot reading your amazing...

Hi lady's I been here a lot reading your amazing story's and I though it was time to post mine. I been thinking of get this procedure for about 2 years. My sister got her done in Colombia, and they did a amazing job on her if she lets me I will post pictures of how she looks now.
But I cannot go over (to Colombia ) because I have 2 small kids so that's not even a option for me at this time. I live in sunny California. So I am thinking between Dr.bruno or Dr. Hughes who are in my humble opinion one of the BIg boys of the BBL in California. I did send dr. Hughes a email with some photos(At 8pm) , to witch he respond very quickly (Amazing) to witch he said " I would liposuction the abdomen, sides, back and arms and do the BBL for $9500 cash or credit card. I do think that the skin on your belly would benefit from a tummy tuck in the future. If you want to schedule, I can have my office manager call you to arrange everything. I hope to see you soon." I have not yet responde because honestly I was a little thrown back that he did not ask me if I had any other questions . I will write Dr. Bruno as soon as I finish writing this I will update you guys as soon I get a responde from him until next time. Xoxo

Hey girls here are my photos

Dr. Bruno responde to me he told me to send him photos I did, though I should also post them here. He also said that we should talk about the procedure by phone, I will update you guys as soon as I talk to him.

My sister BBL she did in Colombia

She was never fat but always had a pancake butt, after having her two kids she when from 120-155, she breast feed so she Aldo had boob job she was a C and got a D she had skinny legs big arms and a big belly no curves. I could not fine any before photos(she destroy evidence). of her but my brother use to call her happy meal box She would get so mad lol.
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