Pantoja BBL Doll 2/9/16

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I'm 36yrs old and want to have BBL done!! I been...

I'm 36yrs old and want to have BBL done!! I been stalking all you BBL Dolls and been researching Doctors. I have had tough time finding a BBL Doc in my area. I don't want to travel, so it makes it a bit harder to find a local Doc in price range $5,500-$6,500. I am glad to say I finally have my first consultation this Wednesday with B. Kalantarian MD in Fountain Valley. I still need to find at least 2 other Docs to choose from. I want to have my surgery by April as a bday gift to myself .

Help me pick BBL Doc Please

I been doing my research and narrowed my search to 3 doctors. Dr Campos, Dr Pantoja both in Tijuana Mexico and B Kalantarian MD in Fountain Valley. All 3 are in about the same price range but of course you get more for your money in TJ. My dilemma is I REALLY LOVE both Campos n Pantojas work, I'm just not too comfortable with going to TJ to have surgery. Doc K. Does great work too but doesn't do the extreme results I'm looking for. I do have my consultation with Doc K. tomorrow so I will receive all those details then. I want my Surgery in March, so I need to choose a Doc soon. If any of you have gone to any of these docs for BBL please share your input. Thanks

Had 1st BBL Consultation

Today I went to B. Kalantarian MD in Fountain Valley for my BBL consultation. He's a very sweet man, answered all my questions and his staff was amazing. He was brutally honest with me and that I truly appreciate!
I have had lio sculpture in my early 20s n I'm 36 yrs old now. I've gained over 50 since then. I'm 5'3 184 pounds and in need of a BBL! Doctor K. Told me he could only get 300cc-500cc max out of me. That really bums me out cus I want a big Ol booTAY!!!! He also said he can take it from arm, thighs, chin etc but of course thats way more $$$$.... Here's some more pics of me so you can see and if you have other options or input please share. I have two more consultations and hopefully they go better.

Surgery Paid Off! 49 days to go

I'm officially paid off so now it's the waiting game! My nerves are getting the best of me as my surgery date gets closer and closer! Even though my surgery is not till February 9th, I'm going to start preparing my body for surgery starting January. Meaning I will be taking my vitamins, iron supplements, eating clean and healthy. No alcohol or smoking, and as a bartender that is pretty rough. Lol I need to order my BBL pillow, my lawn chair, and arm garmets since Dr Pantoja will be taking fat from my arms, inner thighs, flanks, tummy n bk. I gained weight due to having previous liposuction so it was recommended. Let this count down begin and I pray my nerves and anxiety DON get the best of me!!!!!!

BBL Next month!

My surgery is next month February 9th with Pantoja! I'm going through all these emotions as my date arrives. Anxiety due to over thinking everything. Yes I made it a point to do my research on all the negative possibilities and in doing so I made myself super paranoid! Lol Well because of that I'm prepping my body, taking vitamins, stopped drinking and smoking, taking iron. I purchased Arnica and some other supplements for my after care. I'm practically ready for my surgery. I purchased a reclining lawn chair that I can cut a hole in it to sit or lay. I got some extra girdles, bed pads, loose clothing, Arnica gel, and some other little things for my post op care. I have heard many BBL beauties say your post op care is just as important if not more important then your pre op. I just need to order my BBL pillow and make my hotel reservation. That I will have done by end of this week. I'm excited and I pray it all goes great for me. Oh I also gained weight so Doc Please has more fat to work with. I will post pics up soon so you all can just see my process through all this. Good luck and blessings to all you BBL Queens and those to be!

Excited, Nervous & Anxious for my BBL

Here's some pics of my weight gain so Dr Pantoja has more fat to work with! It's really embarrassing to post these pics cus I'm super self conscious over this weight gain but hey I want a big booty so I had to give so doc can take lol.

Count Down Begins 18 days till my BBL

I'm extremely excited, I only have 18 day till my BBL surgery with Dr Pantoja! I need to post more pics before and take my measurements and post them. If any of you have any after care pointers please feel free to share! Thanks dolls, I will keep you all posted through my process.

8 days away & ANXIETY THROUGH THE ROOF! !!!!!

Only 8 days away from my BBL! I'm excited but as I'm getting everything ready for next week and as I'm doing so my ANXIETY IS GOING THROUGH THE ROOF!!!!! My nerves getting the best of me. I'm worried about the spinal block since I had bad experience with that in past and I'm just over thinking about everything that could go wrong..... ugh pray for me Dolls

4 days till My BBL with Pantoja!!!!!

I'm as ready as I'm going to get! My emotions still all over the place. Now my question is should I get a TT too since I gained weight for this surgery and my skin got even looser then before.... I want that flat tummy. I will make up my mind day of surgery after I speak with Dr P. I want his opinion. Here are some side view pics of my flat booty. My wish is to get projection starting from the bottom going up.

3 days till my BBL with Pantoja

3 days till my surgery! !! I'm soooooo ready for it!!! I will keep you all posted and filled with details as I go through this. Thanks for all you Dolls I've stalked and helped me through my journey!

BBL Tomorrow with Pantoja

Just arrived to my hotel in Tijuana, Hotel Ticuan. Nice hotel, I unpacked and set everything up for when I come by from surgery. I no I probably shouldn't have but I drank a beer. Now trying to rest and get mentally prepared for what's to come tomorrow. The post care is crucial. Keep me in your prayers and please send positive vibes my way.

The Ivy is in and about to go under.

t to be a takdoll. Doc wrote me up, and sent me upstairs to the room I will be staying in. I got undressed put rob on. Then they administered Ivy. The first try didn't work so they had to switch to smaller needle. Then they gave me a body massage to loosen me up. I spoke with anesthesiologist. OK they taking

day 1 recovery

Couldn't sleep Couldn't sleep, extremely nauseated and with a huge headache probably due to the general anastasia and I oozed all night. For all of those who say this surgery doesn't hurt it really does hurt at least for me it does. I'm so glad I didn't get the TT. I'm still at the recovery center with my iv in and haven't seen my but yet but as soon as I can take a picture I will and post it for all you dolls. Thank you and post later

Keeping it real the swelling is out of control!

I got into my faja today about noon, that was a mission due to me going all day and night without it so I'm swollen galore! !! It took a team to get this thing on. I got a glimpse of my booty and it looked big, but with everything being so swollen it don't give it justice. He gave me 1200 ccs per cheek. Dr P and his staff are absolutely amazing! The pain is no joke, the aftercare is rough. I will get through this! Lol here are some pics so you can see how swollen I am.... BTW some of you may ask why it took them almost 24hrs after my surgery to get the girdle on, well I was a faint risk. I kept getting dizzy and puking when I would get up so they had to wait till I had enough fluids and feeling better to get me up to put it on. Hence why I'm extremely swollen.

booty pic

day 4 bbl recovery

Got my 2nd lymphatic massage today, it wasn't too painful but really uncomfortable. She took my be drain out and that was unpleasant. Mu mobility still not as I would like it to be bus hey I'm moving more and more day by day.

4day BBL pics. still swollen in waist bad!!!

Ugh, the swelling is depressing!!!!!

I literally am super swollen like I'm 9 months pregnant! It's really depressing me, and on top of that my but is shrinking soo much.... ugh just venting with reality. ....

Getting better

Day 12 and looking Great!

I'm loving my results, it's true as the swelling goes down you see your results!!

16 days Post op, love my BBL

Love my BBL Dr Pantoja gave me. I been getting my lymphatic massages near my home. My therapist is awesome she works out of a chiropractic office in Anahiem called Sacred hands and they are only $35 for half hour. Love them!

I still am uncomfortable sleeping on my sides. I still don't sit unless its on my reclining lawn chair that I cut hole for my sexy booty. I still have stiffness, soreness and tightness. Other then that I'm moving around, going bk to work tomorrow. Oh and my 2 wk check up is Saturday so I will be headed bk to tj to see my favorite Doc/Artist Pantoja!!!!!

lawn chair is life saver for my bbl

This has been life saver for me! The only way I sit, I just add pillows for comfort. Love it and recommend it to those getting a BBL. Amazon has them for like $45 -$80 but SUPER WORTH IT!

3weeks post surgery today! Love my BBL

Its been 3 weeks today since surgery. Still sore and stiff. Swollen a bit but everything is coming out Great day by day my results get better. Sleeping is still annoying cus I sleep on my sides and tummy. I can do pretty much everything I used to but if I over do it I pay the price the next day. I wore heels and the following day I was swollen and my butt kept cramping. Lol Here's some pics just took them at work, best I could do at work. Just wanted you all to see my progress.

Loving my Pantoja Booty

I apologize for taking so long to update but I been on yoyo with my weight. After my surgery I took several vacations and gained weight, then I lost some of the weight but losing my behind too ????????. I still love my booty but I still need to lose more weight and scared to lose more of my assets and I dont think I'm willing to have a BBL done again....

Pantoja BBL

When I get a chance i will take better booty pics.

BBL Dr. Pantoja

It's been almost a year and Im still in love with my booty. It has shrunk a bit but I believe what is left is staying for good now. Im actually considering round 2. A month into my recovery while I was at wrk I hit my booty in a edge of counter and that REALLY hurt well now I have an indentation in that spot. Not a huve deal but I notice so it bugs me! Lol Hense why I want round 2.

BBL Pantoja Doll

Here's more pics

More pics Pantoja BBL

Here's more pics.
Dr. Pantoja

Dr Pantoja, is amazing! He rocks! His bed side manners are the best. He cares so much about his patients. He listen to what it is you the patient wants. I really recommend him to anyone who wants a BBL done.

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